[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] VoidTech v.1.3

  • So I got a chance to play around with this, and here's what I have to say.

    First, the good. I really like how you've done the machines. The Bedrock Generator is actually quite balanced, it's quite difficult to find a space of bedrock that gives maximum efficiency and it's more expensive than Solars. The food replicator and exchanger thing are quite nice too, again not massively overpowered, like a more lossy EE3, which is nice. And being able to change the exchange rates is a huge plus too :) I do think the Very Large Battery could have a more expensive recipe, especially considering how much cheaper it is than the MFSU. IMO the Machine Blocks should be replaced with MFSU's. If not, replace them with Advanced Machine Casing, and the Graphene plates with Iridium Plates. Other than that, the general look and feel of the mod is very high-tech, the block textures didn't look amazing on the site but work nicely in-game, and the sounds are very cool, even though some are a little silly (See this remote? It's a gun now! :P).

    My disappointment came with the tools, specifically the non-electric ones. The fact that you give the most powerful no fuel cost at all whilst your weaker ones do have fuel cost is just absurd. I don't mind them not running off electricity, though I would prefer it, but to make them actually feel like they run off 'void-energy' then it may be a good idea to make them consume some Bedrock Dust from the inventory. The Graphene tools are completely nuts, especially with their low costs. IMO for what it's used for Graphene is a bit underpriced. Here's an idea: Craft 8 coal chunks around a Dense Copper Plate, but that in a CVD with 1 Obsidian /Bedrock Dust and THAT gets turned into a Graphene Plate. It's a nicely more complex recipe and also balances the tools a lot: if they're 5x as good as diamond, why are they 10x cheaper?

    Of course, these are just my opinions, and if you feel something is invalid about them, that's fine.

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  • Some feedback from me:
    Add a config for sound please xD
    The food replicator block is pretty cool. A different name might be better though, something like "Sustenance Reproducer" would sound more science-y. It's sort of under-powered though IMO, it would be a lot easier to make a auto-cow farm.
    It would probably be a good idea to make a NEI module for the CVD Chamber and Molecule Manipulator, NEI is sorta standard for machine recipes.
    The very large battery needs a good recipe nerf. I agree with Blockmaster :P It would be nice too if it had the directional-style output like the MFSU, but I understand that's kinda tedious to program.
    Molecule Manipulator: doesn't work with ore dictionary. Bug/suggestion.
    It would be cool if the speaker membrane used some form of cardboard instead of paper. Cardboard = four paper in a compressor.
    The Lava-Water changer is sort of OP/exploitable. I guess there's not much you can do with that though. It would be a lot of fun if it exploded in the nether though :P

    Some pluses:
    Textures are awesome. They aren't very IC2ish, but they're nice looking. GUIs as well.
    The Portable Teleporter is da bomb 8)
    Leaf blower: also awesome. I hate flowers.
    Cable upgrade kit feels like some that belongs in vanilla IC2.

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    Someone should fix the gravel texture in the background. It's been years now, come on people.

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  • very nice and usefull addon
    but i have a suggestion. Can you please make the machine recepies to use all types of items like for example the cvd should be able to use gregtech plates and obsidian dust

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    His website says that, i don't see any problem on this.
    Even this: http://www.mikej.de/en/about.php , which has a picture of him smiling.

    Question about another mod of yours as i'm here: Does the simple quarry loads chunks like the BuildCraft one does?

  • hey Mike, some notes from me:

    I've been playing around with your mass cleaner, and noticed that it doesn't work when pointing at a block above you. So I can't clear upwards, only forward and downward. Don't know if that is intended but it seems more like a bug.
    Also, graphene plates recipe just doesn't show up in NEI, is it because that NEI plugins mod doesn't support your mod yet? Actually, NEI doesn't show up any of your recipes except 'shaped' recipes. Also, when your play with flat bedrock feature/mod, there seems to be no way to actually start to work with your mod. I'm using that feature from TE (I think), so my bedrock is flat, so I can't break it and I can't craft any of your machines.
    Also, the leaf blower seems to clear also the tree leaves, which is a problem when you use treecapitator. By deafult, Treecapitator recognizes trees with checking if there are some leaves attached, that is to prevent accidental mass destruction off wooden constructions. That conflicts with your mod, since when you use the blower, leaves are gone and you can't chop down those trees quickly anymore, because Treecapitator thinks that they are no more tress. Adding a config for which blocks should be blown away would solve it.

    This addon is very nice, a lot of great ideas in it. Leaf blower is great actually ;) Thanks for your work, and keep it up ;)

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for all posts, hints and suggestions.
    The last days I was (and sadly still I'm) quite bussy and I've had no time to answer or even to read the forum...

    I'll try to do some updates and bugfixes for both my mods soon, please be patient


    I made a russian spotlight for you!
    Great mod.
    Work that you've done with machine sound is brilliant.


  • He's kind of gone inactive though, unfortunately :/

    Help the Official FTB Wiki reach a billion pages! [I had to keep changing it so there ^^]

    Someone should fix the gravel texture in the background. It's been years now, come on people.

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    You know your mod is doing well when it'll illegally being used. Same goes for a lot of things actually.

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