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    Thanks for all the feedback! I think the following reply should answer most of the new questions/suggestions:

    I haven't had a chance to start building my suit(using a seed/mod setup which makes finding resources near impossible while having many great things near spawn), but I was planning on adding some UE mods to my setup again, just wanted to check, if I make sure the config setting

    # general
    general {
        B:"Gregtech Recipes"=true

    remains as is, I will still have to use GregTech recipes to craft these things, yes? I figure that is the case, but I am worried adding UE might mess up the config in that regard and force me to use UE recipes.

    If it's working as intended, the first time you run, it checks which mods you have installed and uses these defautls:
    if you have neither IC2 nor UE installed, it enables vanilla recipes.
    If you have UE installed, it enables UE recipes.
    If you have IC2 installed but not Gregtech, it enables IC2 recipes.
    If you have Gregtech installed, it enables Gregtech recipes.

    So if this is your first time running with that setup, it'll enable both UE and Gregtech recipes. If you've already run with just Gregtech/IC2, it should have already generated a config file with "UE Recipes = false" or somesuch. It shouldn't override the config file.

    Also, just a thought since you now use Render Player API, you could even add custom animations and custom armor shapes. Or maybe, but don't quote me on this, alter the armor shape depending on what modules your armor has, or even what is in use for a more "transforming armor" feel.

    That's the reason for doing this, yes :) I actually don't even need RenderPlayerAPI to do the custom item model (shh) I was kinda just putting out feelers to see if a lot of people would complain about it being in there (and not being able to use Backtools). But, now that it's in, this sort of thing (which is all I really originally wanted) will be not only possible but relatively easy :D

    Anyway, two must have weapons(for when you start making them and maybe need ideas), no suit of power armor is complete without a weapon which replaces your hand. A not fully literal, but still accurate definition of hand cannon is indeed a cannon which you have instead of your hand. No sane person would go fully literal on this one, as that is also going full retard. Second is a Big F---ing Gun of some kind. Likely a Positron weapon, as a reason to use UE's Atomic Science, as one would need Antimatter for ammo, but adding the option to use Uranium Cells(IC2 level), Nether Stars(vanilla level), or a special GregTech level nuclear battery with re-enriched uranium cells, plutonium cells, Iridium Deflectors, and Iridium and Vacuum Hardened Tungsten Reinforced Stone, and Sheldonite Dust, and a whole mess of expensive stuff, would be a good touch.

    We already have a few icons for various weapons of such type in the spritesheet if you want to take a look ;D The exact behaviour of such is going to be a bit involved, coding-wise, though, so don't expect it to happen right away :(

    Also, just in case you haven't done so yet, you might want to make the suit lose power if affected by a ICBM EMP. As a form of defense against people with fancy power armor doing fancy power armor things, like wrecking your shit something fierce.

    That's definitely a good point. I'm not sure if the EMP is set up to check player inventories or not; I'll check. If not, it shouldn't be too hard to get that working.

    Most of these are on the list already :P I should update it on here.
    -EU reader and charge/discharge will go in the IC2 compatability package.
    -hover mode & night vision depends on keybinds, which are my top priority now
    -There won't be a direct ripoff of the mining laser I don't think. Instead there will be weapons which have roughly similar effect on blocks as the different mining laser modes: sonar drill for something like the scattershot (maybe with a bit of random maceration thrown in), electric arc for superheat, maybe a railgun which has a strong knockback but creates a long-ranged projectile, etc.
    -More inventory slots is something I really wanted to do before I started working on this, but in my travels I have learned that unfortunately there's no way to code it in a way that it will show up properly in GUIs, because they all bind the slots individually. The closest I can get it is something like a mix of creative+ in NEI and bag of holding in Factorization: have a separate inventory that's 'hidden' but you can swap it out using a HUD overlay. (e.g. save/load). That has a strong chance of producing a duplication bug, but I'll try to be careful :)

    Anyway, great mod, keep up the good work :)

    Thanks :)

    Another idea that springs to mind that may or may not be useful in this mod is either a tool that is basically a handheld version of the tinker table (tinker tool?) or a module for the power tool but that does not let you add and remove modules from your armour but does let you edit the settings on the armour so the amount of power being given to a module on the fly.

    Keybinds coming soon!!

    ok, I took your advice^ and it's up :)

    Added some custom rendering as well:

    I had to change the recipes a bit because there's no oredict entry for neutronreflector or heat vent, so I used 4 field emitters instead. Added neutronreflectors to the recipe, but used 2 field emitters instead of 3 adv. heat vents.

