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Sunday, October 7th 2012, 11:53am

[HOW TO] ask for Support

So, you got a question or problem with IC²?
That's not an issue and if you spend the few minutes reading this into running around and screaming 'HELPZ' all over the place, you will quickly find somebody willing to help you.

First of all, it's important to ensure you're in the right section:
The Support section of this forum is EXCLUSIVELY meant for
-content-related support questions
-help requests / troubleshooting in the installation process of IC

Anything else, exspecially crashes which occur during gameplay, belong into the Bug Section.

If you're actually right in this section, first, please take the time to check whether your issue is already solved somewhere.
A gameplay-related question can easyly be solved by taking a look into the Official IC² Wiki.
As well, check the thread titles of the first few pages of this section, may your problem is mentioned (and solved?) somewhere?
Assuming you can't find it as easy as that, try using the search tab in the upper right corner of the forum. Try to summarize your problem in a few single words. For example "I can't play IC, somehow I can't find rubber to craft the first cables" can be summarized to 'obtain rubber'.

If you still didn't find an answer or useful help, it's time to create a new thread.
Since you already searched from your issue by thread titles, you should have understood a descriptive thread title is important, so other people with the same issue can, in future, more easyly find your thread and the (hopefully to be found fast) solution. As well, exspecially since content and installation instructions may change from version to version, it's important to note the version you are using, the best way is to do this by adding a '[x.yyy]' in front of your thread title to indicate the IC² version used. (As of writing this, it would be [1.106])

Now try to describe your problem in detail. The more information give, the less people have to ask of you and the less time you have to wait before somebody finds a solution.

If there is a problem with understand the more in-depth and complex mechanics of IC², you could try taking a look into the Industrial Engineering section, it's often a source of tutorials and knowledge that, hands down, even surpasses the devs on occasions.

If you have troubles with IC² crashing upon game start, you may made a mistake during it's installation or are using missmatching versions of various mods. Read the sticky about how to properly deal with crash-logs and we can try to help you.
As well, whilst waiting for a response, you could try reading through the installation instructions (found in the Public Release threads) a second time, may you simply forgot something trivial? As well, from time to time, downloading files can cause said files to be malfunctioning. Redownloading everything (including Minecraft, Forge and IC²) occasionally can solve problems.

If you've read till here, congratz on learning how to ask for help in a manner that won't get you screamed at. Try leaning back, meddle around with Minecraft or otherwise find something to fill the time until your problem is solved. That is, if you couldn't solve your problem yourself by now ;)


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