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  • Hello Mr."Player" MinecraftChar, I have (unfortunately) encountered a bug when combining with optifine and other mods in the FTB Infinity pack, I'm not sure if you'll be able to track down the problems, but i'll tell you the conditions and what exactly it is. :(

    I play FTB Infinity with the latest version of Fastcraft and Optifine, and I use sphax's x128 patch for it, when i go to the title screen my computer's calculations slow down and it lags, even though it is an amazing computer, and the title screen FPS is always <2, then when I join the game, My Fps is about 2-10, And optifine's Lagometer shows it is from post-graphic render and other calculations, not rendering, but my graphics card can handle it and I have 12GB RAM allocated. If I don't use optifine, this doesn't happen, but my fps is about 20-30. If I only use optifine, my fps is about 55. If you would like a console log and dxdiag log etc. i could supply you with that. Either way, Don't rush to fix it, because it could also be a fault in optifine, and i can survive without the mod (for now) in the modpack.

  • hello my name is lightminor and I am having a bug with the mod I looked over your github and found a similar problem (with a certain Derpmaster (that really is his name))which was that whenever I try to load the mod it says I am missing required mod components but I have found that it doesn't require any other config mods to run so I am at a loss for what to do as I am not a Modder or a code expert as I have only a rudimentary knowledge of code
    P.S. : I am using the AT Launcher's resonant rise modpack( excessive setting) and with Minecraft 1.7.10 as well as having optifine installed

  • That'd do it, it's not a jar mod, just put it in the mods folder with the rest of the mods for that pack.

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    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

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  • Is your FastCraft jar corrupted? Make sure to only download it from here.

    You can get corrupted Jars from your Server when the Internet is slow. I happen to get that all the time when trying to download IC² on 64kBit/sec, and that even though the Connection is as stable as usual (so very stable).

  • Posting here to notify, Player, that with our upcoming massive update to our private modpack: Mimic, Fastcraft will be included. We agree to the terms set forth for redistribution. The pack can be found on the FTB launcher under the third party pack code: understandyourchoice

    All rules will be followed to remain compliant with both FTB and your, permission requirements.

  • Does fastcraft do anything with fire ticks? I got a Biome Decorater crash with more specifics than last time. It involves ticking fire, Biomes O Plenty, and Fastcraft.


    Also, your mcmod.info file reports Fastcraft 1.17, still.

  • Posting here to Notify Player that I have included fastcraft in my private pack.
    I agree to all the terms and conditions and the pack will be available through the ftb launcher

  • It's caused by having removed a mod which previously added some structures or a mod removed one of its structures in an update. Just update to Forge 1307, I've gotten a fix in there.