    Also on second glance I accidentally made field emitters cost gregtech computercubes instead of energy flow circuits... Fixed!

    sweet, I really hope its a lot and I mean a LOT more expensive then what Quantium and nano are.. They both are a bit op as is with Greg's techline. But then again even Greg likes it easy :P

    Well, the armor itself is useless without modules. Most modules take more than 1 of various components, and I'm adding a few more components as well.

    Speaking of, I will need to make recipes for:
    -Hologram projector (for cosmetic and part of HUD upgrades - imho, this should be cheap and can probably use the vanilla recipe. 1 glowstone 5 glass and 1 of each dye)
    -Carbon myofibers (artificial carbon fiber-based muscles for jump assist, sprint assist, and soon weight compensation - I'm going to add base weight amounts to each module)
    -Force field generators (for energy shields, entity magnet...)

    I can probably figure it out but any assistance would be appreciated :)

    ok, I've got almost all of the gregtech recipes to work. I need one for the power tool as well; does this work?
    A = aluminum, M = machineparts, C = data storage circuits, X = nothing (space)

    Also: I have to say I love Gregtech's oredictionary unificator. Makes this even easier. I'm just having trouble with the Data Storage Circuits, and the reactor parts for the ion thrusters; I've tried everything from "circuitTier05" to "circuitTier10" and none of them seem to work :s and there doesn't seem to be a registration for the neutronreflector or the cooling vent at all, as far as I can tell.

    I got this when attempting to use a power tool with the pickaxe and diamond drill upgrades on stone

    You need to update forge I think? ForgeHooks.canToolHarvestBlock() is the only method on that line.


    Had a quick play with the mod and so far am enjoying it I like the modular idea allowing you to customise your armour to your liking and have a couple of suggestions for changes that I would like to see;

    1. Would it be possible to add a sprint button for use with the leggings like what IC2 Quantum Armour has whereby if you change the config to say only use when the boost key is held down then you can sprint without going insanely fast. (Means I can sprint around holes without it going a bit crazy and throwing myself in)

    Yeh I really am not satisfied with the way minecraft handles keybinds so I'm avoiding any kind of 'boost key' / etc. stuff until I set up a proper GUI to change them. That's probably my next priority, so if I can, it'll be done this weekend, after the Gregtech recipes.


    2. I would like it if you could change the tinker table recipe to use something other than an emerald as realistically your change of mining one is insanely low and so whether or not you get one depends on your ability to find a village in which you have something to trade. (Maybe make it cost even a diamond block as with some of the worlds I have played in where I have had a lot of trouble finding villages getting started in this mod would be next to impossible)

    Personally I always try to find a village early on because I can't be arsed to set up farms myself, and there's almost always a villager who'll trade for wheat. I thought it served as kind of a useful 'barrier to entry' since hardly anyone uses emeralds for anything but they're not as hard to get as...say...a nether star.

    I can make a config option that swaps it out for a diamond block I guess, yeah.


    3. As other people have said I would like to see some kind of free flying module that simulates creative flying however make it insanely expensive to make and also use a lot of power so you can only use it sparingly.

    I'm going to avoid making a straight-up 'creative flight' since I hate the double-jump to activate/deactivate (and a few mods might conflict on that anyway), but I will probably add some kind of anti-gravity or hover module which allows you to completely stop moving in midair.


    Other than that really do love the mod and am looking forward to seeing if you add more modules and what they are.

    Edit: Oh and one quick question I installed the sprint assist on a pair of Power Armour Legs and set the speed boost and exhaustion compensation to max I assumed the exhaustion compensation would mitigate the amount of hunger I lost (at full 100% compensation so no hunger loss) yet I still lost all my hunger very quickly sprinting around am I mistaken about what the exhaustion compensation does or is it bugged.

    Well, it is a bit iffy since it just calculates the amount of hunger that sprinting would have taken and gives it back, so I might have screwed it up, but keep in mind that sprint-jumping takes a LOT of hunger (4x as much as a regular jump) which the sprint assist doesn't compensate for.

    Ok for metals, the 2 you may be using are probably aluminium titanium iridium

    As far as Teir's go
    That would probably get a reasonable idea for the feel of things.

    This armor set doesn't have to be top tier to begin with, actually it shouldn't. It should be craftable around Nanosuit level tech. At it's core it IS a shell after all, you just install more complex components. With full installation, it could definitely trump Quantum though, but at a REDICULOUS cost, past Quantum itself.

    My proposal doesn't add any extra items, so no pressure on your spriters. I'll try to explain why I chose these parts in the first place, too.

