Quantum Armor should protect you completly from Radiation

  • I've looked at decompiled code for IC2, and it would take some refactoring to allow certain electric armors to act as hazmat suit pieces.

    However, I just looked in NEI, and I have to disagree about your claim that it should protect you from radiation, because only the helmet and boots include hazmat suit parts. The torso and leggings do not, so it wouldn't count as a complete hazmat suit.

  • That's different from your initial reasoning, and I wouldn't object to it on that basis. However, I'm curious why you feel the need for it - even if you're not automating your processing (e.g. via BuildCraft pipes or AE2 interfaces and import/export buses), by the time you can build a quantum suit, I'd expect you to have already made sure the base where you process and handle the radioactive materials is protected from other hazards.

  • I am also for the Q suit healing the radiation properly ;P

    I think it used to do it, but I may be wrong... Meh

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    It does clear it for 1M EU. If you've still got radioactive things in your inventory though, it'll instantly drain the Q-suit helmet.

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