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    I will be taking the server down shortly to trim the corrupted chunks on team planets, hopefully ending the flan errors forever now that the gun pack is cleaned up. I am going to use the opportunity to squeeze in an update. I will be adding Portal turrets and ICBM. Sadly, ICBM does not have IC2 recipes and I am not getting UE, so until I can add recipes in I will just be selling most things at spawn shop (around sunday). Until then there are still lots of really neat things you can build and the buffed turrets should keep you busy. I am also making the recipes for .50 HEIAP, AP rockets, and .50 bullets more expensive and making grenades for the nade launcher somewhat cheaper. The ATV's speed is once again being buffed, I want it to be a viable form of transport for people who dont have quantum because this main map is pretty big.

    EDIT: Everything went as planned and the new mods are now online and listed in OP.

    Well, thanks to some random peoples on an IRC forum I managed to fix the major red power "glitch". It also looks like the flans crash is almost worked out, though we may have to delete the outer chunks on homeworlds if people have problems. Not nearly as bad as deleting everything on New Terra. Now that the gun pack is straightened out we shouldn't have any more problems of those kind. Sorry to all the people that had to deal with things crashing constantly and me trying to fix them, and for those of you who did not get on my back about everything while I did this thank you.

    Too many times admins are held accountable for the mistakes of modders. Sometimes you have to accept that we have no control over the mods. If there are bugs, glitches, major problems or fatal errors we cannot just fix them magically. Most times all the fun stuff gets pushed to the back burner because major bugs and errors have to be resolved first. I hate to put the blame on others but in the case of our redpower problems I have no choice. Doing nothing is one thing, not even taking 5 minutes to tell someone to go screw themselves is another.

    Now if one more person asks me to get forestry....

    Minecraft is a game of possibilities. Sadly, most possibilities lead to it crashing and bugging out. Flans mod is now throwing out fatal, server freezing errors due to bullets being lodged in unloaded chunks getting reloaded. I am gonna have to open the map in MCedit and delete the offending chunks. Luckily, the chunks are only in new terra. Might take a while though....

    EDIT:Back up now, though with modders who blatently disregard fatal errors and dont maintain open communication with their users, who knows for how long....

    I added these:

    25 points: Purchase a protected chunk in New Terra for either your team or a specific rank on your team. Each week your team will have to pay an upkeep of 10 points to keep the chunk protected. If multiple chunks are connected it is considered a base and you only have to pay the upkeep for one chunk in the base. Your team can purchase up to 40 chunks in this way. If the chunks are located within 1000 blocks of a mine or Quantum Dam, the price to buy and the upkeep are doubled (50 buy 20 upkeep).

    10 points: Buy something that requires an enderpearl to make. You must also supply whatever raw materials are used in its construction. I am not doing this with ender chests but Gtech machines and redpower stuff is acceptable.

    They are also listed in the rules post one under the op.

    Considering how accessable the code is it would be very dangerous for them to insert anything truly malicious into it. Tracking them down and holding them accountable would be trivial and cybercrime is pretty serious business. I wouldn't worry about something like that happening. These folks are not criminals, they are just trying to protect something they made from being distributed outside of their channels.

    If you truly want to hold the line on the plus-plus pack maybe you should open a dialogue with the developers personally. If they have not done anything like this regarding tekkit then I'm sure they would be willing to work something out with this seemingly obscure pack (not disparaging you, just noting the fact that I and many others have never even heard of it). Since they don't even pimp adfly I would say that this has nothing to do with money and more them feeling slighted by the pack disregarding their feelings on unauthorized distribution.

    It would probabaly be for the best if you didnt conduct this debate in a thread. It will become a spectacle and you will just get flamed. I suggest contacting them personally. Some matters are best solved mano e mano; this is one.

    "legalese idiots is what causes us to be grumpy"

    Sounds like someone is angry that you justified assembling their mod into a mod pack on the basis of the legality of it? To be honest the sentence does not make a lot of sense out of context. I am assuming there is some ongoing dispute regarding your plus-plus packs inclusion of IC2?

    Is the only result of this this popup banner or did you uncover some code that injects a keylogger onto your system? If just the former, I wouldn't go as far as to say its malicious, just vindictive.


    I'm not sure if your still having a problem with this but one method is to swap item ID's in the config. For instance:

    "item {

    The game will load the batpack over top of the alloy chest plate in this instance. All existing alloy chest plates will become batpacks and crafting recipes for alloy chest plates will instead yield batpacks.
    It's not kosher but it will do in a pinch.

