Jetpacks and Mining Laser: Better Mode Switching (and laser mode idea)

  • Given Minecraft and specifically modded Minecraft's propensity to lag, mode switching on the Jetpack and Mining Laser can be a massive pain. I'm constantly finding myself pressing the key and switching to a mode other than I want, either because the key registers twice (thus keeping on the same jetpack mode or skipping two ahead in a Mining Laser), doesn't register until much later after I've already pressed the key again in frustration, etc etc.

    Could we have an optional "Hover Mode" button for the Jetpack, i.e. a non-toggling button?
    And for the Mining Laser, a "Previous Mode" button added to the current "Next Mode" button would be superb. A configurable "default mode" key would be even better, like configurable as a "Low-Focus Mode" or "Explosive Mode" key.

    It'd also be nice if the Mining Laser had a non-block-destroying mode intended for fighting mobs without destroying the environment; you could use Low Focus. After all, low focus means wider beam, which would be more effective than a tighter focus against flesh; it's not a disintegrator, after all, and like the difference between a full metal jacketed bullet and a hollowpoint the narrower beams would do LESS damage against flesh. - Streaming Anime (Claymore, Texhnolyze, Attack on Titan), recent Animated Shows (Archer), movies and major live action shows (Thrones, Spartacus).

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    The hint in the name MINING laser, means it's not intended to be used as a non-block destroying weapon.

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