[MineTweaker-Scripts & Mod-Configs] Let's Greg other mods!

  • These scripts are for GT5/U.
    Carpenter's Blocks.zs may be compatible with GT6.
    Mostly I just cleaned up all the GT tools so they are always mentioned by ore dictionary, referenced the most common ones in all the scripts, with their tool ID number in item ".metatool" which is thus far unchanged in GT6.

  • First try at some GT6 scripts.
    The JABBA one is intended to be used with the .cfg, which needs some changes for aesthetics, specifically the RGBs for:
    For which I asked in the GT6 thread.

    Edit: Oops, I put up the chisel.cfg, I will keep that up but I do not consider it's script finished, so I did not include the script.
    I tended the jabba.cfg, which I have now attached.

  • Has anyone created a Rotary/Reactor/Electricraft script?

  • Has anyone created a Rotary/Reactor/Electricraft script?

    According to the MineTweaker 3 wiki:


    Although these mods should be compatible, it is not allowed to change RotaryCraft, ReactorCraft, ElectriCraft and ChromatiCraft recipes, or add recipes that modify the tech tree. The mod author, Reika, has explicitly stated that such modifications are forbidden.

    Personally, I'd somewhat expect that decision to offend modpack makers and cause them to boycott Reika's mods. It certainly doesn't encourage me to try them.

  • Hi! I'm planning to make some scripts for Botania and Blood Magic, but I'll need a custom items mod for stuff like Manasteel Dust/Plates and Cracked Runic Ingots. Would it still be possible to get them hosted on the repo?

  • You can open a own repro for it because my repro contains only scripts and configs. I can host your scripts here sure.
    If you dont know how to do i can make some for you and transfer ownership.

    I guess I can do without them... I'll have to pull a few tricks (such as using Mana Powder as Manasteel Dust), but it'll work out fine.

  • I've a little private server with gravisuite, and it's recipe's didnt work so i decided to fix it with MT3.
    Single player give's me this error - Error parsing IC2.zs:479 -- ; expected



    [<minecraft:glowstone_dust>, <IC2:itemPartAlloy>, <minecraft:glowstone_dust>],

    [<IC2:itemPartCircuitAdv>, <IC2:upgradeModule>, <IC2:itemPartCircuitAdv>],

    [<IC2:itemPartAlloy>, <IC2:reactorVentDiamond:1>, <IC2:itemPartAlloy>]]);

    in single player everything work's fine but on server -_-
    Maybe its syntax error, can you tell me? Sorry for my bad eng)))

  • Also i've changed recipe of Fluxed armor plating from redstone arsenal like that
    recipes.addShaped(<RedstoneArsenal:material:128>, [[<EnderIO:itemBasicCapacitor:1>, <RedstoneArsenal:material:32>, <EnderIO:itemBasicCapacitor:1>], [<RedstoneArsenal:material:32>, <RedstoneArsenal:material:96>, <RedstoneArsenal:material:32>], [<EnderIO:itemBasicCapacitor:1>, <RedstoneArsenal:material:32>, <EnderIO:itemBasicCapacitor:1>]]);
    And its didnt work to

  • You need to change the ); after recipes.addShaped(... to ,[

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  • Our modpack should have harder plank and stick recipes. But I am not sure how to do it without disableing getting the plank, or slab with the material you useed. May somebody be so kind and enlighten me.

    recipe.remove(slabWood) //probaly made a first mistake here
    recipes.addShapless(minecraft:slabWood,[<ore:craftingToolSaw>,<ore:plankWood> // probaly all planks make oak wood slabs now, I don't want it. I think I have to use IItemStack and IItemIgridient, but they are not well documented.

    May this help you to understand my problems. I have only startd with minetweaking, but I have a lot of rebalcing for DragTech IV to do.

  • I posted this on the GTTweaker thread but saw this thread may be more active as I haven't gotten any replies for a few days (most of the answers I found myself). I recently went about creating a script so i can play FTB Inventions (or any other heavily modded pack with IC²) and add in Gregtech (as well as Immibis's Advanced Machines for a few T2 machines I miss from 1.4). Basically it removes a lot of the restrictions placed on IC² by Greg that aren't able to be turned off in the config files (also added a little script that has the same function of a mod I used briefly in 1.5 allowing you to place coal in a crafting grid and receive charcoal and vice-versa). Some more things may pop up as I progress through the game, but I believe I have fixed all the "major" limitations so one can do the usual industrial craft 1 and 2 tiers and then move on to the higher end gregtech machines without having to do the bronze age stuff if they don't want to. I did have one problem with writing the script however; instead of being able to reference steel dust as <ore:dustSteel> as I should with the GTTweaker mod installed, I had to use the <gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:#> for steel dust and the NAND gate alternate recipes.

    Update: Added ExtraBiomesXL script that adds easier slab/double slab recipes as well as Natura integration (see below)
    Minetweaker 3 Scripts:
    Gregtech 1.4 Mode
    ExtraBiomesXL Changes