[Kirara 3.0] - A series of well-made GT hardmode servers. --- Official Random Thread.

  • Have any of you been able to get on these past 2 days? It keeps on giving me a server timed out when I try to connect, and never completes the ping for playercount/connectivity.

  • I still love playing MC, I'm currently playing with a friend who played modded MC for the first time a year ago, and it was also with me on AS1. Since than we've tried multiple modpacks and I've found that direwolf20's pack is the most cardboard computer friendly, and I happen to have a computer made out of scrap.
    And I also have found out that time flows too quickly to spend 1 hour heating up a crucible to melt down some aluminum. I prefer spending my time with my girlfriend over playing (even with her). There is never enough time to spend once you're in love with someone you can't see whenever you want. Moreover, I prefer going to the cinema or staying in my bed with her than trying to play vanilla MC with her. Though we've finished super smash bros brawl in 7 hours on my wii (in hard mode even, she had never touched a wiimote before!). Games like these fit better in my relationship. All I wish is that time wasn't so rare.


    Java script, which happens to be the language in which minecraft is coded

  • As I kindof said, maybe not modded MC (might be too hardcore or timeconsuming). Regular vanilla MC can be fun too, especially with the new Stuff coming in 1.9.

    But hey, playing Wii is also very fun. Nintendo has a lot of awesome Games.

  • Nope, not possible to get on. Server even actively refuses to connect, according to the Error Code.

    "Connection refused" is kinda misleading, it just means "No-one listening on the remote address." So the server must've realized that it is somewhat broken and closed the socket. (For an active refusal I'd expect "connection aborted" or "connection reset".)

    For those interested: Type "man 2 connect" into a terminal (if you have a linux system, otherwise google will do), it has a list of possible errors. "man 3 errno" translates the error codes into their messages.

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  • The only really exciting thing in 1.9 is the way they did the dualwielding. The only addition to it I would make is that if you have two Swords, then you should swing both of them alternating. (ofcourse not both of them at once to make double OP Damage)

  • Have you tried finding him on TS?


    Java script, which happens to be the language in which minecraft is coded