    Time please just accept the new war system :( we all have different opinions of it and war is not the highlight of the server, the members are :P....... besides time i would like to see you drinking at joon's bar soon and we can forget all this ever happen so please just set this aside and come back.

    I don't even want him to accept the system if he really doesn't like it. The problem is he made several statements which are totally wrong. I don't know if its because he simply does not read/pay attention to anything I write or if he doesn't understand it. If his criticism was rooted in fact I would understand and accept it but there are several things he got totally wrong:

    1. "that a few people can cap the dams in when no ones from the other team is on, and I mean the fact that you can lose and still not get a chance to fight tell you a lot,so basically its a broken system."

    Yes, BOTH teams can capture points when no one is on. At ANY time. before we did this, this server was virtually exclusive to N.America. Sorry, but my idea of running a good server isn't to exclude the entire world outside of 'murica. I didn't like it then and I won't go back to it. Your gonna have to learn that there are over 6 billion people on this planet and most of them are not living in N.America. We are not and do not deserve to be the center of the world.

    And you do not "lose" when someone caps points at dams. You don't "lose" at all. Since the plots in the dams are neutral themselves you can't even lose them - you just fight for them over and over for the points. In the worst case scenario your homeworld gets invaded (your idea of a loss?). Thats IF and only IF A. Your team does not have 200 points to block a portal B.Your team is unable to fight the invaders back during the (still scheduled as usual) one hour long invasion window. So you FIGHT for the POINTS to make portals or block them and since the plots are open to be capped 24/7 there is actually wayyyyy more fighting then ever before.

    2."Why should the incentive to wait around, is to not be invaded, the incentive should be to have fun.In the old server when you had one town left it was like" oh crap we have one town left we can't fuck up"now its like "oh they capped all the dams when we were offline ...well dammit"

    This is totally wrong and why I think you didn't even bother to read or ask about things before you started your "protest". Back then, the incentive was to fortify towns. Now, the incentive is to always have more points than your enemies. If you log on one day and you see blue has 200 points do you just throw up your hands and say "nothing I can do!"? No. You go hurry up and grab up 200 points as fast as possible so that if they DO try to open a portal you can block it. Yes time, you can block portals. You must have missed that part...

    3."it take 2 min to cap a dam correct, but it take more then 2 min to get from a capital to the spawn where the dams are, so you can see my point already and the teams that capped already got there point so its not like they have to defended it cause they still have there point,"

    Wrong again, on multiple fronts. It could take more or less time then 2 minutes to get from portal chambers to the dams, depending on if you have cars planes or TP's set up. Aside, this is a very flawed understanding of strategy and behavior. In one sentence you say people don't have time to guard dams all day. If that is so what makes you think they have time to keep grabbing points -> running away (repeat)? When people go to dams to cap they stick around as long as possible and grab as many as they can. They don't want to have to keep running back and forth for one point here and there. The better equipped players straight up camp the dams cause they are 1.looking for fights 2.trying to maximize the value of their online time. Aside, someone could be a guerilla and run from fights. But the juggarnauts are gonna stick around and potentially grab every point in the dam (90 points). The guerillas wont stand a chance if their strategy is to avoid conflict because they will never get as many points as the people who stick around. By the way, when teams start to see lots of points falling they usually send someone to stop the capper. They recognize that bold pushes into the dams must be stopped. All it takes takes to get 200 points is that both dams have all their points capped (with a few the left) and since server restarts clear all points back to neutral then it would be possible to get 200 points in as little as 6 hours. So yes, there is a very real and powerful incentive to defend. Not just to block cappers but to grab peoples loot too.

    4. "and the second is when an invasion finally happened's it will be a cluster fuck, when you can place a 10 block thick wall of obby on lava on obby and place mg turrets and grenade launcher,and rocket launchers all around that wall it will not be an invasion, but a slaughter of that invading team, so much for the invasion."

    Wrong once more. Honestly it doesnt say anything about this in the rules so I'm guessing you just made it up. What I wrote was that 200 points can be cashed in to power a portal to the enemy homeworld. I didnt say where the portal would appear on the homeworld or what it even looks like. That's because the portals will spawn randomly. Each invasion will have its own portal. The portal also won't even be visible. So forget all about preparing some monsterous defenses like your talking about. The best defenses you could hope to muster would be a machine gun nest or two. Even that is based on if you can even figure out where the enemy team is coming from at all and box them in before they fan out.

    5. "Those to things coupled by the fact that they can cap all the dams when no one is offline, really show how broke this new system is."