    Awesome, thanks for the primer, and I really like the reasoning behind the materials. Since GregT himself also gives his blessing, would anyone be terribly offended if I just used those recipes wholesale? :P You guys know GTech better than I do.

    Once you get this mod how you want it, I recommend talking to Kentington, author of the famous Rocket Science mod (Once it is updated of course.), and see about a collab or something, as it appears, based on both how the two add-ons are & the future plans for both, that they could easily mesh. I'd think that one of the mech suits would be epic for exploring Mars 8) and killing whatever stands in your path, and the superconductors & fusion reactors would be a near must-have for these suits for quick charging. Make sense?

    Here's a link for quick reference, although with how popular the thread is ATM, it might not be necessary: [Addon v1.95]Rocket Science v0.89 - flying autominers, missiles, and nuclear fusion!

    I'll leave with a present: MinecraftSquid . That is all.

    Hehe, it sounds awesome! I'd certainly like my mod to be compatible and work with as many others as possible, but obviously there are still a lot of basic things to iron out. :P

    Okay, so, I went through the IC2 components and I think I've worked out some reasonable recipes in terms of IC2 components. I'll update the OP with them in a sec. I also fixed my build script (kind of) so it should be possible to download it from the UE site again.

    Hehe, thanks for the praise and the very useful feedback :) I'm still working on the api, so hopefully some of these things will become easier in the future.

    1) For the energy costs - this should definitely be configurable, but more than that I want to find a sensible default. At first, I didn't have an MV or HV capacitor at all, so they were balanced around having 20-100kJ to work with. And with Gregtech or some other mod that adds a lot of detailed high-tech crafting and materials, it's quite possible that there will be an EV or even interdimensional capacitor. So I'm not really even sure where to begin. I had a silly setting in testing that set 1 J = 1 EU if UniversalElectricity isn't installed, but UniversalElectricity defaults to 50J = 1EU (which is even more frustrating because Minecraft Joules and MegaJoules have the same acronym, which is why I put a space there...) I'm considering just making it a config file option whether to display EU or Joules (or MJ), but that'll require a bit of extensive refactoring.
    2) For the GregTech recipes: again, I could use some help figuring out what people consider 'balanced' in terms of GregTech. I didn't get much chance to play on a real server with GregTech installed because when we started to try it, the 1.4.6 update happened and messed everything up. I'm hesitant to add a lot of new parts and components (aluminium plates, etc.) because as awesome as my icon artist is, I don't want to scare him off with a huge number of requests :P I do really like how GregTech registers literally everything with the Ore Dictionary, though. Makes it a lot easier to actually add the recipes.
    3) Visor colour will have to wait until I get my hands dirty with figuring out RenderPlayerAPI. There's no impact-free way (with Forge alone) to render part of the armor piece with a different colour, and in fact at the moment I'm using a bit of a dirty hack to get the armor to render with vanilla's cloth dye system. That said, having visible glider wings, ion thrusters, etc. is a high demand item, and I'm definitely not satisfied with the current way of doing it, so it's pretty high on the priority list. :)
    4) Holding shift for detailed tooltips should be easy. I'll see about getting that in for the next release.

    You know the deal(or should by now), error logs or it didn't happen.
    Much like No pics, no clicks, if you can't supply the error log(or at least the stack trace), you can't prove you crashed.
    Also, did you happen to have the latest IC2 beta? The one from the Jenkins Build Page linked on the UE page for this(also the UE site download is working now, must have been taking a while to upload or something? If not, there's your problem, this mod REQUIRES the latest beta.

    What's the version compatibility, 1.112?

    Ah, crap2! That was in the old link... I updated the OP needs build #198 or higher. So required version 1.112.198-lf.

    any chance of a silk touch/ fortune upgrade?


    If there is a option to turn on "gregtech mode" in the config (make recipes expensive and possibly some use gregtech items), then I will get this mod. It seems very nice.

    Is in the works.

    Not for such tiny Addons. I choose the Mods for doing that myself, and I usually only take the common Mods, which almost everyone uses.

    That's fine. I'll handle it :)

    Not really a good Argument. This Mod is diffrent as it's making better IC²-Armor too. This is a really good Mod, but the Addons here, have to run with IC² as requirement, so unless this Mod needs both UE and IC², this doesn't really count as IC²-Addon, but as seperate Mod (or UE-Addon).

    I would personally let this "IC²-Addon" stay here, as it fits to IC².

