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    I'll be your guinea pig any time! :P
    Also oh my, the night vision is, from what I can tell, flawless. You even managed to put the effect on without the 'potion effect'. No particles, no problem. I couldn't manage that with my foray into modding.
    Does this mean.. we might see a sweet particle-less active camouflage? ;)

    What, really? I got sparkles when I was testing it in smp... but maybe those were because I was also testing with the night vision potion to try and stop them from conflicting. Cool :D What I've done is give it an amplitude of -337, something which shouldn't normally be possible, because the Night Vision effect doesn't make use of the amplitude. That way I can identify the buff as my own instead of a potion effect, and because the potion is guaranteed to have a higher amplitude, the potion overrides mine for as long as it's active :)

    And, er, yes, an active camouflage module is definitely possible then :3 I'm not sure how to price it though...maybe some control circuits, holograms, and field emitters?

    I agree, this is a really cool mod!

    Is the aurameter really not finished yet? I remember trying it out and it seems fine to me, but Dire didn't say so in his spotlight.

    I actually talked to Azanor between the time when Dire recorded the video and the time when it was made public :P So yes. It's not finished in that it only does the HUD thing so far, not the cauldron aspects or the aura nodes, but the HUD part does work :)

    Also on the topic of goggles: Experimental build has some night vision goggles in case anyone wants to try them out and let me know if there are any issues. :3

    will it have wall-climbing module? i always thought it'd be cool if there was a spider like everything-is-ladder ability!

    for use in building structures, decorating walls, easy and smooth maneuvering around and epic pre-jet parkour (which also eliminates the infamous first person perspective distance misjudgment- even if you fall short, you can still smoothly climb up and continue).

    what can possibly more awesome than sticking on the inner walls and ambushing people in their own house? Finally being able to place that one missing block in the middle of that wall, facing the right way up this time. that's what.

    That's a good idea :) I'll add it to the to-do list when I get home.

    Love the keybinding UI, good job :)

    Is jetpack hovermode already in? if it is i don't see how to activate it.

    It's not; it's going to be a bit more complicated since I don't want to use sneak as the 'down' button; ever tried to sneak-click a machine in midair? :P Instead, 'flight control' is going to be a separate module, and I'm going to make the basic jetpack harder to control.

    Also, not sure if it's intentional or not, but if you use the sprint assist module to accelerate to the maximum then start jetpacking you get to a really ridiculous speed, like (ballpark estimate) 80+ blocks per second and minecraft fails to load chunks fast enough :)

    Oh and how does the glider wings module work? doesn't seem to do anything for me.

    Read the tooltip :P Keybinds for now are just on/off switches - the actual controls are still the same.

    Can anyone give me the link to the required IC2 build? I don't know where to get it...

    Edit: It would be nice if there was a module that like the vajra from gravitation plate (cheap recipes suck) which breaks blocks instantly.

    Added a link to the OP.

    Also fixed some bugs (the lifespan thingy seems to be working again, let me know if there's still issues)

    Also the tools now scale with overclocking from 8x-25x instead of 2-20. Cause I mean, who would bother making them worse than iron, right?

    For those of you without massive factories to produce the needed capacitors and containment fields for the plasma cannon, we recommend our new inspiring blueprint: Melee Assist. Punch harder and farther!

    The plasma cannon... Wow that thing is awesome. The only thing I could find is that shots fired into the air seem to go a ways and stop, and persist for a long time. I shot multiple non charged shots and followed them up and they all congregated at about y 150~.
    Otherwise hnnnng. This is the mod I've always wanted. I've got modding skills and experience but this is outrageously good. they dissipate after 10 minutes (7200 ticks) at least? There's 2 different checks on them, the default entity lifespan and my own thingy. Maybe they are dying on the server side and not on the client side... I did set the tracking radius rather high...

    Also, thanks for the praise! It feeds my constant and incessant need for validation and keeps me motivated :)

    indeed so glad I got an energy shield damn enemies keep sneaking up on me and I blast them at close range with the plasma cannon... instant death for them... though the surrounding environment is suffering LOL!

    Damn it MM you need a banner bad... I wanna display it so much since this is such an awesome mod even though it's still in the works :D

    lol, yes, it is a bit destructive if you turn up the explosiveness :P

    As for banners...Hm... how 'bout this one my artist made :3

    Edit: looks a bit weird on this background...maybe it needs a black background or something to make it fit.

