A small change to the windmills, for balance and aesthetic reasons.

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    I propose a "simple" change to how kinetic windmills work, requiring a long metal/wood post connecting the windmill to the deep ground (bedrock, yes bedrock).
    That should be enough to increase the cost of the powerful windmills and promote people to do something about the long post standing out of the ground (aesthetic).

    Wooden rotors windmills can be supported by a wooden fence, iron rotor windmills can be supported by an iron fence, steel rotor and carbon rotor windmills can be supported by steel fences (new block).

    :Wind Mill: (windmill)
    :Empty Cell:
    :Empty Cell:
    :Empty Cell:
    :Empty Cell: (fence/posts)
    :Empty Cell:
    :Empty Cell:
    :Empty Cell:
    :Empty Cell:
    :Intergrated Plating: (bedrock)

  • I have a few questions about your suggestion:
    1. What if somebody wants to use a windmill in a world that has no bedrock? (I wouldn't expect the End to have wind, but I think there are mods that open the overworld to the void)
    2. How will fence-type blocks from other popular mods (e.g. the metal post from Railcraft) be handled?
    3. Can the lower-tier windmills also be supported by higher-tier materials (e.g. a wooden rotor windmill on a steel fence)?
    4. Will nether brick fences be usable for any of the windmills?

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    1. I doubt very much worlds without bedrock are common enough to consider that.
    2. that will depend on how the implementation is done (by the IC2 dev team)
    3. Supposedly
    4. I completely forgot about that one. What about nether brick support iron rotor and move the other rotors a tier above ? (wood - wood, brick - iron, iron - steel, steel - carbon)

  • Instead of bedrock, why not a "Windmill support frame" that MUST be placed at y level 10 ? It must be at level y 10 or else it won't work. It will resolves the bedrock problem, and stop people using the high obsidian & bedrock pillar in the end ^^

  • or you just have to run it to level 0//whatever the lowest level is now exactly if there is no bedrock present on this xz-axis.

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    That would be another option indeed.

    Wooden scaffold for wooden rotors, construction foam/(nether) bricks for iron rotors, iron scaffolds for steel rotors and reinforced stone for carbon rotors.

    Also another aesthetic thing would be to make the blade radius proportional to the height ((height - sealevel) / 4)) so the higher is the mill, the bigger it is and farther away you can see it.

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    Being able to see it further away would be nice, but much harder to do, as Minecraft traditionally has issues with things rendering when you're a long way away, especially if your view distance is really low, so the chunk is unlikely to be loaded.

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  • What happened to "promote people to do something about the long post standing out of the ground (aesthetic)"? Also, doing it based on the height above sea level won't automatically eliminate the strangeness - what if the windmill is at the top of some extreme hills, or in an area that has been quarried down to bedrock?