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    Thanks for the support and I do have plans to make the damage absorption aspect more diverse and interesting :)

    For the same reason as on mcf, I've updated the rules.


    Since people can't seem to be bothered with reading the todo list or even the modules that are already in the game: if you post a suggestion, please be willing to implement it yourself. The todo list is long enough as it is and if your ideas aren't on there already it's probably because they are already available as client mods, or they are not that different from functionality that is already there. It's probably not because your ideas are totally original and mind-blowing.

    BTW there is a 'torch placer' sort of module coming soon :)

    if you use the teleport module and teleports you can teleport in to a wall, this is a bit enoying so i thought it was a bug. also it lets you go true thaumcraft magical building blocks, this is not good becouse the point for thouse blocks is that no person can get in :/ i hope this can get fixed.

    I made it hitscan instead of shooting a projectile. So now it's faster, more expensive, has a limited range, AND doesn't teleport you through things.

    Thaumcraft has a check around an 8ish block radius near its warded stone/glass/doors that destroys any instance of EntityEnderPearl and prints out a chat message. Could possibly be done in the same vein with the EntityBlinkDriveBolt, but I'm not sure Thaumcraft's API has that yet, and I'm not yet versed enough in modding to try to suggest a way to do this.

    (Am I correct in this assumption?)

    Hm, I might be able to implement something similar but it would most likely be infinitely more efficient to do it from within Azanor's function, which I am not (yet?) allowed to mess with. :/

    I wish Thaumcraft was on Github so I could just pullrequest it. :s

    When flying with the jetpack on a Server with the "Flying" thing Disabled, I get kicked, Apparently the server thinks that flying with the power suit is hax.


    Q: I keep getting disconnected for flying!

    A: For now, there is no way around this. Servers have to enable flying by going into their file and changing

    allow-flight: false
    allow-flight: true

    May i suggest rethinking one or two of the Gregtech recipies, some things such as the power suit is nice, buts say the Ion thruster requires a fair bit of Iridium.

    I think its actually cheaper to make a Gravisuit then the jetpack >.<

    4) Don't post 'OP!' or ask for cheaper/more expensive recipes

    The only exception to this was for the person who designed the Gregtech recipes, and that was not contested :P The mps jetpack is supposed to be very expensive, because it's more useful and achievable in the meantime with the intermediate parts.

    Requia wrote:

    The powerfist is incredibly energy hungry compared to IC2 power tools that do the same thing, even at minimum speed (which in turn is slower than IC2 power tools).

    True. I'll make the scaling more pronounced. (same top-end, cheaper low-end)

    Erm... WTF was I smoking. Uhh... yeah, I think I was trying to say that the armor bar is capped at a certain amount. And I obviously didn't read what he wrote >.<

    Like your new picture Muse :3

    lol, thanks! It was drawn by Cheapshot based on my previous avatar and some of the models we are putting together for the powersuit in 1.5.

    With that, version 0.3.0-178 is now recommended!

    Mode switching works properly now I think (without breaking Mystcraft and Logipipes)
    Fixed all the bugs reported so far, with a couple minor exceptions (mostly rendering-related)
    A WHOLE BUNCH of new modules, mostly done by other people
    Better back-end API for people wanting to create their own modules (still needs work, but it's getting there)
    Tool modules were made toggleable instead of 'modes'. Modes are: Plasma Cannon, Blink Drive, Crafting Grid.
    For those who didn't get a chance to play with this when it was expermental: SHIFT+MOUSEHWEEL to change modes.
    See the jenkins changelog for a detailed run-down of all the changes.

    Things which are going to have to wait until 1.5:
    Different 'tiers' (for IC2's energy system)
    Custom models and animations


    :Depleted Cell:

    by the way i can reproduce the fall damage bug you said i took wrong about when the only mods i have installed is forge and modular powersuits, tested with forge 497,517,518,523,524,527,

    becouse the ONLY mods i had installed was forge and your mod, how can it be anyother mods fault? i am also with every forge version i mentioned i have tested without modular powersuits and i have not got the same bug then.
    is it a bug or a feature? are the mod supposed to make you take more fall damage? i have tested it with ONLY forge and modular powersuits so its NOT another mods fault! and if it is please explain it to me.
    (by the way i love the mod its the most epic mod i have seen since thaumcraft 3)
    i used the newest version of modular powersuits (138 ) but i have seen the bug (or feature) in some older versions also.

    Thanks for being more thorough :)

    There does seem to be a weird exception with jumping off a 2-block-high ledge. I'll test more and try to figure out what's causing it.

    EDIT: not sure what was causing it, but putting the falldistance updates back in seems to have fixed it. lemme know if you still have issues~

    Been playing around with the blink drive and I have a few suggestions. The first one is that the way it works now is not very useful. It throws an invisible enderpearl, which is pretty useless since with sprint assist, you can walk there faster than the projectile travels. It should probably work more like ee2s black hole band, where teleportation is instant. The energy cost could be based on distance as well. Furthermore, having it use the right mouse button is kinda clunky, since you need to disable and re-enable it and the plasma cannon. It would be easier to have a separate keybind.