    Ok, first weapon is the Plasma Cannon. I've been kind of sick so there's likely some silly mistakes in the behaviour/etc.

    How it works:

    A bit like a bow, but prettier. It can charge for up to 50 ticks (2.5 seconds). Damage (on contacting an entity) or explosion radius (on contacting a block) are tinkerable and scale linearly with charge time.

    Is available on jenkins if anyone wants to test it out :)

    Thats not that hard. Just place 13 CF-Blocks. And if used on Scaffold, then replace the Scaffolds with CF. But the Cable-CF-ing could be a problem.

    Oh, in that case it might be a possibility. *shrug*

    Idea: CF-Pack module.
    Does what it says. Requires 2 CF-Packs and 3 Electronic Circuits to install. You can upgrade it with 2 Advanced Circuits and 1 Mass Fabricator (Energy-flow Circuits and Matter Fab on GT Mode).

    Ability: A CF-Pack.
    Ability of upgrade: Auto-stocks 256 CF Pellets in itself (by consuming CF Pellets from player inventory) and manufactures them automatically using energy with the MatterFab if it runs low (<10%)

    CF probably won't happen since it would require me to delve into IC2's source code, but I definitely want to add multiple ways of laying down multiple blocks at once.

    ok, you guys were right, I missed a ! on the server side. So it was actually only deleting if you *weren't* on creative mode. oops :wacko:

    I was also planning to add uncrafting recipes for the platings and capacitors, so I've gone ahead and done that. the only problem is there could be conflicts and/or ways to convert items if more than one recipe set is enabled :pinch:

    latest build should be available nowish.

    Just encountered a little bug on the latest build (the 2.0-18 one) whereby after installing the goggles of revealing module in my helmet and then just doing some random stuff (nothing that should cause the bug inherently) I dropped something from my inventory and the hologram emmiter appeared back in my inventory (the goggle module was still installed and functioning) I then sorted my inventory (with inventory tweaks) and the goggles reappeared.

    I know inventory tweaks does occasionally cause a few bugs to do with items appearing from no where so it may have been caused by that but thought I would report it here just incase.

    were you on creative mode? I just added a thing where you get modules for free if you are on creative mode. it's a little buggy still, so it might have deleted them client-side but not server-side and then dropping an item caused it to refresh.

    Dat tinker table model... :love:

    I love me my sebk

    p.s. keybinds are now working!!! Press k (configurable in minecraft default thingy) to open up the gui. Drag and drop. Let me know if I missed any modules that should be toggleable.

    Moved to a proper build system finally! Jenkins link

    Current build has a bunch of minor bugfixes over the last update (diamond drill required to harvest obsidian, armor no longer enchantable, a few minor recipe nerfs), as well as a new Tinker Table model c/o Sebk.

    Keybinds still aren't implemented, though the basic GUI is there if people want to play with it a bit. Gonna have to do some careful behind-the-scenes manipulation to get it to work efficiently

    Odd... is the suit or any part of it suppose to take damage? I had half the durability on my boots die when taking damage. Shouldn't the suit be like nano and quantum armor in that it protects you until it runs out of power and not take durability damage? I had a full energy bar on the left hand side of my screen yet the boots since they appear to be the first item to take energy loss took damage.

    Further my energy didn't drop in the slightest, I have both a diamond plate and a full strength energy shield. Energy level didn't drop but the boots took damage instead.

    Yes, it is supposed to drain energy and just not work when it's out of energy. I have heard that the durability damage is related to the new Thorns enchantment. I'll look into it.

    1: The thing that would break backtools is RenderPlayerAPI. I'm probably going to make it optional anyway since it's a jar mod and I still have quite a few other priorities. For now, don't worry about it.
    2: It actually already is configurable, I just forgot to include it in the initialization where it auto-generates the config file. If you put a line in your config file under 'general' like this:

    D:"Joules per IC2 EU"=1.0

    note that's a D (double) not a B (boolean)

    then it should use that value.

    (will be auto-generated next release~)

    Hmm... wish the suit as it slowly lost energy over time through use would be equalized so far only my boots have been draining when doing all the things I do with it. mining, jetpacking, swimming, ect, ect.

    Yeah, I thought about having them all drain equally but then it's more effort to take ALL your items off and toss them in a charging bench or whatever. Other than that it's simpler math-wise (and computation-wise) to just drain them in the order they are in your inventory. (Minecraft represents them in order from boots to head). Regardless, all the modules access energy from the whole player, not just the item's own internal storage.

