[MineTweaker-Scripts & Mod-Configs] Let's Greg other mods!

  • Do you know if there's a way to edit the ore byproduct list instead of going through every machine independently?

    Trying to make uranium (and uranium like ores) make U235 as byproduct instead of plutonium. The number of mods greg changed recipes of is staggering though.

  • Oooh, or a way to add biogas to his gas turbines (with efficiency loss of course).

    Minetweaker 3 wiki

    1. import mods.gregtech.Fuels;
    2. Fuels.addGasTurbineFuel(output, input, euPerMillibucket);

    If this not works - have no idea how to do that.

    Sorry for my soviet english.

  • I noticed implosion compressor recipes going through the galacticraft script.

    As of GT5.05.06, the *only* thing the implosion compressor is actually required for is iridium reinforced plates, which in turn is only for the quantum suit and nano saber (the gem recipes are in there, but unnecessary, since the sifter can get the gems from purified crushed ore, and you don't need the gems for any gregtech recipes). The industrial diamond and gem plates are all normal compressor. Should probably be pulled, since GT5 itself no longer requires the machine prior to the absolute end of the infrastructure ladder. Will do this myself and submit pull requests if people approve, not gonna put in the work if everyone is against me.

    It also might be prudent to fork the whole thing soon, since I'm sure other changes will be warranted as GT6 comes online, and GT5 worlds can't be updated.

  • This config is for old version, it crash.
    Script also does not work (this older one works for me).

    I will maybe fix but im very busy so i dont promise.

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  • Making Minecraft a little bit more magical.

    Brewing Stand, Beacon, Enderchest and Enchantment Table now have a Thaumcraft Infusion/Arcane Recipes:

  • Changing Forestry Alveary Recipes be craftable in the Forestry Carpenter:

  • Changing recipes for the apiary /chest and Bee House

  • Now the red,yellow and green heart and there canisters are available via Thaumcraft infusion /arcane.

  • Added now Lava Crystal, Ball of Moss, Silky Jewel and Necrotic Bone to Thaumcraft Infusion /Crucible:

  • Guys, sorry for bothering you again, but may I get help for minetweaker again, my script broke again... ;(

    Anyone interested into taking a look into my problem, please PM me so you can access the modpack & the script, I'm honestly tired as I can't figure out what is wrong ;P

  • I solved it with my magnificent chicken brains MinecraftChicken . Turns out deal was in the unification file, it will preoritize stuff with =true over =false, I simply made *most of* TFC section =true and problem was solved. Lik dis if u cry evertim.

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  • I just did a brief test, and apparently you need to set the value to true in Unification.cfg (e.g. B:ingotBronze_false=true) to tell GregTech to avoid unifying the item. However, an alternative that would fit better with this thread would be to add some Minetweaker scripts so that the TFC recipes you're concerned with can use the unified items.