Custom Alarm Sounds in Nuclear Control for IC2 Experimental

  • Hello everybody, V497 here, I just stumbled upon this thread and i needed to ask you all something,
    I just recently downloaded Nuclear control for IC2 and am trying to stick in custom alarm sounds however i placed the files in the sound folder for nuclear control and they still didn't appear in the howler alarm, now i know that it is an outdated mod however i think that it will be very useful in my current project of Moon Base Luna on Minecraft using 50+ mods including nuclear control.

    The Version of Minecraft i am using is 1.6.4 and i am not using the technic launcher for my minecraft any help that i can get from you all will be greatly appreciated

    regards V497

  • First welcome to the family man!
    Second, if you have a dude or some question of an addon, please ask in the thread of the addon (Nuclear control thread: [Addon] Nuclear Control 2) anyways is your first time here so no problems :).
    And this is how you may change the sounds in any mod, if you do this already and doesn't works i don't know what tell you.
    IC2NuclearControl-2.0.6a -> assets -> nuclearcontrol -> sounds -> alarm-default.ogg.
    I never try to make something like that, but if you grab some sound file and change the name to "alarm-default.ogg" and place in the correct location it should works.
    Anyways, good luck.

  • in 1.6.4 all you had to do, was place a sound file in .ogg format inside the sounds folder (within the mod file) and change one thing in the config. Make sure it is named like this:


    then go to the IC2 config file, and look for the line: allowed alarms

    add a comma, and type the alarm name there. Don't put the comma at the end.

    So, let's say I want the alarm called temperature:

    I add a file called alarm-temperature.ogg
    Then I go to config and make sure that the line allowed alarms looks like this:



  • I was trying to copy the new .ogg sound file into the sounds folder, but 7-zip said "This folder does not support this operation." What can I do?

  • It was okay in 1.6.4 and now that i have upgraded to 1.7.10 doing this doesn't work I still have the custom alarms and i followed the instructions but the sounds do not appear in the howler alarm UI how can i use the custom sounds in 1.7.10 without downgrading?

  • So...
    First, are you following these instructions?
    Second, are you using the latest version? (2.3.1a-Butt)

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    here is the crash log

    Just as a guess before xbony comes on, I'd say it needs a newer AE2 version than the one you've got.

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  • I would really love it if the mods i use can be made into a modpack and updated but unfortunately i have no idea how to make a mod pack and i'd need permissions form over 100 mod authors to make this modpack the main ones i want to work would be IC2, IC2Nuclear Control, Buildcraft, Quarry plus, Project red, Galacticraft, galacticraft planets, 4planet, Tinkers Construct, Applied energistics, thermal expansion, Computercraft, chisel 2, Modular force fields and a few others, you see when I actually get this to work I want to be able to build and play a futuristic Modded Minecraft roleplay/let's play series so that basically means all the futuresque mods of minecraft like Galacticraft etc and the indsutrial mods with automated building stuff like Buildcraft and to a degree industrialcraft now i knowe IC2 has some things that you'd see in the future like building lasers and the quantum suit and the mining laser and i'd like to see it work,
    Basically i like the techie mods that bring new technology into Minecraft because i have a semi-technical mindset and would love to learn how to use all of these mods WITHOUT my minecraft crashing, whenever i see a minecraft crash report I do swear a lot and I always say "Really?" before completely clearing uout my mods folder and adding the mods back one by one starting minecraft again and seeing which mod crashes the game before discarding it a very lengthy and annoying process the mods i am hoping to bring in are:

    Modular force fields (Unlikely :( )
    power converters
    Nuclear Control
    Extra Utilities
    now after i downgraded my Nuclear control I got it to work (my version of nuclear control is IC2NuclearControl-2.2.1a-Yolo) and power converters working however i am unsure about Extra utilites and since modular force fields is no longer under developement I got no chance of of being able to use it and I had so many ideas for traps using modular forcefields. Now back on topic properly; even after i followed the instructions given to me the alarms still won't show up in the howler alarm and now whenever i put the howler alarm down it vanishes from my inventory in creative mode and from the block it was put on after i modified the sounds.json and added the lines to the IC2 Nuclear Control config and added the alarms to the sounds folder in the IC2 nuclear control sound folder rom inside the java file using jzip