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    I see you used a Function Call to internals of GregTech, so instead of using the API Call, you copied the API Call, causing the Game to crash on startup, when adding a Crafting Recipe where the Character 'N' == null. I fixed the Crash by making a Dummy Function, which returns a Dummy Item, which is renamed to display the Error.

    Just wanted to mention that.

    Oh ok. Yeah I was planning to flesh out that feature a little more later on. I copied the API call so I wouldn't have to include your api since you were complaining about that before. It just uses reflection anyway, right?

    Hey all

    Hate to be the herald of bad news but mDiyo has gone back on his word he said he would add a config option in regards to the wood nerf but in his latest version there is a config option but it has no effect I still get 4 planks from 1 log no matter the setting (and yes I have checked Gregtech configs and it is enabled there as well). I would go mention this in his IRC channel but I am too afraid that I will chased off with pitchforks and torches.

    Please don't let your own incompetence enter into this.

    @Machine Muse

    And now for something completely different.

    I just remembered because I saw your name. With smart moving installed I can remove your items and their function continues with no power use.
    EG fly around with jetpack, take it off, keep flying

    And if you posted this in any of my threads or on my website's contact page, I might care. :P

    mDiyo agreed to remove his wood nerf un-nerfer, and Greg agreed to remove his crash inducer. Though I guess it could be argued either way as to whether he went back on his word now that mDiyo's un-nerfer is now configurable, rather than forced, but it still seems a little unnecessary when it just needs to be configured via the GT config, if the user/admin wants to.

    Ok, it's a little redundant, but who cares? There are lots of redundant options and configs in minecraft modding. To me it sounds like you're just looking for something remaining to be offended about. You got what you wanted! Go on and play the game now!

    Because people are hating towards greg because of crashing. Even though 99.9% of them didn't even crash.

    mDiyo went back on his word, and slowpoke has pretty much said that if Greg leaves in the crash code, the mod will be removed from FTB altogether.

    What word did mDiyo go back on? It sounds to me like both are configurable now, so it's just up to the modpack makers to make sure they are both configured correctly.

    Ok, can all you anons and fanboys stop posting smarm at each other and irrelevant personal attacks and get to the root of the issue please? There is so much fluff here that I can't even tell what's going on.

    I knew about Gregtech's (optional) plank nerf, and I know how much TConstruct depends on wood. So there was some mechanical conflict in this. As far as I can tell, some players playing with both tconstruct and Gregtech had a crash or unintended behaviour because of the two trying to modify the same thing, right?

    So Greg figured out what the issue was and made Gregtech override TConstruct's setting. mDiyo didn't like this since it is configurable on TConstruct's end anyway and people could have just changed both configs according to what they wanted, instead of having GregoriusT babysit them, so he added in something to override the override. This undermined Greg's ultra hard mode philosophy so finally instead of talking to anyone he made it crash when the override from TConstruct is detected.

    Is this correct?

    Okay, I finally got off my tush and fixed the issues I was waiting on to release a recommended build, so here it is! I know most of you are using dev versions anyway, but the changes since last recommended (which was like a month ago now) include:

    New features:
    - Cosmetic customization menu! Press L to open it. (no, still don't have different costumes bindable to keys yet)
    - Glowy bits
    - Sounds
    - Custom fonts

    Bug/issue fixes:
    - Tools now drain energy from top to bottom in your inventory (starting with helmet)
    - AoE function of the axe now only targets log blocks
    - Recipes updated (some oredict changes)
    - Forge compatibility updated (fixes the gauntlet not showing in first person)
    - Omniwrench rotation fixed
    - Lux capacitor boundaries completely fixed
    - Uses a scissor test for scrollable windows, so no more checkmarks floating outside their frame
    - Change power tool mode while sneaking with number keys
    - Lots of nullpointers fixed

    Known ongoing issues:
    - I broke optifine again :( sorry
    - Powertool modules don't work on all appropriate modded blocks or have some strange behaviour sometimes.

    For convenience: