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    Wait, you need a new dust too? What's wrong with IC's?

    I don't need a new dust, its just I also have a Copper Dust in my mod (and a Tin/Bronze Dust). As I said its just cosmetic if one or the other is used. So not a big deal at all, was just something I was wondering. (only real difference is my Bronze recipe takes less Copper than IC2's, its 1-1)

    Does IC2 declare their dusts in OreDictionary as such?

    Actually I believe that the recipe is automatically registered with the Macerator when you add an ore to the dictionary, such as your copper, so actually you should keep it in the dictionary, and remove the manual recipe (at least in 1.5x) if I'm not mistaken.

    Well then the Ore would macerate into IC2's dust instead of mine, a minor cosmetic thing (because they have different graphics and colors), but just something I'd like to avoid if its not too difficult.

    That sounds awesome! Exactly what I was looking for!

    I was so excited when I booted up IC2 and my latest version of my mod and could craft Cables with my Copper Bars (simple but so.. fulfilling after 8 hours of hard work), I can't wait to get it all running and integrated. Integration/Synergy with other mods is something I've always felt more modders need to strive to achieve.

    Thank you greatly! I'll definitely be in touch (probably in IRC for general bits, and PM for serious questions).

    Hey everyone,

    My mod has kinda skyrocketted on popularity, and I output a new version last night that has OreDictionary usage and the beginning basis for solid integration with IC2. However before I begin work on the "addon" mod that'll link the two (by adding my ores from Metallurgy to the Macerator recipes and a few other things) I need to know if its possible to disable Al's Copper/Tin spawns using the config files, and if the Miner can be configured to pickup other blockIDs.

    To explain.

    Metallurgy uses a different ore system than base MC, instead of the Ore Blocks dropping themselves, the Ore Blocks in Metallurgy are called "Veins", and the basic Ore Blocks ingame for Iron/Gold replaced with my own veins on worldgen. The Ore Item they drop is normally ground to dust at a workbench, then can be mixed to make an alloy (IE: Iron Ore in a Workbench = Iron Dust, Iron Dust + Manganese Dust = Steel Dust, Steel Dust + Furnace = Steel Bar). Right now the OreDictionary works well for this, because it'll take my oreItems as a replacement for the oreBlocks that normally are used for Copper/Tin (So you can actually grind my Tin Ore item into Al's Tin Dust at a Macerator for example).

    The addon mod I'm about to begin work on would do the following:
    -Disable IC2's Tin/Copper spawns
    -Add Macerator recipes for my ores to output to my dusts (my Copper Ore would Macerate into my Copper Dust for example instead of Al's, also for my other metals that IC2 doesn't have)
    -UMM Recipes (if possible) for my ore items, possibly to disable/replace the current ones that generate into Ore Blocks
    -Allow the Miner to detect my Ore Veins as possible targets

    I need to know to what extent IC2 allows configurations for these things, and also what the API can allow me to do with it, any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm a huge IC2 fan (as you can tell I've been around here a bit and posted a lot) and complete integration/compatibility with my mod has always been a vital thing I've wanted to do.

    Thanks for your time.

    Given 1.0's addition of Alchemy this could be IC2's enhancement of it.

    A Centrifuge is a more powerful Alchemy device, running it on its own will produce potions much faster than the basic device. However the Centrifuge can also be used to make Stims (an advanced potion) by using the various ingredients with an empty needle instead. These Stims are more potent and longer lasting than their basic potion ingredients, by extension you can also create Grenades instead of Splash potions, which are more powerful versions of the Splash Potions made using a Grenade Case and the various ingredients.

    Needles are created using metal, glass, and rubber and are placed into the container slot of the Centrifuge in combination with the ingredients, Grenades are created using a Grenade Case in the slot for the bottle and the splash potion ingredients at the top of the UI. Power is required to run the Centrifuge (of course).

