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    Umm i'm on #89 currently, which shows as the last build on jenkins (and matches the last commit on github) is there something i'm missing?

    oh, crap, yeah, the scrolliness is not working yet so I just changed all the vision modules to 'special', but the thaumgoggles module is in a different file. ok, that should be fixed now

    as for the 'backwards drops height' thing, yeah it still needs work :V

    In the table, modifying a helm, the vision category is outside the blue area, and is getting covered by the salvage/install area. Also if you are going to split vision stuff into a separate category... why on earth isn't NightVISON under it? :P

    About the flight control module ... Something feels really wrong about how forward and backward movement works, i'm having to hold my view at the horizon, which combined with the UI elements on the bottom of the screen makes makes me unable to see above what i'm actualy flying. Backwards just seems to drop height even when i'm looking at the horizon, so no idea what's up with that.

    In general i feel that unless you are pressing space or z your Y level should stay the same and forward/back controls should only control that axxis just like left and right do.

    I screwed up a bit, there are some new builds

    May have found a bug with the new flight control module: With just a helmet and a chest on, the jetpack takes the energy it should, however when you activate the control module the jetpack stops taking energy and is essentially free flight. This was tested with only a chest with a HV cap. + jetpack and a helmet with NO energy storage device, but the control module installed.

    On the one hand, that's soort of intentional since flight control is supposed to keep you level, which uses a lot less thrust than flying around.

    On the other hand, I forgot to include the 'steadying' parts in the energy cost.

    While tweaking that, I noticed some issues with how it handles 'braking', and on further inspection I'm really not sure how to solve them, so for now it only brakes horizontally when you have no directional buttons pressed at all. Initial tests suggest that this is just as usable and feels a bit more responsive for going up/down, but the drift might still annoy people. Well, too bad; I am going to at least pay lip service to physics here. :P

    Build #85 should do it.

    Added a 'flight control' module. It's not quite creative flight, but it will try to keep you steady in midair and stop you from hitting the ground at more than 1 m/s. Note that it drains energy pretty much constantly and will fly you along the ground - keybinding definitely recommended for those who choose this option.

    (note: I put the down key on 'Z' instead of shift because shift-clicking blocks is frustrating.)

    Erm I don't understand your reply. Does it mean that my OP/Creative-only module suggestion is denied?

    Correct. :P But you can add them yourself via API.

    A few more module ideas:

    • EU HUD, Conductive Pipe MJ HUD and RE-Conduit-MJ HUD modules. I know you already have a EU-reader planned, but there was a mod before that added ability to see amount of current passing through a wire visually.
    • Structure the Thaumic Wand Module (from To-Do list) to be like the pickaxe and diamond upgrades, the basic Wand of the Apprentice module holds 50 vis while you need the Energy-Thaumic Interaction Research to create a piece to upgrade the Wand of the Apprentice module to the Wand of the Adept module, and so on...
    • Something for pyrotechnics (:p) like an electronic flint-and-steel and handheld firework dispensers.
    • When IV drops are implemented, maybe an "artificial food substance" that increases your saturation level instead of feeding food to you? Additionally, antidotes.

    True, adding research would make the thaumcraft interactions make more sense. -nod-

    As for energy, would you implement a configuration to display which units of energy to display in the tooltip?


    Absolutely love this mod.

    Only found it yesterday, but it is amazing! Keep up the good work :D

    Thanks! Glad you like it :)

    +1, Running modular powersuits 0.2.1-67 with IC2 1.115.213-lf without issues so far.

    Unrelated suggestion:

    Using a keybing that's bound to a module that isn't currently on any equipped armor pieces should give some kind of an error, just spent 2 minutes figuring out why my nightvision stopped working... with my helmet in my backpack :P

    Err, there is a small programmatic tradeoff involved there. I will try to come up with a solution. Thanks for the report.


    I think probably not. sorry. I did add an up to 2x walk speed boost to the sprint assist though (build 66) This is probably temporary until it finds a better place.