    Also, what do you think about the suggested change for the gregtech force-field emitter? It seems to be pretty popular.

    The blink drive module is the first module that was added by someone else. It is still in development, apparently.

    I'll review the recipes later today.

    emm i found a 'small' bug, if you jump from a two blocks high structure on to a bed you lose 1,5 hearts with no armour the bug does not exist without this mod installed (modular powersuits) also jumping on the same level from a chest to a crafting table will damage me with 0,5 hearts.
    also we found something in ther server (me and my friend) that was connected with the jumps when we got damage, something he called a memory loop, i hope you can fix those bugs becouse does weard things with the server and also with more health mod and beggining with 3 hearts thia bug can kill you pretty fast.
    it is other types of fall damage bugs, by the way it is fall damage we tested it.
    sorry for not posting this on the bug tracker, i am watching a stream and want to be done fast.
    EDIT: i have posted the issue on the bug thingey now.

    Please don't spam my bug tracker with poorly researched bugs that are caused by other mods (More Health is a jarmod, so it changes base classes and WILL break other mods).

    Your friend does not have any idea what he is talking about. Give him a kick in the shins from me.

    ive been messing around for awhile now with modular powersuits now but a few problems
    .NEI does not show the recipes

    Yes it does

    .could please add an option to make modules more expansive

    There have been a few requests to make a fatter model but it is not a priority right now

    I would LOVE to make the current version the new recommended one (so modpacks start updating etc), but I can't until I (or someone else) figures out that netserverhandler crash.

    My artist is currently working on a custom model for the armor, but that's going to be a challenge to implement and I don't have as much time now that school is picking up. Besides, more options is always better! :) Feel free to post them.

    As for bugs, please post them to github.

    Really gotta thank you for such an awesome mod and community interaction.

    I do have another interesting mod cross-compatibility suggestion though, this one being with forestry:
    I've recently begun breeding bees for their products, trying to get to the (extra bees) Ruby bees to make chrome for my Gregtech needs, but in my journey I've been stung, poisoned, fried alive, burned, struck by lightning, blown up, and melted.
    How about micro-fiber webbing for joint connections to protect against bee effects? Assuming Sengir hasn't hardcoded the Apiarist armor to be the only thing effective against bees, how feasible would this be?

    assuming that, easyish. will go under 'environmental' along with hazmat (UE). Need to work on the gui a bit and get the scrolling window to work (and be obvious), otherwise it'll be a bit tough to fit them all in there.

    As for the community interaction, I have to thank the IC2 forums for being supportive and having a modicum of intelligence. I'm really on the verge of not even checking MCF thread anymore because there are so many requests for features that are already there or on the todo list, 'bug reports' for things that have nothing to do with my mod, and terrible advice.

    thank you for implement color on the tool :)
    but something i have noticed is that the drop rate of items when you have explosion on the tool is modified after what i have in the config for CreeperCollateral-1.4.6-CoreMod. i realy dont like this becouse i have creepers drop rate to 100% (my friends want to have it there) and then the glove drops 100% of the items...emm i do not think this is how it should be maby you could make a config option for how many % of items that get destroyed in an explosion from the tool drops.
    i realy hope you will read this and implement it so i dont need to get 100% of the items (i think thats like cheating)

    I can't fix someone else's mod for you. Last time I tried to do that, I got yelled at. But, if you get that mod's creator to tell me what I need to do to mark my explosion as 'not a creeper', I will. :)

    Thanks :)

    Not sure if it can be done easily but I will add it to the list.

    i realy like that i can change the balance and recepies and have so much freedom! ( i have edited about everything :) ) but i know one more config option that should be added, a config option that maby will let you chose if the energy requierment is the same all the time or if it when it comes to the maby 20 last % it will take 10 times more energy suddently, i think this would be extreamly cool and i hope you understood what i meant, but i have no idea if this is possible and if it is if it is an simple way to make config options for it.
    keep up the good work ! :)

    It wouldn't be simple, but I will think about it. Thanks~

    Great mod.

    Iridium is 4 times heavier than titanium, as titanium weighs tzhelee? Diamond armor does not look balanced, energy shield is cheaper.Can make that diamond armor floated elements in the electrical, blast furnace at 3000 K, of 5 diamonds in diamond chunks of which it was made and would craft table?

    And May is integrated into the helmet compass? :-D

    Maybe :P

    I agree that it is odd that the advanced plating is as expensive and at the same tier as the forcefield. also, the basic plating is at a higher tier than the armor itself. I think the basic plating should be made steel and the advanced plating titanium.

    Okay, this will be in the next build later today :V