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    BTW i love the ways to centrifuge / electrolyze items and create complex industries. I even switched to methan energy creation before the last big update of GT instead of burning scaffolds and centrifuged cells into fuel cans to fill my generators ;)

    But with his thread i was more aiming for more mundane ways to use energy. Stuff that even is not so easy to implement like food decaying and fridges, or heating up rooms in winter is welcome, too.

    I start with an electric can opener, which is the only way to open up (special) cans (of food) for cooking perposes ;P

    This actually means, that our server did get Soulshards later on and noone used scaffolds anymore ... nonetheless i think, fixing this was necessary and i am thankfull about it ;)

    I have to convince our server admins they need to do something about Soulshards ...

    Hi Forum,

    The use of energy is one essencial part of the most tech mod. But a lot of players seem to complain about a few machines / tools to use up the power and more than enough generators for energy. This thread is meant to collect ideas about power using machines and tools.
    I personally prefer start- and midgame machines, since the lategame items are to much futuristic for my taste.

    So if you have some nice ideas, post them here. Please think about what will happen to other blocks that might be similar to your idea and state why you think, your idea will be an enhancement to the modded minecraft :)

    I was thinking of that, too. But i would like to hit "run as", start mc and see if it really does, what i told it to do.
    And i am now trying for 2 days, got lots of wrong packet names and imports ...

    a uncompiled source would help a lot, we could import it and have fun.

    Perhaps i have something in mind to get this code running in eclipse ...

    That's for decompiling IC2 source.

    It is.


    What you probably want is something like immibis bearded octo nemesis, a deobfuscator, although I haven't been able to get that to work with IC2 as of now ... Although I believe it has eorked with other mods

    I used BON, but i don't need the source to be deobfuscated, since the IC2 code isn't obfuscated afaik.

    I want the source so i can test my addon with ic2 items in a real setup. i do not want to compile, pack and move all my code into another minecraft directory, when it could be started directly from eclipse.

    Hi guys,

    I am desperatly trying to get IC2 into my eclipse workspace to run with my programmed mod ... but it won't work.
    I tryed to do the forge install first and get the IC2 code into that, without any success.
    I looked up tons of how to's to get the code into my workspace, even BON was not working properly.

    So i decided to rework the whole mcp folder, made a clear folder, copied mcp, copied bin and ressources and followed Gregs instructions to the letter.

    1. setup MCP like normal and make it READY for decompiling
    - this includes copying the ressources and bin folders

    2. install Forge into the minecraft.jar inside your jars-folder
    - i used the latest

    3. install IC2 into the minecraft.jar

    4. delete the 3 "XX-Integration"-Folders in your IC²-jar
    - done that

    5. delete META-INF inside your minecraft.jar NOW
    - yes

    6. put the content of the lib-Folder in your .minecraft into the lib-Folder of MCP
    - argo-2.25.jar + asm-all-4.0.jar + guava-12.0.1.jar - copied

    7. run decompile.bat
    # Unrecoverable error during obfuscation:

    i just don't know what to do anymore, perhaps i am missing something but ..

    if anyone sees what is going wrong here, pls leave a message

    With this mod you will excess new ways of creating power for your ic² machines, even create buildcraft energy with it, perhaps even universal electricity.
    The main goal of this mod is, to give players more freedom to choose their ways to produce energy, not having to cling to solars anymore. Thus the new blocks will
    be (most likely) easy to setup and maintain.

    As it is still WIP, things are subject to change, to prevent some ridicolous massive energy producing blocks.

    The first block that will be released will be the advanced watermill, a small multiblock struckture, that will increase it's efficency the more blocks are added.
    This might look like this:

    water(source)-block | adv. watermill = 1 EU / t
    water(source)-block | adv. watermill | adv. watermill = 4 EU / t
    water(source)-block | adv. watermill | adv. watermill | adv. watermill = 9 EU / t
    water(source)-block | adv. watermill | adv. watermill | adv. watermill | adv. watermill = 16 EU / t (max)

    Energy packet optimization:
    Adv. watermill blocks will add their output to other EU-packets to a max output of 32 EU / t, thus 8 adv. watermills will create 1 packet with 32 EU / t instead of 2 16 EU packages.

    The Recipe will propably use 2 normal watermills to create 2 adv. watermills, so keep in mind that addons like gregtech may change their recipes. Details on recipes will follow soon.

    Plans on the drawingboard:

    Energy packet optimization
    Advanced windmills
    Terrestrial heat

    and perhaps more to come

    I need to ask. The compiled API seems to be different from the actuall source AND i read of 2 ways to get whole IC² into my project (via installing then decompiling, as stated in Gregs profile, and just importing via drag and drop from source). What is the actual API and is there another way to include IC2 to eclipse / mcp without installing the classes into the jar, then decompiling ?

    I would like to finish my first blocks of the alternative energies asap :)

    BTW, thx for fixing this.

    Our whole server now stop using scaffolds for energyproduction and switched to burning blazerods, since they got T5 spawners from soulshards ... oO

    Perhaps those should only be able to be turned into energy in geothermals or something ;)

    Is it possible to remove the scaffolds from being wooden constructs? Thus they would'nt be burnable at all.

    If not i would like to reduce the recipe to 4 scaffolds, which would have the same burning value as the materials, they are made of.

    Hi Forum,

    I just basically wanted to know when you are going to change the burn value of wooden scaffold to a suitable level, and, if not, where i could adjust the code for a private mod pack on the server.

    kind regards

    pls write down at the pictures what kinds of resources the recipes need. I tried some gears and bronze / goldbars, and they still won't work :/

    EDIT: Used the Tekkit-wiki recipe for
    MV Pneumatic GeneratorEdit

    Takes the equivalent of 128 EU/t in Buildcraft energy at maximum. Default that is 51,2 MJ/t.

    It is crafted using 4 Bronze , 1 Electronic Circuit, 2 Gold Gear, and 2 Generator:

    but it doesn't show up in the workbench :(

    i am looking for the nuclear plant recipes, too. Still placeholders in the wiki and no clues in the forum ...i need power :)

    EDIT: Found them in the nuclear reactor description ...