    I was playing with TC3 a bit and noticed the goggles of revealing module (tho i didn't get around making one yet), that's really cool :)
    I was wondering, does it count for the vis cost reduction bonus, and could you add modules for the other TC armor pieces with that bonus?

    no they don't and making them act as such is not a priority at the moment although depending on Azanor it might happen in the future.

    Awesome! Thanks so much. This should be fixed and in the latest experimental build :)

    That's roughly what I figured was happening, but how should I do it instead? D:

    Sometimes the simplest of solutions is the best. I didn't even think of doing that honestly, not many no mods that I know of have as good of a key binding system as yours.
    Also, thanks for explaining in your comments how things are working and why. I went over your source code to try to get a better understanding and expand my own knowledge and I'm learning just what forge and minecraft allow. My mod just had some simple explosive, torch, and aoe fire arrows when I was doing that :P

    hehe, it definitely needs more comments and polish, but you're welcome for what's there so far :)

    I had my suspicions about that. Personally I would still like to see it as a module for sneaky sneaky pvp/thievery and just emulate the transparent armor module too when it's on!
    Something about mob senses being higher than a humans and can detect camouflage.. :whistling:

    I can do that for the torso armor but the getArmorTextureFile() function only passes in the itemstack, so I can't get a player reference without some expensive computation. Sorry :s You'll have to install it separately and bind it to the same key (which does work btw :3)

    Could you also let you switch between different overclocking configs with a keybind? I'd like to be able to slow down my tools and not jump crazy high all the time.

    To not jump crazy high, simply tap the spacebar. But yes, there are some more control circuit options coming.

    Much less crashy (100% actually). :)

    The module is pretty adamant on messing with me. It eats 1kW/s when on just fine and none when off, and SAYS I'm invisible (stuck at 24s).. but I'm still pretty visible. (the invisibility potion works as normal, though)

    I'm not actually even sure what invisibility potion is supposed to do. Is it purely cosmetic or are mobs supposed to ignore you?

    Also, have you tried making a local dedicated server and testing it there? It seems to work for me when I launch the server separately and go 'multiplayer->localhost' but not when I go into single player :(

    mind reading robot

    Hence the username ;)

    Hehe ;) Mostly the same code, not hard to copy and paste and change the icon/description/name/potion ID. Anyway yeah it's by keybinds. It defaults to 'on' like everything else because I haven't fleshed out that system yet. I might have to make each module an individual class...would still be easy to extend would take a bit of refactoring to get them to work, but would probably be better than the current system... (also thinking out loud)

    I'll be your guinea pig any time! :P
    Also oh my, the night vision is, from what I can tell, flawless. You even managed to put the effect on without the 'potion effect'. No particles, no problem. I couldn't manage that with my foray into modding.
    Does this mean.. we might see a sweet particle-less active camouflage? ;)

    What, really? I got sparkles when I was testing it in smp... but maybe those were because I was also testing with the night vision potion to try and stop them from conflicting. Cool :D What I've done is give it an amplitude of -337, something which shouldn't normally be possible, because the Night Vision effect doesn't make use of the amplitude. That way I can identify the buff as my own instead of a potion effect, and because the potion is guaranteed to have a higher amplitude, the potion overrides mine for as long as it's active :)

    And, er, yes, an active camouflage module is definitely possible then :3 I'm not sure how to price it though...maybe some control circuits, holograms, and field emitters?

    I agree, this is a really cool mod!

    Is the aurameter really not finished yet? I remember trying it out and it seems fine to me, but Dire didn't say so in his spotlight.

    I actually talked to Azanor between the time when Dire recorded the video and the time when it was made public :P So yes. It's not finished in that it only does the HUD thing so far, not the cauldron aspects or the aura nodes, but the HUD part does work :)

    Also on the topic of goggles: Experimental build has some night vision goggles in case anyone wants to try them out and let me know if there are any issues. :3