The Minecraftian Chronicles Season 4: Aftershock

  • shika: what... happened here........ the damage cant be another bomb. mmmmm..... theres no sign of a large amount inferred radiation. looks like am going to have to fix this.

    *shika's arm turns to wood and his fingers extend into the ground. all of a sudden trees start to grow around him*

  • -I walk over to Sarah, poking her.-
    Me: Sarah, was it?
    Sarah: Oh.... I think you're Kryptia? Anyways, listen to this. Shh.
    -We both go silent, listening to the people.-


    Lucy: Can you stop the car for a bit?
    -The car stops, and Lucy giggles, crawling on top of Thomas, biting him on the neck.-

  • *shika is walking on the beach near the city*

    shika: even if we lose everything we must never turn our backs on whats important and keep a good heart.... am sorry i could not protect you.....

    *shika starts to cry as he kneels down next to a gravestone*

    shika: but sometimes we must turn our backs to do the right thing

  • Martititi and his two brothers have been sent in another dimension.
    Via com:

    Martititi: Morrowerre, Auelos, are you there?
    Martititi: Where am I?
    He looks around. It seems like there are mountains surrounding him. Martititi sees a little house made out of cobblestone.
    Martititi: Is it possible ?
    Two men go out. They look tired and disappointed. We hear a dull sound.
    Martititit: Oh, fichtre no ! How come we can be at this time? What happened? I don'wanna create any paradox. I can't interact with those ones...

  • Kryptia: Who do you think their talking about?
    Sarah: I have my suspicions, come on

    *They start running out of the site
    Kryptia: Where are we going?
    Sarah: You'll see

    *In another reality
    Flaras: Ugh...

    *Gets up and finds out that she is in a dark room, a large door takes up most of a wall.
    Flaras: Where am I?
    ???: The entrance...
    Flaras: To where? Who are you? Where are you?

    *Creates a small fire to try and light the room, it fails
    ???: Everything will be explained in due time, you and your bound brethren must complete these trials to unlock a power like you have never seen

    *Door opens but nothing can be seen past it
    Flaras:... Alright

    *Walks through the open door

  • shika: mmmmm......



    *shika wakes up*

    shika: the hell... am i. what was that crazy dude doing. looks like its volcanic here

  • *Lucy still biting me*
    Me: Bloody hell this woman's a vampire! GET THE HELL OFF ME! *flicks out tesla pistol on stun blasts Lucy in the neck, blasting her out of the car* The hell was that for?
    Lucy: *gasp* You'll never understand! *gasp* Your mere mortal brain cannot comprehend the problems the world faces if you live!
    Me: What?
    Lucy: *gasp* I cam from an alternate universe, fighting evil. *gasp* You are part of a great evil machine that seeks to destroy the world!
    Me: But I donated to Childs Play to save sick children! And I saved cute puppies from an abusive owner and gave it to the RSPCA!
    Lucy: That has nothing to do with the evil inside! *Tesla pistol stun effects wear off* Time to die, Tom.
    Me: Asa la vista, baby. *pulls out shotgun* DIE YOU EVIL THING!
    *BANG! (Sound echoes across the area dramatically)*

    Lucy: *Cough* I tried to save the world, but I failed.
    Me: So killing me is the key to saving the world?
    Lucy: No. *cough* A friend of yours is, of your creation.
    Me: Wait, how the hell are you still talking, I could have sworn I hit your lungs.
    Lucy: *Cough* Oh crap there go my organs *dies*.
    Me: Well, time to head home. Might as well take her corpse home to be buried with a stake.

    *I drive back home, and see my house in flames*
    AI: Hello. I detected your infection, and as such I have taken precautionary procedures.
    Me: What infection?
    Lucy: hehe, I did give you a little something...
    Lucy: Stop panicking!
    Me: YOU ARE MAKING ME A VAM- Wait. We're not combusting or glisten in sunshine! YAY I'M NOT BECOMING A VAMPIRE! Wait, what are you then?
    Lucy: Never mind.
    Me: *turning back to screen* Seriously, why?
    AI: Your infection harms the safety of your base. Do not panic, everything in your base is non-flammable.
    Me: Ok... Open the pod bay doors?
    AI: I'm sorry T10a. I cannot allow you to continue referencing sci-fi movies.
    Me: Ok then, *Why are my hands glowing? Sweet, this woman gave me superpowers!* I'm gonna rock you, like a hurricane.
    AI: Like a what?
    Me: HADOKEN *Imitates the HADOKEN from Street fighter, but all is does is make a little puff from my hands* Oh crap, that was a one hit wonder on the locals.
    Lucy: That wasn't what I gave you when I bit you.
    Me: Was it rabies: FUUUUUUUUU-
    Lucy: Nope.
    Me: Phew.
    AI: Please come back later, this post is getting to the TL;DR stage.
    Me: What post?
    AI: Never mind.