    You keep making this point but I don't think you realize how selfish it sounds. Just because everything is not going to go by your schedule doesn't mean things are broken. Your defining "no one" as "no one in n. america" because there are lots of europeans who play at night or during school/work hours for us. Before this the only effect they had on wars was economically. Now they actually can go out and participate in combat that will determine the fate of their planet. So if all those mean ol' europeans capture 200 points worth of territory while your offline and start the portal countdown then you had better hurry up and get 200 to block it before it opens. Considering it takes 24 hours for a portal to power up I would say a motivated player will have more than enough time to to earn those points.

    6. "What I did has nothing to do with how broken its is, and you can't justify it being broken on my action, and really, calling out my faulting, that are unrelated to this, wow you just proved even more you have no counter arguments for this."

    When you claim the whole combat system is broken but you cannot even stay alive in combat I would say your personal "faultings" have everything to do with the topic and are in fact legitimate counter-arguments to your accusations. If you were going around leveling everyone with one-shot rockets and completely dominating the game it would be a different story. Instead I have not seen you get one kill against anyone not on your team. I think the combat system works very well, just maybe not in your favor. That doesn't means its broken - it just means you lost; deal with it and move on like everyone else.

    Further, you have literally done nothing but idle and complain and make demands that you have no right to make. I don't owe you anything. I didn't even owe you an explanation since you were not reasonable or mature in your approach to this misunderstanding. This is not public school. I am not here to hold your hand and stroke your ego. This is a private server, paid for by me. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a pretty damn lenient guy - narthok, all ndels freinds, allawa, numerous others who have talked shit and been forgiven. I do not "abuse my power" or "change rules". Anything but really. Im open to suggestions and criticisms - but what you were saying had nothing to do with how anything actually was. It would be like bitching about the sun shining blue or complaining that the world is flat so you can't sail to hawaii - just sheer nonsensical madness. Everyone who actually understands the rules knew this but since you were too busy "protesting" to ask, well..this happened.

    One thing I absolutely cannot stand is someone who thinks they know what they are talking about but are actually completely un-aware of the facts. Climate change deniers, religious extremists, people who bitch about socialism but don't even understand what the word means - this is rabid, violent ignorance and to be honest its destroying this planet. So yes, I despise it and have zero tolerance for it. If you dont understand something you dont just leap to conclusions and start bitching - you either learn about it and make an intelligent argument or you keep your mouth shut and don't make trouble. There is no middle ground where you can complain without knowing what the hell you are talking about - this is not Fox News.

    For future reference, poorly spelled protest signs are not intelligent arguments. They are not even arguments. If you cannot muster the courage or wherewithall to confront someone directly then I owe you no respect.

    You just totally wasted your time. After reading this I determined you really DONT understand the rules... And yes, I do maintain the power to ban assholes. I told you if you didn't like it you could leave. Your idea of "having a reason for staying" was whining, bitching, moaning and placing passive aggressive signs everywhere.

    My idea of war isnt waiting a month for someone to declare in advance when they will attack, and the attack consists of rushing to an obsidian block and breaking it....

    Big words calling it broken when you can't even capture a point before someone kills you. Hell, you can't even make it out of the portal room without dying. And I would expect someone who spends 99% of their time idling, team killing and burning down forests to be bored.

    And you don't have the option of coming back. I can tolerate a lot of abuse (narthok I'm looking at you) but one thing I can't stand is a whiny ignoramus who bitches about things they can't even comprehend.

    EDIT: Let me know if you LOLed when you read "powder abuse"...

    Yeah so many people have been making remarks like that mke so I decided to lower cap time from 20 to 2 minutes. Like I said before this is a new system so its hard to find a balance. With 2 minute cap times it would take one person 6 hours to get the points to invade a homeworld (2 people 3, 4 people 1 1/2, so on and so on).

    I also decided to eliminate the 4 small remote capturable points in favor of 2 medium sized areas on the outskirts of the city. Since the city is 1000x1000 theres still a good bit of area between them but it is all paved area with sewers and roads to get around quickly (especially with the fast cars). Hopefully this will take care of the issue of people having to read magazines while waiting for territory to flip and I'm sure that it will resolve the issue of things being boring. You can certainly choose not to capture points but others won't and they will have plenty of fun raiding your world (with you having plenty of !!fun!! defending it).

    My personal recomendation is to get 6 people together and cap as many as possible in an hour (with no opposition thats how long it will take 6 people to get 200 points).

    This system will be in effect before the day is over.