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    I see you used a Function Call to internals of GregTech, so instead of using the API Call, you copied the API Call, causing the Game to crash on startup, when adding a Crafting Recipe where the Character 'N' == null. I fixed the Crash by making a Dummy Function, which returns a Dummy Item, which is renamed to display the Error.

    Just wanted to mention that.

    Oh ok. Yeah I was planning to flesh out that feature a little more later on. I copied the API call so I wouldn't have to include your api since you were complaining about that before. It just uses reflection anyway, right?

    Okay, I finally got off my tush and fixed the issues I was waiting on to release a recommended build, so here it is! I know most of you are using dev versions anyway, but the changes since last recommended (which was like a month ago now) include:

    New features:
    - Cosmetic customization menu! Press L to open it. (no, still don't have different costumes bindable to keys yet)
    - Glowy bits
    - Sounds
    - Custom fonts

    Bug/issue fixes:
    - Tools now drain energy from top to bottom in your inventory (starting with helmet)
    - AoE function of the axe now only targets log blocks
    - Recipes updated (some oredict changes)
    - Forge compatibility updated (fixes the gauntlet not showing in first person)
    - Omniwrench rotation fixed
    - Lux capacitor boundaries completely fixed
    - Uses a scissor test for scrollable windows, so no more checkmarks floating outside their frame
    - Change power tool mode while sneaking with number keys
    - Lots of nullpointers fixed

    Known ongoing issues:
    - I broke optifine again :( sorry
    - Powertool modules don't work on all appropriate modded blocks or have some strange behaviour sometimes.

    For convenience:

    When running MPS 425 and Cal's (the UE version) MFFS while looking at the field teleporter module, after a few seconds I crash with this:

    I know the Field Teleporter is meant for minalien & searge's MFFS, but could you add a way to disable those when Cal's version is installed?

    you can disable any module in the config file.

    Suggestion: Re-Allow to Teleport trough Warded Stone. Warded Stone is completly resistant to exsplosions, Mining and even WorldEdit. There should be a Way to at least get trough it. And the Blink Drive would be the Device for that.

    you know I still haven't forgotten your first post in this thread, right? to me you will forever be the guy who called my mod the UE hippies flowersuit.

    Hi MachineMuse,

    I am adding your powersuits to my texture packs. Firstly, this is a great mod. Your conception and execution is amazing. Thank you for all your hard work. ... to business ...

    To save recreating something that is already existing. Has anyone made or is making a 32-bit version of the Joe armour. I will make a faithful version if necessary but I am as lazy as I can be, if it exists, why remake it. I have searched and it appears as if there is not but I decided I would ask the source.

    Joe himself made a 32x texture but he explicitly said he doesn't want it to be included in a texture pack (not sure if that was all texture packs or just the one in question)

    I grabbed the update and decided to try all the new cool things.
    Noticed that my suit looked pretty lame(but I didn't really care) and then noticed that there were several new toys. Tried firing the buzzsaw thing, thought it was pretty nice, tried the plasma weapon again and noted a red bar went up a bit. Tried using the rail gun, managed to fire two shots(at max power, like every other thing I could configure) and noticed | was on fire and the bar was way above the top.
    Death message was just some debug print.(as in didn't say "YX33A got baked/roasted/cooked" or "YX33A forgot to fix the fire detector" when I died but instead said something like "user.heatdeath")

    TIL(or rather yesterday) that rail guns get hot if you fire them too fast. And it is likely that today I'll learn about the air sealed upgrade and what it does, which I would guess is for MystCraft travel safety? Because it doesn't work with Galactic Craft which has lead to many people dieing in space trying to figure out why they can't connect their air tanks to the suit.

    it's supposed to be for galacticraft. If it doesn't work, bug micdoodle I guess? :P the api changed a bit once, so make sure you have the latest/dev versions of both...

    You mean the Awesome Models? Those arent Texture pack :P

    oh yeah you probably just need to update forge or uninstall renderplayerapi

    Version 0.6.0-422 is now recommended!
    New features:
    -'Lux capacitor': mentioned before, now fairly polished. A light source which can be fired from a distance to light up an area
    -Binoculars: Zoom capability!
    -Apiarist's armor, grafter & Omniwrench c/o Andrew2448
    -High-end modules and lava-diving now produce heat, which can be mitigated with a cooling system and heat sinks.

    New dependencies:
    -Forge 651 (but really you should just grab the latest)
    -if you use ic2, you will need ic2 build 304-lf (NOTE: THIS IS A PRETTY NEW VERSION)

    a LOT of bugs have been fixed, so this is a highly recommended update. A few off the top of my head:
    -icons not displaying in keybind menu
    -thaumic goggles HUD now works again

    Hi, I'm fairly new to adding mods to minecraft and was very happy to try out your mod first! I've only been using it for about a day and have no complaints that are serious, however, I did notice that I was unable to get the provided texture pack to work properly. I've uninstalled minecraft and done the whole force update/reinstall mods bit, but can't seem to get the texture pack to show. I'm using Minecraft Forge for the actual suit mod and MCpatcher for the texture (both are the current versions). I apologize if this has already been answered and I just happened to skim over it while reading the posts and FAQ, but would really appreciate some advice one how to fix it. :)

    What texture pack? There is no texture pack...

    first one is 2 different issues, I fixed one of them so update and see if it helps

    second one isn't mine, those are applied energistics stuff

    I called it 'solenoid' because the term 'electromagnet' was taken by like 5 different mods already. Besides, 'solenoid' doesn't exclude electromagnets with cores. What you're saying is like arguing that the chestplate shouldn't be called a chestplate because it also covers Steve's shoulders...which is stupid. QED.