  • Morrowerre is in another dimension....
    Morrowerre: It seems like I know these mountains...
    Still the same house.
    Morrowerre: Ah I remember. These were the mountains we used to dig in when we found our diamonds.
    Now I understand what this strange light I traveled in was. I just had an inter-dimensional warp.

    He sits down, thinks, and tries to have a solution to this problem.
    Morrowerre: OK, I know what I've got to do. It's as simple as if I said "E = mc²". I've just got to build something that will transport me to the dimension I was in.
    A hour after
    Morrowerre: I should maybe build a teleporter. But what coodinates?
    Morrowerre: No, this is not the right idea. Or maybe it is possible to combine the properties of obsidian with a teleporter, with a great deal of energy?
    Morrowerre: I've got something!
    He suddenly realizes something:
    Morrowerre: But I don't know what dimension I've been sent to!
    Morrowerre: Let's think about a dimension'nalyser.

    Starts building his industry
    Morrowerre: Anyway, there is no problem with the time passed here, if I can switch between the dimensions, I guess that I can choose which time I'm gonna jump.
    Grabs his tools
    Morrowerre: I'm lucky I took this iridium drill with me. I'm gonna be faster.
    Looks in his bag he has on his back
    Morrowerre: If I'm lucky enough, Oh YES! I've got some energy crystals!
    Starts drilling the ground, finds quickly what he needs to get all the basic industry working.
    Morrowerre: It's easier than what I thought.... Ah, nostalgia of our first diamonds...
    First generators, macerators, ore washing plants, thermal centrifuge, and BC quarries are built.
    Morrowerre: OK, let's find some trees to chop down. I'll make charcoal.

  • Auelos, from his point of view
    Auelos: OK, I must be smart enough. What do I have to do in first place?
    Oh, maybe communicate with my other brothers!

    Auelos: It is clear that I've been sent to another dimension. First thing: build a inter-dimensional communicator. If I'm the most advanced concerning tools, I'll have to build other things.
    Auelos: So the thing is that I've got to make electromagnetic waves radiate in another dimension that could be for example really close to me, but inaccessible via matter....

    Auelos: Humpf, I've found out the trick.
    Let's build something out of what I've got.
    Starts building some stuff out of the trees surrounding him.
    Auelos: OK, that's a good thing I always have my communicator with me. Let's dig the ground and find some iron.

  • Sarah: I need a clearing for this

    *Pulls out the Solaris Emerald of wind
    ?????: That's a emerald, she helped cause what happened
    ????: After her
    Sarah: VENTUS ENERGIZE!!! Time to go

    *Grabs Kryptia and flies towards the mountains

    *A small amount of time latter, they land in the glaciers. Sarah reverts out of her armour
    Kryptia: How?
    Sarah: Been practicing that. What, you thought the Wind Guardian couldn't use the wind to fly?
    Kryptia: Fair point... Why are we here?
    Sarah: I want to check something, during the last fight with the guy who started this new mess, he said that he was going to send us into different places in Space and Time. If what I think is correct...

    *A dagger flies past Kryptia, brushing past his face and hitting the ground behind him
    ???: I might not know who you are fakers...

    *They look up to see a older version of Blaster, using a cane to support his weight
    Blaster: But leave this place, because I won't miss again.

  • shika: wait... this place is mt melter!!!! i can check the rock to see around what time this is.

    *shika's arms turn to roots and enter the ground and shika starts to absorb the minerals*

    shika: OUCH hot hot hot.... well this was not too far back about 30 years ago

  • Xavier: Ugh...

    *Wakes up inside a prision, ???? is inside the cell with him
    ????: So the "fail safe" finally woke up?
    Xavier: What are you talking about?
    ????: You don't know? Your dumber then you look.

    *Xavier tries to lunge at ???? but is held back by chains
    ????: You thought I wouldn't have ensured you were secure? Unlike you "brother" I not foolish enough
    Xavier: You were willing to take them on yourself...
    ????: And I won, their gone. Thanks to my device and the power of those blasted beasts, they won't be bothering me any longer.