    Ah... I didn't realize it was necessary to be dependent on IC2 to be posted here. I will say, it's missing something when it can't be recharged, but it is more dependent on IC2 or UE, rather than and. And it is largely inspired by the quantum suit, so... thanks for your support at least :)

    Good news: This has IC2 support, and will be very cool. It can be recharged with IC2 or UE.
    Bad News: Assuming the file is hosted on the UE Website only, the V0.1.10 file is not present, Assuming this is the right file path, which is linked from your download page there. Might want to fix that, or provide a temporary offsite download.

    Ah crap! I guess I'll have to move to my personal webspace sooner than I expected. I updated the link in the OP.

    Oh, and if you want to make it more expensive, you could make it use GregTech parts if it's installed. Just a idea.

    That's a very good idea. It would make the most sense to use aluminum for the glider wings for example...

    This seems like a cool idea. I'd really like if it provided creative-like flight in some reasonable way, the only other mod that has it for recent versions of minecrat is gravisuits and i highly dislike the complexity and costs associated with it (by the time you can make one, you already have everything and there isn't much use to it anyway)

    Between the parachute, the jetpack, and the glider, you can come pretty close. I'll see about adding a couple more options that can make aerial building easier.

    Also can the armor act as power source for IC2 tools? If it doesn't it really should.

    It can! Although the tools will only draw power from the chest piece currently, while my power tool will draw power from any equipped item. I might try to do something about this if it becomes an issue for people.

    UE and its Hippies Flowersuit has nothing to do with IC2.

    This is a separate mod from UE. I made it based on UE initially because it had an open-source license, and they gave me some hosting space because of that, but I finally got around to adding IC2 support, so I thought I'd post it here. Once I have a proper automated build system set up, it will be hosted on my own website.

    We (royal We) at Inspiration™ Inc. LLC believe that the user is and should be treated as the architect of their own destiny. That is why we have created a Complete Idiot's Guide to powersuit creation. Modular Powersuits is a mod based around the idea of an inventor who tinkers with high-tech electronics and makes a suit of powered armor chock-full of useful gadgets and features. Inspired by heroes like Iron Man, Megaman, and Samus Aran, as well as by the high-tech armor in mods like EE2 and IC2.

    First, you must verify that the laws of physics in your particular corner of the galaxy will support the use of your creativity. You can check this by temporarily removing the fourth wall and installing the following mod to your minecraft folder:
    It's compatible with and has recipes for IC2. Gregtech mode is also included!

    Once you have performed the necessary applications of metaphysics, it's time to get down to the physics. To start off with, you'll need a Tinker Table and at least one powersuit item - the helmet, torso, legs, boots, or tool. The powersuit items are useless on their own, but when you access a tinker table, it will list the modules you can put in that item, and tell you the component cost.

    Recipes are now hosted on a separate page because all the views were sucking my bandwidth really fast O_O

    direwolf20 spotlight:
    AdamzoneTopMarks spotlight:

    1) Since people can't seem to be bothered with reading the todo list or even the modules that are already in the game: if you post a suggestion, please be willing to implement it yourself. The todo list is long enough as it is and if your ideas aren't on there already it's probably because they are already available as client mods, or they are not that different from functionality that is already there. It's probably not because your ideas are totally original and mind-blowing.
    2) Don't post bugs; first check here to see if they haven't already been fixed in the latest build, and if not, put them here
    3) Don't post questions that are answered in the FAQ (and especially don't post them to the bug tracker)
    4) Don't post 'OP!' or ask for cheaper/more expensive recipes
    5) No I will not teach you Java or OpenGL, and don't PM me asking me to debug your code. If you're learning Java, post in ##Java on Freenode irc. If you already know Java and are learning about Forge, post in #minecraftforge on Espernet.
    6) Yes you can use this in your own modpack, don't PM me just to ask permission.

    Edit: removed offending EE2 & gravisuit files. Hopefully Pahimar and SeNtiMeL will patch them in!

    Bukkit source for the FlightWrapper, in case anyone else wants to use it or the OP wants to adopt it. It shouldn't be too hard to adapt this to other environments besides Bukkit; it's not very complex code.

    To use:

    - when your mod enables flight for a player, use addEnabler(player, identifier), where player is the player object and identifier is a string identifying your flight method. It won't add multiple copies of the same identifier, but you can have more than one if you have different items or situations that could enable flight.
    - when your mod disables flight for a player, use removeEnabler(player, identifier). It's safe to do this even if the identifier is already gone or the player isn't in the list, so feel free to do it every tick.
    - call update(players) at least whenever your mod changes anything, if not once per tick, to 'apply' the changes and sync the client and server.