Does a Lava Steam setup make sense?

  • Hello,
    I want to build a setup in the nether that looks like that:

    Pump-LHE-Steam gen.+Condenser-Steam Turbine-Kinetic Generator

    Does this make Sense, or is it better to just take a few Geothermal Generators?

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    It does make sense, as it will give out a lot of power, but if you're only powering something simple like a furnace or macerator, a geo-gen would make more sense.

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  • Not sure about the others, but BC and IC2 pumps only work within the dimension, right? I don't know of a way (other than cheating) to place water in the nether for those pumps to pick up. Cells would work, though.

  • You can set down a Chunkloader to keep active the chunks around a pump, and pump the nether lava into the Overworld with an ender tank or a tesseract. Another option is to make frequent trips to the nether with a few portable tanks, and use them to convey the lava from the nether to the overworld.
    Or, you could pump water into the nether through the endertank or a tesseract, use it in the generation process with the lava, and feed the power directly into an energy tesseract or IDSU, for use in all dimensions - however, you would not have the large supply of lava available in the overworld, and water would be depleted quickly (unless you are using the aqueous accumulators in a high-output setup, instead of simply pumping water out of a nearby ocean).