Solar panel recipe

  • I want to suggest that the solar panel recipe could use silicon and not coal dust. How about adding a recipe to the blast furnace to melt silicon dust into ingots or even plates. That would make more sense than trying to use a hammer.

    Next is why would you use a generator to make a solar panel? you could use a machine block instead, As far as I know solar panels dont store power, so why worry about re-batterys. It would like pulling out the battery out of your laptop just to store your gum in there.

    For an achievment, "Star power" or something equally like minecraft. diamond picks and such :)

  • I agree on the fact that we only need a machine block and "solar cell", as for the silicon, new generation solar panels are gonna use carbon nanotubes, so I think if we use carbon plates it would make a bit sense, but to keep it industrial-craft style, I would like a recipe like in the old GT ( silicon plate & carbon plate ).

  • Well if you did people would actually have a point about IC2 Gregifying :P

    I really like the idea, but I wonder if it might affect how useful solars actually are, since silicon dust does require the thermal centrifuge if I remember correctly.

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  • *Silicon dioxide* requires a thermal centrifuge, silicon does not exist by itself, my suggestion is to reprocess SiO2 again in the T centrifuge to get Si ^.^ And I don't see a problem with the Gregification of IC2, my problem is that the E-net takes Half-Life 3 hours to be released ;P

  • my variant:

    1. make quartz powder from hell's quartz
    2. refine quartz power in a blast furnace -> give silicone block (like glass block)
    3. make silicone panes from some silicone blocks (like glass panes)
    4. recipe: top - 3 silicone panes, center - 3 silicone panes, bottom: 1-2 uncoated tin wire and 1-2 red powder -> thin solar panel

    this panel NOT contains any electric circuits and cannot charge anything directly.

    Also we need solar controller (or maybe universal controller). It contains some electric circuits and wires, and it have a slot for accums. This controller can accept current from lot of panels, charge accums, and give energy to acceptors. At the night it can give energy of accums.

    Controllers are upgradeable, each upgrade increases maximal current.
    Also it can produce redstone signal charge/discharge

    Well, described process is extremally close to real industry ;)

    -adept of realism-

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  • Why not using the old recipes from Gt 4.
    I change only the Ic2 casing to a Gt Casing.

    Minetweaker script:

    1. //remove
    2. recipes.remove(<IC2:blockGenerator:3>);
    3. //add
    4. Assembler.addRecipe(<IC2:blockGenerator:3>, <gregtech:gt.blockmachines:10>, <gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:32750>, 600, 64);

    With Minetweaker you can do most of the things. If you missing some Block or Item you can code a small addon in java.

    Minetweaker Scripts :

    Java Mod Tutorial: