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    That's exactly Not the idea- the idea is to have a progression based on researching the specific subjects- materials strength, ore composition, conductance, standard design, heat induction, wear and tear (and diamonds), energy crystals, quantum fields. Not just praying to the random numbers god.

    What about making an experiment based research? Instead of having to take apart items, players have to craft experiments or build them in the world using blocks and items, activate them, and use specialized measuring equipment to get the research and unlock further content.

    I'm using FTB, and I have enough crashes and misshapen just trying to use regular minecraft and installing the 64 bit java on my 64 bit system, and I'm not sure I'm that much of a retard to be inconsiderable as an IC2 user.

    On a general note, the folders and files madness is something that doesn't require that much brainpower as knowing where things are and what do they do- something anyone not familiar with the working of the computer system i.e. anyone who's like me and who's not a programmer, become immediately disoriented.

    I love how everyone old in this forum is certain that the changes to IC2 to be more Gregtech-like are great, and that everything is too easy, while EVERYONE here is a two years ic2 player and a Gregtech user himself. The whole regular set up is now trivial, but in the sense of complacency rather than ease.

    More to the point, all these new recipes don't do much but alienate anyone ne- oh right. nevermind, it's a feature.

    It is- in the barest description- IC2-like machines with manageable input/output sides, great transport options (fluid and item ducts, tesseracts), several cool liquids and portable hard boxes and tanks.

    All armor except horse armor has the possibility of running out- be it iron, diamond, or quantum- it's the insane protection bronze provides that is OP in comparison to iron. A "single mining session" can run down even diamonds in some cases, and can easily result in enough materials to remake the bronze armor dozen times over, not to mention that even in vanilla minecraft, you are expected to do this in iron armor. Also, the whole "if Bronze is OP the whole Machine and energy is OP" is quit ludicrous- Tech progression is balanced rather differently than regular tools.

    I do like RawCode's suggestion- It would make the hazmat be a serious choice for armor in unique situations since it would last more than a second

    One of the reasons i thought teleporting-core idea could be more workable is that it should be dramatic-taking a few seconds from activation to actual work, not being easy to spam (cooldown/recharging), and making a momentary lag spike rather than prolong server-stuttering hundred-blocks made superentity moving across the landscape can potentially do..

    you do know that 80% damage defense makes the overworld mobs almost a petty annoyance? PVE balance is hardly IC2's strong point and it's silly to demand fundamental changes that impact every other mod just to accommodate a tier of metal, which is not even it's own ore but a combination of two other very useful metals.

    What about just making a hypertech-subspace technobabbley Ender-based engine, that consumes tons of power to teleport an entire structure hundreds of blocks in one go? Even with my limited understanding of code this sounds much simpler to implement

    Bronze items are like iron, only more durable.

    Except bronze armor, which is incredibly OP, having the protection of diamond.

    And why is it OP? Because, bronze is relatively* cheap, , and while diamond armor last a lot more, very few can afford to spend 24 diamonds to make armor, even if they have significantly more than that, so naturally bronze armor is much earlier game item.

    And for those saying that it's a small upgrade from iron armor, iron armor has 60% protection, while diamond one has 80% protection- that halves the damage you receive, for a material that even in the most intensive game environment requires at most 1.5 copper, 0.5 tin, and a macerator set up to make (which is a point long before most have even 5-8 diamonds, much less 24 spare diamonds).

    Of course, going back from the first sentence, the suggestion here is to make bronze armor similar to the tools- iron level, but more durable.

    *if you take other mods to account, it's even more absurdly cheap, but since here if it's not The Holy GT version of Balance (registered trademark of Gregorius intergalactics) it's WRONG!!! so i won't even go on how it messes up the balance in a mod-environment with other common-to-very-well-regarded mods (including basically any mod that adds either bronze or dusts) .

    Personally, I'd just be happy with an insta-break crafting table. Crafting, even with mod, always seems a few blocks too far or a few crazy buttons away. A simple, real portable crafting table- two right clicks to place and craft, one left click to take back, that you can even place at the workshop and not carry it all the time, could get a long way over the fancier stuff. Maybe just 2 tin (for legs), glass (pole),, and an iron plate (for top)?

    I do like the idea of a Master Machine interface, that can view and use all machines around it without needing to hop around. (MaMI?, MaMa interface?) (isn't there something similar in one of the MFFSes*?)

    *I need a plural for MFFS.

    Wait, if the new UUM uses both a fabricator and blueprint-based assembler, can't you balance the cost of things like grass, lapis, and even diamond with relatively little UUM but expensive to craft and hard to find blueprints and energy-demanding assembling while making the metals (iridium included) be based on larger quantities of UUM?

    from the in-game logic,it at least just to represent the difference between materials that are complicated, having complex chemical structure and energetic molecular bonds (grass, logs, rubber, gunpowder) the materials that are heavy (stone, obsidian, gravel) and the various mixes (Diamond being extremely complicated, iridium being extremely heavy, coal being slightly heavy but very complicated, clay being slightly complicated and a bit heavy, etc)

    Gameplay-wise, this also follows a progression: once you start making UUM, you can make things that require small amounts of liquid, have easy-to-get templates, and easy assembly (things like stone, sand, dirt), you can then get more complicated blueprints (giving you things like clay, flint, glass, grass, logs, rubber, water), get even more UUM and some blueprints (getting you obsidian, copper, tin), some more blueprints (for coal, redstone, lava [needs to require a lot of energy to assemble]), a lot more UUM (for iron, gold) even more complex blueprint for diamond (even in a vanilla world, if you get a fortune 3 pickaxe, after a while you can get enough diamonds to last for a lifetime), and a truly ludicrous amounts of UUM to get iridium.

    (this is, of course, assuming blueprints have to be found and further crafted to be used in an assembler, assuming it's a machine that require blueprints, energy, and liquid UUM to craft items)