    Was something about power conversions changed recently?
    Your site states that it should be 1:1 unless UE is instlled, and i think it actually worked that way a few versions ago and seemed pretty reasonable.
    Now it's using the 50:1 ratio which makes on one side everything ridiculously cheap in terms of power and on the other stock IC2 tools just murder my capacitor.

    I'm not sure an exponential scale is a good idea, it's harder to understand and harder to balance (without making the low end stuff way too cheap or high end stuff cost way too much power).

    Yes, I took that behaviour out and forgot to document doing so. Sorry :( I'm still kinda new at this whole 'releasing' thing... I can put it back in, I guess. It seemed like it might be bad if someone were to use these powersuits with their IC2 or Gregtech for a while, then decide to try out UE and suddenly have the issues you're having now.

    And by that point you just got another gravity suit with a funky table.

    I won't lie, one of the first inklings I had to make this mod was because everyone on my server was flying around in gravisuits and I couldn't tell anyone apart except by their names! I wanted to see player's skins again...

    While I see where you're coming from and respect your view, I disagree. The suit, at that tech level, costs exponentially more than the gravity suit does, and does NOT offer near-invincibility and creative flight (it's jetpack flight).

    If able (It's MachineMuse's addon, after all), we need to balance this as a group and come to a conclusion and agreement on what is balanced or not. What do you, or anyone reading this post, suggest? We need more voices!

    I'd certainly like to satisfy anyone who wants to use it, if possible. :P I'd like it to be usable, valuable and unique at each sort of 'tier' of development. I suppose my only hope to compete with mods that are poorly balanced (like a certain set of bronze tools for example...not referring to IC2's) is to offer utility modules that make up for the lack of raw numerical strength (like how TC3's boots of travel do exactly that.) That's why I wanted to have the basic suit be craftable at basically 'iron is just starting to become ubiquitous' tech level and have a few other modules but have the proper armor modules be either prohibitively heavy or expensive until much later. I might try to make some kind of 'auto-balance' feature that automatically selects a comfortable overclocking level for your modules, based on the amount of capacitor storage you have available. How does that sound? If it uses those values to pick defaults, it would help with all the youngsters who don't read the manual and then complain that their tool isn't any better than a stone equivalent. :P

    Since the suit costs so much more than the gravity suit it makes more sense that it's more powerful. With it being modular it is much more powerful of a suit after all. Lets say... the gravity suit is tier IV armor for IC2 the powersuit is practially tier V and thus should be more powerful than previous versions of armor. One would expect it to have a higher energy capacity (imo upgrades and capacitors) The invincibility of course could come in the form of the energy shield cause that's basically what the quantum and gravity suit is doing using energy to protect you from damage.

    mmhm. Well, with 4 full-strength diamond platings and/or energy shields, you can reach a maximum of 96% reduction, with no cap on the total absorption. It's not quite invincibility, but you can hang out in a UE black hole for a good 30 seconds or so before the forces of gravity overcome your padded health bar~ I might add a 4th tier of defenses which bypasses the 6-points-per-item cap in exchange for some exorbitant amount of (energy and material) resources.

    BUT FIRST! Keybinds. They're coming along but I keep getting sucked into various school projects, so no 24-hour release cycle anymore.

    So far, I have it so that you can assign a keybind to the mod, then each assigned keybind can have a number of toggleable modules assigned to it. Pressing the key will toggle all the modules attached to that key. Does that make sense/is it intuitive enough? I figure it's probably better than assigning a new keybind for every. single. module. Since with a proper toggling mechanism, that enables a lot more possibilities, like night vision goggles and a more advanced flight control system (too many people asked for hover mode...)

    Are the suit components supposed to hold almost no EU? I have an entire suit, with max Elite battery, and each piece is only holding 100k EU.
    The lowest LV battery with as low settings holds 400 EU.. but I can still max speed sprint for -15 minutes on this.

    Yes, the default EU->MJ ratio is 1:50. It's pretty silly. I also definitely need to tune the energy costs, as mentioned. What would you think is a reasonable cost?

    I'm also thinking of making it an exponential scale rather than a linear scale; so that, say, 200% sprint boost will cost 10x as much energy as a 100% sprint boost, and 300% will cost 10x as much as that, rather than costing twice as much.

    Alternatively, I'm definitely going to change it so that rather than having a 'battery size' slider, you can simply install more than one capacitor in an item. Maybe this sort of discrete 'more upgrades = more power' would be more intuitive for people.