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    Hey there, been a while.

    If you didn't guess by my absence, I'm no longer maintaining this. Lost interest in GT and GTCE.

    I posted here the GTCE version of my pack on twitter last year, but forgot to post it here, so here you go.

    I might get back to this someday, but for now it's over.

    Feel free to update it yourself, after all it's Creative Commons.

    It's been 7 months since the last update. About time I released something.

    Minimalist Technology 0.8 (GT6) :
    - All machines released pre-scanner + electric variations of existing machines
    - Circuits
    - 80% of the components (motors, pistons...)
    - New covers
    - All available storage options
    - Transformers, battery boxes
    - Reworked gems + legendary variation
    - Reworked machine casings
    - Moar drinks (not all of them though)
    - Tweaks here and there

    I'm also considering removing IC2 textures from my pack, since I no longer use the mod, and, to be honest, I didn't really maintain them.

    A safe setup for your early crucible needs. Should allow you to smelt things and do something else meanwhile without fearing you'll lose your precious metal.
    You only need 1 thermometer for the redstone signal, the second one at the front is optional. Pipes to chest are optionnal as well, since you have access to both bottom hoppers.
    Timers to pulse the molds so that they get the metal from the crucible (don't forget to monkey wrench them), latch to shut down the burning box with the piston when one of the timers sends a pulse (with a repeater to delay said piston if you're using weak fuels like planks).

    Ugh, waiting for a few days to see what will really happen is probably the best course of action.
    I'm already sick of april fools jokes. People forgot it's supposed to be funny.

    I use GT6 with Rekia's RoC, ReC, and ElC mods and I have no issue with NEI.

    What kind of config tweaks did you make so that they work together ?
    I'm considering playing both in my pack but I feel like there's going to be a lot of redundant features between Reika's mods and GT, plus the worldgen weirdness.

    After a disappearance of a few months, I'm back, and with a new release !

    Minimalist Technology v0.7 :
    - Rolling Mill, Roll Bender, Roll Former, Cluster Mill and Wiremill.
    - Universal Extenders.
    - Machine Casings.
    - Covers.
    - Missing tools (Magnifier, Scissors and Pincers).
    - CFoam.
    - Drinks.
    - GUI improvements for machines with a lot of outputs (Electrolyzer/Centrifuge).
    - "NEI module" no longer useful for GT6 since Greg kindly added a custom NEI background to its recipes.
    - Other things.

    Machines introduced in GT 6.01.03 are not covered yet, but will be in the next version.

    Also, since GitHub Pages exists, now there's some kind of website where you can grab all my work :

    I thought Tritanium was an Alloy and therefore doesn't have an Ore form. Ah well, then I will do the same I did for some other Alloys and just add the Ore Processing to it.

    And Tritanium didnt have a Color yet, meaning it was automatically hidden from NEI. Did you actually try smelting Tritanium?

    Also I need an RGB Color for Duranium too.

    I could smelt MO tritanium ingots into the crucible to get the GT variant, but since it didn't exist in GT6 ore nor GT6 processed form according to NEI, that was the only way of getting some.
    Unless I missed an alloy recipe.

    No clue for Duranium though, will tell you if I find some.

    Greg, here are some colors for your ores : Dilithium is 153,255,255 and Tritanium is 55, 155, 155 (RGB, these ores come from Matter Overdrive)

    Also, compatibility issues with the same mod, Tritanium not having a crucible recipe or worldgen option (it's a metallic-type ore) and Dilithium crystals only obtainable via sifter using purified variant (it's a diamond-type ore).
    Maybe because they didn't use the OreDict though.

    weirdly cut when displayed? I thought I fixed that a few weeks ago.

    Nah, the problem doesn't come from your mod.

    It's because the GUIs I've made clash with the vanilla NEI background, since you use a part of your machines GUIs to display their recipes :
    That's why someone requested to have the NEI background changed accordingly, but since it works well only with GT recipes, I made a separate module for it.

    Minimalist Technology v0.6 is now available !

    I added a NEI module as well, so that GT recipes are not weirdly cut when displayed.
    Also, new screenshot album.

    Here's a little preview of what's waiting for you :

    Are you sure?
    A. Hammers have a Quality based on their material and thus should be able to mine:
    Bronze -> 1 -> (can mine): stone, coal, copper, etc.
    Steel -> 2 -> : Redstone (ore), Nickel, etc.
    (Titanium?) -> 3 -> : Obsidian, Granite, etc.
    Tungsten-steel -> 4 -> TCon Ardite, etc.

    Oh, didn't know that. You'd need titanium, chromium and a lot of EU to make a quarry then.
    Seems fair actually.