    *Goes to leave
    ????: I'll let you decide who's side your on


    Flaras: Where am I now?

    *Flaras is standing outside of a cave, looking at a palace of some sort. Marble statues of the Legendary Pokemon line a pathway that leads to a large door of the palace. A smaller building stands right before the main wall of the palace.
    Flaras: Might as well check the smaller one first.

    *Goes inside the small building


    Electos (P): Are you sure this will work?
    Electos: I've tested this myself, i assure you that this works.

    *Electos landed in a futuristic city, himself and the Electos native to this dimension who upgraded Electos's gauntlet with a native technology
    Electos: We need to get going if we're going to stop those things
    Electos (P): Right

    *Presses a button on the gauntlet, converting it to a data link system. A small device detaches and falls into Electos's (P) hand. Electos readies a smaller version of the technology that he is holding
    Electos (P) and Electos: DNA data link ready

    *The smaller devices extract some of their DNA and stores it inside its systems.
    Electos (P) and Electos: Soul merge online

    *They plug the devices into the host systems (the gauntlet and the handheld)
    Electos (P) and Electos: VIRAL TRANSFER...

    *They point the host systems at a special terminal
    Electos (P) and Electos: POWER UP!!!

    *Energy surrounds them and sends their bodies, which have been converted into code, through the terminal.


    *In Blaster's tomb, a blue pulse of light illuminates the chamber
    Zoroark: Ark?

    *The pulse flashes again
    Zoroark: RO, RO!!!
    Terriermon: What is it?

    *The pulse starts flashing faster and faster
    Terriermon: It can't be...

    *The chamber door opens, the Solaris Emerald of water is the source of the light. The pulses stop but the emerald reignites and once again, has a glow
    Zoroark: Zoro

    *Runs out of the chamber, runing to the front door
    Terriermon: I'll inform Lopmon

  • *In a dream, nothing can be seen aside from black
    ???: Are you sure this will work
    ????: I'm sure of it. I'm not sure about the mental condition of the first, this is a just in case
    ???: I was more implying your plan
    ????: That one I'm not as confident on, but if I'm correct. what we found in that temple could be the key to winning this war.
    ?????: We're not even sure what it is and you think it could be the key to beating those blasted machines.
    ????: At this rate, I'd be willing to accept anything as a possible solution.
    ???: Is that why you chose to build so far away from the city, to test.

    *A sound effect can be herd of a projection activating
    ????: Not testing, preparing.

  • shika: whats the weird sword down there??

    *shika jumps down into mt melter to find a sword stuck in a stone in the core*

    shika: some strange energey this is giving off... i wonder what this could possibly be doing here?

    *shika starts to pull the sword out. his eyes and ears start to bleed*

    blaster: we must defeat the spambot leader

    chaos: we must fuse to win

    nicole: noooooo......

    sarah: Blaster.......

    chaos: i shall leave the paradox sword here for my past self

    shika: stop it!!!!!!! get out of my head

    *shika starts to roll around the floor in painand his eyes start to glow while his entire power start to overload and take over him*

  • *Walks inside the building
    Flaras: Davis, Reika, what are you doing here?
    Davis: We can ask you the same thing.
    Flaras: I take it you know where we are then?
    Reika: Yes... unfortunately. Were back in Anathos. Specifically the Champion's Palace.
    Flaras: Champion's Palace?
    Davis: It is a building in the centre of what's known as the Promised Sanctum. An island just off the eastern cost of Anathos. The Palace itself is designed to be a memorial for the strongest challengers in Anathos and the place where the Champion is officially fought.
    Reika: The facility was abandoned during the Spambot Wars and the aftershock, while the repopulation happened.
    Flaras: I see... What are you two doing then?
    Davis: Getting ready to take the Castle's challenge, to get some answers
    Flaras: There has to be other people here?
    Reika: Unfortunately no, aside from the Castle and the cave leading to it, the island has no other buildings or landmarks. Its mostly abandoned.
    Davis: Even still, unfortunately you'll stand out.
    Flaras: What's that supposed to me?
    Reika: He's right. We're not sure what time period this is but even still, battle armour stands out in a crowd.

    *Tosses her a bag
    Reika: Try these on

  • Kryptia: Who is this guy? And how dare he throw a dagger at me

    *Starts running at Blaster
    Sarah: I wouldn't do that if I was you!

