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  • When you say that the tick timing mod can run into problematic corner cases, what are these problem corner spots? In other words, what things should I look out for?

    Generally, my tps stays up at 20 unless I'm either doing new chunk gen, or running info a massive gas leak (a floating forge liquid that will eventually float up to Y=255, or fill up a sealed cave system.) I've got one test world where that gas is close to out of control (the bug is now fixed, but there's about 4-9 chunks with a ton of the stuff out in the open air), moving into range of the gas moves memory consumption from about 200K to 1.6 GB (that's tenured only), and ticks drop to an average of 1-2 tps.

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    darthvader45: Not a FastCraft bug, but it's fixed through Forge if you update to its latest version.

    GregoriusT: Yes it is, ofc I don't do this manually ;)

    keybounce: Many Entities and TileEntities require to be ticked fluently, tightly coupled te networks like bc pipes just break, tech builds don't work properly anymore/lock up, energy production and consumption will shift, mobs don't simulate as expected anymore, client <-> server desync and the likes.
    The whole concept of ticks is doing uniform discrete simulation steps, skipping a part of the simulated system inevitably leads to inconsistent behavior. What I also noticed is that it doesn't like lag sources outside its reach, e.g. server tick handlers or block ticks, making any closed loop regulation impossible if it's too extreme.
    If the goal is just to keep block lag away, there's better solutions I have in mind..

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    I've had my work "stolen" previously without compensation or even attribution and the vocal majority of the community clearly didn't care. There's also one incident I consider FC inspired and it shows well how bad it is to skip all the initial research needed for an original improvement by effectively causing more harm than benefit due to incorrect alterations. Obfuscation and optimization also reduces the file size hugely, considering it's one of the biggest coremods in existence when looking at the extent of the original source, if not the biggest, while not offering any API at all.

    Looking at the implementation of FastCraft won't help you learn how I made it, it's a lot of minute details and nifty algorithms. Getting there however requires a lot of effort in terms of measurements, research and evaluation, which largely dominate the development process. Sampler is only one of the tools for the measurement part of it and I have much more, but those are not in a presentable state. Mojang/Notch are not nearly as bad on writing fast code as the public claims/thinks, they've cleared low hanging fruit well, not taking a major engine rewrite into account, which is in the works since 1.8, but outside my scope. I prefer to invest time in changes that still work with later versions and Optifine handles the core rendering sufficiently well. So overall people would have to learn how the process works, not what the result looks like, which doesn't provide much in terms of conclusions.

  • Player,

    I am working with the Thaumic Infusion creator DrunkMafia, but I wanted to let you know, there seems to be an issue on servers with this mod and his and I wasn't sure who to talk with so I'm reporting this issue to both of you. Only seems to affect servers running your mod (I was using 1.19) and placing blocks with call your methods. Or something. I just work here.


    Also this, a separate structure gen crash: http://pastebin.com/RZYwpjyL

  • Thank you for the response. The second issue occurred on forge 1291 which was the latest I am aware of; has there been an update not posted on their file server?

  • According to the FTB policy and your permission style for including Fastcraft in modpacks, I would like to notify you, Player, that I am including Fastcraft in my modpack InfiTech 2 (obtainable via private code "17infitech"), available publicly on FTB launcher.
    Modpack thread is here: http://forum.feed-the-beast.co…-updated-2-11-2015.50185/

  • It turns out ExtrabiomesXL overrides some of the optimizations that Cauldron and FastCraft perform, though they're both affected differently by it.

    Somewhat frustrating. But if you install Extra Biomes and are wondering why worldgen slows to a crawl in Cauldron or lag starts developing with FastCraft installed, there you go.

  • Vekseid,

    Please post specifics in a new issue at https://github.com/extrabiomesxl/extrabiomesxl/issues so that we can investigate. I am not a regular here, so I likely won't see your reply.

    I would also like to point out that Extrabiomes in its current form is older than fastcraft...so it is not that Extrabiomes is aggressively overriding anything.

    In any case, it would be helpful for us to mount any response if you post specifics in a new issue at the link above.



  • As to your terms, I am notifying you of my inclusion of Fastcraft in my modpack Amalgamate Technomancy on the Feed the Beast launcher. I agree to your terms, and will include the disclaimer given in the original post in the pack description on the launcher.

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