[Port][1.7.10] IC2 Classic by Immibis - now 1.7.10

  • Good and bad news. I have the IC2 Classic source. Also running smoothly (still need to fix decompiling bugs) and i know that i can make most mods compatible to it (as long they only use the API and not to much inner classes). So Gregtech/(Maybe Nuclear Controll would not work with it).
    Now the bad news. As immibis said even if i get the source (not from him) i have no rights to share it so sadly it will be only in my private use. And also i make a safty code in that only a few people can play with it (private mod simply) when i get the rights from the IC2 team to release the source (only 1.6.4 someone else can update it. I will not support 1.7.10 at all. Sorry) and the mod then i will do it.

    Do not hope on that one. Because IC2 Classic from immibis is allowed because it does not support mods so it can not replace ic2 Exp.
    My ic2 Classic version (which is named IC2) is able to replace the original. And thats a thing what the IC2 Team will not let it happen.

    But i can prepair support to special mods that would normally crash with that thing. So if i get the rights when minecraft is at 5.0 or so many yell at the ic2 team that they give me the permission then i will release it.

    To the current state: I managed to get the source running (do not know how stable it is. Stable enough i would say).
    I am still backuping the stats i made and prepair to install the new API (1.6.4 of IC2 Exp) to this mod.
    I made yesterday a try to install it but forgot to make an backup of the stablest source i had. So i restarted (it was only waste of 6 hours not much).

    Also a note i will show what i did and what not in my world roundtour/modupdates to the ic2classic mod because i am showing my private work this would not go against the licence of ic2 as far as i know. If i am wrong correct me please.

  • I can be your beta tester man :P, give me the link by PM, i have so much free time and i know all the features from ic2 to know if something is working or not.

  • Hahahaha. First i did none change jet. I am still cleaning up the mess the compiling system made.
    Second thing you wouln't be able to play it because the safty lock would shutdown your client instantly.
    And for the beginning i say no. No beta Testers at all. I will not test IC2 GameChanges i will test IC2 API changes.
    But thanks for the help (do not find the right words sorry).

    Player if you read this, i would prefer if you allow a classic version next to the Exp Version.
    So like a hard mode of IC2. Because IC2Exp is a lot easier then IC2 1.4.7 or lower.
    And more crafting recipes do not count on harder. Its just that people have enough todo that they do not see the easieness.

  • That would be agains the licence of IC2. Because the IC2 1.4.7 source is IC2Classic, and people are not allowed to release anything of the ic2 source.

    Not even sure if IC2-Classic being published is allowed in the first place. So yeah, no to open-sourced.

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    Someone should fix the gravel texture in the background. It's been years now, come on people.

  • Well, i don't wanna create drama, so i'll ONLY say this:
    The Ic2-Team should know that some people is more happy with the old versions of Ic2 than with the experimental version (They may know that everyone is different and the things that they like are different too), so they may make Ic2-classic something more open, at the moment Immibis can only port it to new versions and fix bugs, maybe change names/textures(I think :P), i don't wanna be rude, so i say it in the best way possible.
    NostalgicTeam for ever, yey.

  • @xBonyx i already explained why ic2 classic is allowed.

    @CubeWrench202. Another thing. yeah immibis could make the things compatible to each other. As much he wants. But the rule that makes everything compatible to each other is the MODID. And the mod who contains the id can use the addons. As long the whole people do work for the splitt (so supporting both mods at once) then it would maybe work. But then there is the Licence in the way and because the IC2 Classic version i try to create "can Replace IC2" the will be aware of giving a permission to release it.

    I do not know how much controll Alblaka has. But as the original modder of IC / IC2 he should be able to give permission to anything (as long he did not put it so that the ic2 team can denie or have more permissions then him).

    At the very least i should be able to make the mod compatible to the API.
    I am still thinking of giving Immibis a version of it because he is the creater of ic2 classic (he did the updating and co).
    Do not know how much i can expand the licence cage until it breaks. Simply i have to test that out.

  • For such regards you should talk to Player, the current "lead" dev.

    Yeah maybe. I will ask him when its ready. (I am not really good at those things but we will see).

    Also another thing while i was fixing stuff and things like this:
    immibis you forgot to switch the Support from LiquidContainer to FluidContainer (and other Stuff like that). At least in the 1.6.4 version. Would be nice if you fix that even not much people downloading your mod this will help at least. Keeping every version clean and not both support at once.

    Another thing (not for you immibis) i will add the Nei support back to IC2 Classic. Crafting guild i would if i would get the API for it.
    Another note: I will replace the Items from IC2 Exp with fitting ic2 classic items. so if someone uses a ic2 Exp item in the IC2 Classic version for a recipe then it will not be a unvalid recipe or crash. I do have no idea what i will implement instead of the hammer (maybe an hammer with no use only for this). We will see.

  • Just an quick report of what i did.

    Fixed Decompiling bugs. And cleaned up the source
    Updated the Crops to the EXP API.
    Updated the Reactor to the EXP API.
    Started to update the Recipes to the API. Whitelist on the Recyclers do no longer work (it exsisted anyways only in the exp version.)
    Prepaired me for the EnergyNet. Because this part is extremly tricky.

    I ask now for people that can test it later. NOTE: Send me an PM. You get testing access after that the testers will be removed so you can play the buggy version.
    I need your MC Name to make it a private version. So you guys can not share it. Also you guys will not know who got the access code.

    (Note: I post that now for testing if i fly out of the wiki or not if i request testers Also it will take a few time to make the first version ready anyways. xDD).

  • ME, please, i have always been a ic2 classic fan, when it was bugged i still play it, i think that this mod will be more big someday but all we need to help, trust me, i am a big fan of old MC times, the 1.7.3 chests, the bright color of the items, the world gen, the sounds, steve, the modders were happy with BC,RP,IC2 and EE2, that were the mods, like no need of 1300 mods to get fun like now, so yeah, i respect and love these times so if you make a server for testing the new ic2 or something i'll play it all the day basickly.

  • On the legal issues of decompiling... Is it possible to decompile IC2 for MC1.4, patch it, then share the patches? Could we make a shell script/batch file for decompiling, deobfusicating minecraft, and then patching the source? Then we could all have the same source code without *distributing* the source?