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    You may want to check this out:

    It divides various minecraft abilities into skills which you develop. With use the skills get better and new abilities are unlocked.

    Also, I would suggest the millienaire mod…fixes-for-the-byzantines/. In the mod players work along side (or against) a variety of civilizations to collect materials and go on quests. The goal is to help the various civilizations develop from hamlets into empires.

    Curious; are you a member of a therapeutic support staff?

    1. I had read about that project but did not think it was ready yet. I'm going to check that out today.

    2. TBH I have not been handling the modpacks this time as dean volunteerd to do so to lighten the load a little (at least for now). He has been working on a pack but I'm not sure what his status is.

    3. I would be all about that as well but am leaving it to dean for now. Dean where are you!

    4. I'm probabaly just gonna simplify everything and sell/trade ender pearl dust for a hefty chunk o' gold. Eliminates having to keep the end loaded and having to have mobs wandering around or having another plugin. We already push 3 gigs sometimes with only about 12 people or so and I have been trimming things here and there to keep things fast. I'm leary of adding more on at this point.

    MEns can u put a modpack with all these updates cuz my .minecraft keeps crashing when i try to install them

    The modpack with the stuff that cant be downloaded is up and on the OP. It has an older no longer hosted version of gregtech and times modern assault weapons pack. I also included the changes I made to the base vehicles. Tanks are now formidable and cars go faster than my hyundai.

    I fixed the link to IC2. I herped and put an = in it randomly.

    Mensrea, the terms and conditions of my Addon allow redistribution for Server-Modpacks in general, so you are allowed to put up a Link to the old Version (from which I don't have a BackUp myself).

    Ok, I will put up a mediafire for the outdated gregtech. Although is there any reason you could not host it with adfly? It would have marginal benefit for you but at least you could get something out of it.

    Also, just FYI the ported version of your mod causes clients to crash when they open machines. I know you don't have anything to do with the port but I thought I would let you know in case people bitch to you instead of adamros.

    Ok. It's been a rough week and my liver is probabaly a couple times larger but the server is almost ready. I have to mess with some towny stuff and perms and add the finishing touches to the map but I will be purchasing the server tonight. Hopefully will have it set up and online tomorrow around 12 pm EST (later if there are any snags). I will make an announcement here when it is officially online.

    I need to know some things first though:

    - Dean has agreed to come on the map and check things out/test. Could use some others to come on and just explore and test things as well. Messege me if your interested.

    - I would like to set the leaders now as I want to have the PEX/towny perm framework prepped and ready for tomorrow. Who wants to be leader of blue and who wants to be leader of red? It won't necessarily be permenant so if you really don't want to be leader we could just swap you out later. Mostly we just need one person on each team who can both use commands to add people to teams and be around tomorrow to get the teams started.

    I will also be having 4 ranks this time: Private (Pvt.), Specialist (Spc.), Colonel (Col.) and Commander. Colonels will have the same perms as commanders so they should be the most trusted (max of 3 at start). Specialists will have access to team vaults but otherwise have the exact same perms as Privates. If you are going to want to be leader think of who you want your Colonels to be and list them if you can.

    Hyperlite a couple posts back I described the difference between guns. If most guns are using the same ammo then the damage will be the same. So yes most people will probabaly be using heavy machine guns. However, if you want a high zoom scope you must use a sniper rifle. If you want an ACOG you must use a battle rifle or smg. If you dont want the ACOG GUI clogging up your whole screen making it impossible to see to your sides you would be forced to stick to an SMG. I will make sure there is a host of differences between different guns to make sure each is appropriate for different tactical situations. Your probabaly not going to want to use a .308 heavy machine gun in CQB due to kick; likewise a 10 mm SMG will have limited viability at high ranges due to accuracy.

    The only guns that will be obviously OP will be event related guns and they will be rare and impossible or incredibly expensive to manufacture (example: high tier gregtech components). They will be the kinds of things you hesitate to use due to the expense; something a team may work on just to arm one legendary sniper with.

    The server is coming along well. Should be ready by saturday. Keep your fingers crossed.

    Also, since the worlds are going to be mined out, consider getting nether ores?…rs2-is-here-mfr-and-more/
    Along with that there is flat bedrock, which might be usefull because imo the vanilla bedrock sucks.

    EDIT: Found an amazing mod, seeing as you don't like mobs/lag you should definitely check this one out; it is server-side.…rabiomes-support-updated/

    When the worlds are mined out no one will probabaly need new sources of ore due to the fact that UU production will make mining a thing of the past. With such a large hub map and mines it will be unlikely things will ever be totally exhausted anyway.

    Mobs will also be totally disabled. Mob products will be available at the spawn shop. If I ever do decide to put mobs back on it will be for brief instances and I will be using monsterapocalypse to manage them.

    EDIT: Also, the mines will refill after so long. The catch is the mines will be encased in bedrock with one small entrance. So imagine trying to run a business in rural Congo; thats what mining will now be like! Bring armed guards.

    The ability to enable items to be placed into or out of the chest inventory via pipes.

    This used to be a feature of safes but was removed due to the fact that items could be pumped out of the chest by anyone. Not sure if it HAS to go both ways though; maybe it could accept items but not let them be pumped out?

    One way to handle safes that could be used by multiple people may just be a 4 digit combo lock. Enter correct numbers, gain access. Enter wrong numbers; out comes anthrax. The toxic bacteria, not the band.

    I actually like these mods. I will add the first and third. I never did like not having a real HUD; and since I can't see someone bleeding profusely when I hit them I never actually can tell if it registered or not. Both those would be very useful. On another note no one will be able to say HAX THEY DONT TAKE DAMAGE (even happened to me once) if they can clearly see someones health go down. Would be even better if the thing could differentiate between armor damage and health damage. Shooting someone in the chest with a rocket launcher will leave noticable damage on armor, likewise with bullets chipping it, etc.

    I like the second one too and will get it myself but it should be optional because some people don't want to have their freinds harassing them when they are in single player or on another server. Maybe if I had an installer that gave people the option of installing this or that mod instead of installing them all at once I would add this one in.

    Know any good installation programs for that?

    Also, the city is almost done. As always, the city center is extremely laggy. On the lowest optifine settings I get about 40-60 fps on medium view. I will have to demolish most of it to give it that post-apocalyptic look anyway. The suburbs, however, are much larger than ever before. There are diverse houses, sewers, small stores and anything you might find in the burbs (including the occasional meth lab!). Both the city center and the suburbs are quite large, taking up a good portion of the map. Best thing about the suburbs is that they don't lag; with the same optifine settings I get ~200 fps in the 'burbs.

    How you been adam? Hope you come on to join us. This time we won't be going with unstable mods. I will stick with flans until another working version comes out. No more abrupt service terminations that way...

    Time: that was the gunship model I was looking for. I would like to have just three different types of aircraft; that being one of them.