    *A brace latches onto Blaster's leg. Once attached, Blaster jumps down and creates a shockwave upon impact
    Kryptia: Oof!

    *Is blown back by the shockwave's gust
    Kryptia: RRAAGGHH!!!

    *Lunges at Blaster. Blaster's cane slides off the handle to reveal a concealed Nano Sabre
    Blaster: You asked for it

  • Martititi, still in another dimension than his two brothers
    Marititi: Wow, okay, what do I have to do.
    He is breathless, because he has ran through the mountains, looking for a good place to settle down
    Martititi: Let's punch some wood... It is quite late. I guess I can establish my base tomorrow... Just take shelter, and rest in my bed...

    In his dreams: Martititi sees Herobrine...
    Martititi: Ahh, who are you? What do you want?
    Herobrine: There are two players that have the same name in this game... This is not possible. You should consider teleporting back to where you're from! Or, I will take you in charge. You got what I mean?
    Herobrine starts to go back(/i]
    Martititi: No! Wait a minute... You're the only guy to recognize me as a stranger to this dimension. How do I get out of here?
    Herobrine: I don't know. Do you really think I like to warp to another dimension? And there would be two Herobrines in the same game...
    Martititi: But you can have at least a clue?
    Herobrine: No! I have none. But I'll do something for you. If it works, maybe you'll be able to talk to someone that's qualified enough.

    [i]Martititi is teleported to the Aether
    Martititi: Wow, I like the way it looks.
    Someone comes and meet him
    XXXX: Hey dude! You don't recognize me?
    Martititi: I was looking at the background. Sorry for not seeing you... Oh, Morrowerre, so how did you get here?
    Morrowerre: Well, I went to bed and I saw Herobrine...
    Martititi: Yep, I know the end of the story, you asked him how to get back to your dimension and he teleported you here.
    Morrowerre: I guess that if you're here, Brother Auelos must also be close to us.
    Auelos: Someone shouted my name? Who know I'm here? The Aether is full of people now?
    Martititi: Yes, brother. Full of your family.
    Morrowerre: Do you think we are dead because Herobrine killed us?
    Auelos: I don't think so... I guess it would have been more painful. Imagine your soul being sucked up...
    Martititi: I remind you that we've got to go back to where we were...
    Morrowerre: And that's why I'm working on a kind of trans-dimensional teleporter.
    Martititi: Are you? How?
    Morrowerre: I took obsidian dust combined with diamond dust, compressed into a crystal I used to make a parabolic ring around the advanced machine casing. However, I had to fill this casing with some energy crytals in order to get enough energy.
    Martititi: The fact is that you risk overpowering and burning your diamonds by creating an overcharge in the condensators.
    Auelos: That's no problem. You can use the heat generated to produce electricity. This electricity can be sold to another user.
    Martititi: I remind you that we are not working to make profits, but rather to escape this trap.
    Auelos: Oh, yes, you're right. But then, you can use the electricity to power the particle analyzer of the teleporter.
    Morrowerre: Another question: the fact is that it is extremely expensive to build it, so I will not build two of them, one to teleport myself, and the other one to teleport someone with me...
    Martititi: I suggest making a teleporter able so teleport itself, but you'll need some more diamonds. What do you think?
    Morrowerre: That's no problem, just a question of time. However, how can I get your coordinates?
    Martititi: Probably the same as yours.
    Morrowerre: I meant, what dimension?
    Auelos: I'm trying to build up an inter-dimensional communicator, able to communicate with other stuff like the one you have. Maybe I will be able to send the dimension ID to your communicator, and you will be able to join me.
    Martititi: And me?
    Auelos: I propose to give you the plans, and all the steps you have to complete in order to have the communicator working. Anyway, with your skills in math, you'll be able to run a new factory in a very little time, and I'm sure you'll have all the resources by that time.
    Just to warn you, you will need large amounts of UU-matter because there is a lot of iridium and other rare resources on Earth.
    Martititi: Okay, I'll begin to listen to the radio in seven days, just to let me time to get all of what I need working.
    Morrowerre: So, you agree with doing that plan?
    The two answer yes.
    Morrowerre: So let's go, and don't waste time my friends.
    Martititi: See you in a week.
    Auelos: I will do my best. I'm sure we will succeed in doing this. Good bye, my brothers.