    Empty Needle
    :Refined Iron::Rubber: :Refined Iron:
    :Refined Iron: -G- :Refined Iron:
    --- :Refined Iron: ---
    G = Glass

    Grenade Case
    :Tin Ingot::Rubber::Tin Ingot:
    :Tin Ingot: --- :Tin Ingot:
    :Tin Ingot::Rubber::Tin Ingot:

    Truth is, when the majority of people ARE idiots in the MC (and MCF) community, you have to cater your rules to them. Intelligent people will understand the reasoning and just ignore the severity of it.

    They did it to Notch - every time he took a vacation or a new game came out, people acted like he owed it to them to put aside his life to fix whatever petty concern they brought up.
    They begrudge him his success, despite being instrumental in getting him there. If they were in his shoes, they'd do no different. I can't blame the guy for handing the reins to Jeb so he can enjoy the fruits of what he started.

    Worse yet, someone brings up an idea - other people think it would be good to implement it. Over time on a forum, that "idea" morphs into a "expectation", whcih somehow then becomes a "promise". When the expected feature is not present in the next release, these people will get on your case about breaking a promise that you never actually made. They do it to Alblaka here from time to time. Giving those people even the slightest bit of ammunition to use against you is risky - better to simply keep them in the dark and let them wait. At least then, when they rant, all the reasonable people can see that they're off the deep end.

    Yep, take my instance, I'm having major issues getting armor implemented without any base class edits. Notch's changes to armor are a pita for anyone trying to add any. I can get armor in, but it has Fur armor's texture until I can get the issue resolved. Armor was supposed to be in version 1.0.1, 1.1, and now 1.2, but I might even exclude it from this version solely because people are bitching so hard about armor not being the right texture.

    Its like, if you people understood the fact that I spent 8 hours, 8 $(@*ing hours, looking at my code only to find out I misnamed a variable. I was almost in tears in frustration and rage trying to solve it, I was pulling at my hair on a caffeine binge trying to get a version out for you ungrateful buggers. Then MAYBE you would then understand a minute amount of the effort it takes to code this crap, but no, the MCF forums is full of kids with a false sense of entitlement.

    Having worked on my own mod for awhile now and seeing how development goes, offering release dates just leads to broken promises and accusations. EX: I wanted version 1.2 of my mod out a few weeks ago, I promised a lot of stuff for it, and that it'd be done that weekend. I got sick and had to cancel, and picked up extra hours at work, then there were some new games I wanted to play and I got sick again. Result, I've had to cut a bunch of features (that I can't reliably solve issues for at the moment) and 1.2 is still not finished for my mod.

    I've upset a lot of my fans by doing this, but that's how things happen. When you're a developer and there's real life, people on the internet don't understand that you have life outside your mod, if you say "I'm going to take a few days off to play Skyrim" they'll cry heresy and spam you to death. If you say a feature will be in, they'll cry and whine that it didn't make it in without even considering why it didn't.

    Sometimes its best just to keep it quiet, and I wish like Al I had kept my fans relatively in the dark, for both their sanity and mine.

    SUCH AN AWESOME PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gonna download this and play IC2 like a boss!
    While this should definitely be put towards the bottom of your list of priorities, it would be extremely nice to see 32x or higher resolution texture packs.

    If I had a dollar for everytime I've been asked that lol

    Its nowhere on the horizon honestly, if someone else wants to make one using mine as a base be my guest.

    So all our epic solar panel arrays that we can barely get to have to be maintained now?

    It costs 8 Iron, 4 Tin, 3 cable, 2 redstone, 3 coal powder, and 3 glass per solar panel, these only output .5 EU/t. The only reason I use them is because of their passive status (They don't generate crap for power). I'd rather go underground, get a bucket of lava, and get more output from a Geothermal (which I do occasionally solely because solar arrays can't power my base enough).

    The point is for lower tier play, Solar Panels are vital how they are. Once you hit anything serious there's no point to have them except for running basics (unless somehow you have 3,000,000 Iron lying about) Personally I'd say Geothermal would become the big one if Al would just make the power plant allow Liquid Pipes.