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  • Will ctest8 work on 1.7.10 SMP servers?

    Since it is a beta version, you should not be using it for any public situation, if it is a small server for you and a few friends, who all understand that the beta version might have bugs that can cause a server-crash, then go ahead and try it out, but otherwise wait untill a stable build is available.

  • hello i´d like to use fastcraft on my private ftb pack, im currently gettin all the permissions that ftb ask for. pm me for the code if u want
    lautaro_busto :)

  • Ahoy i'd like to use your mod in my modpack 'Technius' over at technicpack.
    + Forge essentials have now updated to 1.4.0-beta7 and it seems they have noted, and i quote: "The ASM compatibility issues between Mixin and other mods have been resolved (with possibly the exception of Fastcraft*, add -Dfastcraft.asm.permissive to your launch args or wait for a new Fastcraft release from Player)." May want to look into it? :D <3 keep up the good work Player!

  • Hey there player, I wanted you to know, I am going to be including your mod "Fastcraft" along with several other fps reducing mods in the brand new "Sunrise" modpack on the technic and ftb launchers, (Release September 5th) If there are any infringement policies I need to know about, please let me know, keep up the good work! :)

  • Hello Player,

    I have been extremely impressed with Fastcraft in the past, having seen noticeable improvements both client and server side. I am currently working on a private modpack for myself and a few friends (5-6 people) to be released via the FTB Launcher, and will be including fastcraft. If you would like the pack code, please feel free to let me know and I will send it over.

    Thanks very much for an amazing mod!


  • Hello, newbie here, just came across this mod today, Kudos to you, Player.

    I've been testing and playing around with this a few hours now, made sure it's running properly, but I don't see a single FPS increase :S I created a world to make benchmarking easy, but I don't see any increase.

    Something I'm doing wrong maybe, or just works for some and not for others???

    Appreciate any advice.

  • Fastcraft optimizes a lot of things, but in my own case I did not see any difference either. Maybe you should set your FPS to not be limited to 30 or 60 inside the Minecraft options.

  • I've seen FPS increases with it, but having Optifine too makes Optifine increase it more. Fastcraft really speeds up the chunk generation and loading times though.

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  • Euphoria depending on your GPU you may need version 1.22 to see a difference in steady state, if at all. This area is way too volatile on Mojang's side and usually not the bottleneck, so Fastcraft targets mostly aspects that come increasingly into play when having a well developed base, moving around, lag spikes and the likes.

    You can see FC running properly by looking at the F3 screen. Having mods like Optifine or Shadersmod installed disables some optimizations for compatibility.

  • Player - Thanks I'll give 1.22 a try and report back. I do indeed have OptiFine and GLSL Shader Core installed. Going to also try rolling back Nvidia drivers as I remember having issues about 18 months ago with driver updates causing a reduction or sporadic FPS.
    Curious, what's the difference between 1.21 & 1.22 if it may depend on my GPU??


  • Well with Optifine there's hardly any since I currently have to disable 1.22's advanced culling with Optifine installed, 1.22 may even run better without it. That's extra culling is the major difference.

  • Ok, so after a few hours of testing with different settings in-game and driver settings, SLI, different drivers, FastCraft, OptiFine and BetterFPS.... Here are my results:

    • Nvidia Drivers = 0 increase or decrease in FPS or chunk load times. I tried 8 different drivers ranging from most up to date back to Q3 2014 when 1.7.10 released. None had any effect.
    • SLI = Mother Of God! Big Drop In FPS.... By big, I mean Massive! Tried a few different SLI compatibility bits, plus AFR, AFR2, Auto.... But all resulted in huge FPS drops. :cursing: :thumbdown:
    • Driver Tweaks = 2-4 FPS increase from Disabling Threaded Optimisation :) No other tweaks made any difference.
    • OptiFine HD_U_B7 + Chunk Updates set to 1 = Highest FPS I managed to achieve at any point in testing but very slow chunk loading times, even with Multi-Core rendering enabled.
    • OptiFine HD_U_B7 + Chunk Updates set to 5 = 15-20 FPS drop but much faster chunk loading times, Multi-Core rendering enabled.
    • FastCraft 1.21/1.22 + OptiFine HD_U_B7 = 0 difference. Neither version of FC made any difference in chunk load times or FPS paired with OptiFine.
    • FastCraft 1.21/1.22 + OptiFine HD_U_B7 + BetterFPS v1.0 = 0 difference again.
    • OptiFine HD_U_B7 + BetterFPS v1.0 = 0 difference again.
    • FastCraft 1.21 = 4-7 FPS Drop :( Chunk load times seemed a little faster than with OptiFine, about the same as OptiFine Chunk Update 2 or 3.
    • FastCraft 1.22 = 4-6 FPS Drop.... But! Holy Steve riding a Unicorn those chunks loaded Fast! :thumbsup: A slight drop in FPS, but chunk load times were maybe 100% faster than OptiFine Chunk Update 5 but with less of an FPS hit. Overall FPS spikes when hitting a Big new chunk seemed to be reduced as well, but still present occasionally.

    Conclusion - I'm gonna be running FastCraft 1.22 on it's own. I can handle and maybe fine tune things to negate the 5fps drop, but I can't overlook the chunk load times and decreased lag/FPS spikes.

    A+ and a big thanks to Player for taking the time to make this mod :thumbup:

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