[Kirara 3.0] - A series of well-made GT hardmode servers. --- Official Random Thread.

  • I try to respect TC's research chain: higher tier wand caps will be unlocked through actually doing TC.

    EDIT> v0.2 is ready.

    // Changelog:
    // v0.2:
    // - Barrier of entry lowered to MV (120 EU/t)
    // - Advanced metallurgic transmutations are now properly set to primary research
    // - Bone Bow research now properly requires Infusion
    // - Added Assembling Machine recipe for Table
    // - Added Assembling Machine recipe for Arcane Stone
    // - Normalized some EU costs to prevent undesirable Insufficient Energy errors
    // - Tweaked transmutation costs to make more sense as well as removing a possible exploit
    // - Runic Shielding tech tree has been smoothed out
    // - Doubled both cost and yield for gunpowder manufacture recipe
    // - Excavation focus now an infusion recipe
    // - Equal Trade focus now an infusion recipe
    // - Primal focus now an infusion recipe
    // - Minor lore changes for consistency
    // - Elemental tool infusion recipes have Thaumium and Titanium swapped for consistency
    // - Elemental tools now require salis mundus in lieu of greatwood log
    // - Voidmetal armor and tools are now infusion recipes requiring diamond equivalents (Already
    // implemented, but was not documented in v0.1 changelog)

  • But that would allow to get around that by borrowing the first iron wand for a few min and making a "cheap" wand of the next tier easily. So it needs just one on a server to get around that harsh iron caps recipe.
    Most of the really usefull recipes are still blocked, but still most of the TC progression only needs short help.

  • In a multiplayer environment you can't really avoid progression being made easier through someone else on the server being ahead and lending you their stuff - just like how you can make GT plates losslessly by using the machines of someone who reached plate bender first, or borrow the MV blast of someone else to do the 120 EU/t recipes instead of having to make four LV hatches yourself.

  • Yes, sure. But in GT these "progression stoppers" are used for a long time, if not forever. The iron capped rod in TC is allmost a one time use, while the next rods are more or less the main progression element in thaumcraft. So they are the last thing i would leave as they are instead of most of the other things.

  • Huh? You only hammer plates to make a machine, then you use the plate bender/extruder for plates and don't hammer ingots again. Same with the iron wand - you make it initially so you can move onto the other wands, after which you toss the iron wand out.

    There is no good solution to add GT recipes for these wand caps without breaking progression as there lacks a solution to make machine recipes depend on a player's TC research.

  • Is everyone okay having TC on KR?
    I suggested creating KM - a magic dedicated server without tech stuff (it's actually could come before KR, since no one is waiting for some mod to update), but it seems my suggestion was slightly ignored.

    What Greg thinks about that (I'm sure he don't care much)? On K2.0 - he was pretty much the main factor why TC was in.

  • I dislike opening a special server for every special need. If we had 30+ players waiting that would split into two groups it would be fine. But splitting while we have barly enough players to fill one server is bad. Both servers would be empty most the time and even more players would stop playing. While TC was certainly more powerfull than GT on K 2.0, with tweak like these in build i don't see a problem.

    Btw. KR waiting for what? The changes in GT5exp are done(besides circuits but these will not really change progression), the other missing stuff is not part of progression.

  • Btw. KR waiting for what? The changes in GT5exp are done(besides circuits but these will not really change progression), the other missing stuff is not part of progression.

    Building up hype obviously. :)

    Afaik we are currently waiting for RTG 0.0.13 which will give more options at configuring biomes, average height of the mountains and all that stuff.

  • I believe KR for the most part is ready aside from some last-minute requests to change/modify the modlist. I think RTG is settled on? I still oppose having RTG but that's more personal preference for terrain than any actual issues I have with the mod, as it is only terraingen and shouldn't affect most gameplay.

    I don't know if you can configure the worldgen like this, but one solution to alleviate unnecessary losses due to the smart moving bug would be forcing layers 2-4 (with layer 1 being the bottommost bedrock layer) to be air blocks, and layer 5 solid bedrock. This way if anyone falls through the ground they end up dying to fall damage instead of losing everything to the void, and can still get their stuff back.

    Well, i guess we have different views on that. You write the script, you decide. I just gave my opinion.

    I do very much want you (and every other player in the server) to give input so I can best tweak TC to integrate it into the KR environment as to improve the gameplay, it's just that what you said doesn't make sense logically so I asked for clarification.

  • Yay! Kirara Reborn is from now on a magic based server!
    Thaumcraft and other 13 addons to it are in!
    What do you think about BloodMagic and Botania? Should we tweak them or play them with default config and crafts? (they are already in obviously)

  • I'm fine with KR being a magitech server.

    KR? You are misreading, mah boy!
    By the way, can someone add to the list next mods: enderIO, thermal tubes + addons, all listed TC addons from screenshot on my previous post, botania and bloodmagic?

  • KR? You are misreading, mah boy!
    By the way, can someone add to the list next mods: enderIO, thermal tubes + addons, all listed TC addons from screenshot on my previous post, botania and bloodmagic?

    You forgot extra utilities and thermal expansion.

  • // Changelog:
    // v0.3:
    // - Refreshed thaumonomicon entries for basic research so they properly show the GT recipes
    // - Wrought Iron transmutation no longer marked as secondary research
    // - Moved certain Thaumonomicon research icons around
    // - Added Steel -> Damascus Steel transmutation research
    // - Hungry chest now slightly more expensive to craft
    // - Advanced Metallurgy now requires Damascus Steel transmutation
    // - Tweaked costs of more TC recipes
    // - Mundane belt no longer craftable
    // - Mundane belt removed from most recipes other than that for Runic Shielding
    // - Clay transmutation disabled
    // - Removed a debugging transmutation that was allowing infinite nether quartz
    // - Massively revamped the crafting of Golem Animation cores
    // - All cores are now an infusion recipe using an HV robot arm and an appropriate integrated circuit
    // - Fishing animation core removed
    // - Blank animation core now has multiple assembler recipes
    // - Golem animation cores may be "copied" in assembler as long as you have one copy, but consumes a lot of EU
    // - Golem animation cores may be formatted to a blank animation core in a magnetizer

  • Huh, serious stuff going over here.
    "removed mettalum from crops "
    " clay transmutation disabled "
    " charcoal transmutation disabled "
    " fishing core disabled "
    That's the 4 aspects of TC I've used on Kirara. Have you been to my base or something to decide what to disable?
    Also once one player reaches the iron caps, he'll deal caps to every other player, no doubt about this.


    Java script, which happens to be the language in which minecraft is coded

  • I actually haven't been on the older Kirara servers since I took the break; it's most likely coincidental as players tend to take advantage of the parts of TC that are the most imbalanced, and my nerfs were designed around keeping TC mechanics in check so it augments GT rather than having things that totally outclass it. Also lots of discussion on IRC about what parts of TC need changing so maybe the other participants saw your base.

    As for the iron caps thing I did assume players will do that. There is no good solution to forcing TC progression as it is impossible to make GT recipes respect TC research. In multiplayer where something is gated by a tech advance, one player reaching that necessarily means he can choose to give every other player the benefit of what he has unlocked (much as if someone else has a MV blast furnace you can just use theirs and make a MV hatch without going through the BS of making four LV hatches). If you have a better idea, I'm open to implementing it.