[AddOn v1.43/v1.64] Advanced Machines V3.2 Beta 2

  • Will absolutely JUMP on this---as soon as it's BC 2.2.2 ready. Can hardly wait!

    ... It already is.


    It has become a little stubbly. Implement facial hair growth in IC²? Vision continuously grows more furry until you shave. (approx once every 2 minecraft days ;P)

    Steve shaves with his chainsaw.
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  • @ Above because he only wanted to have induction furnace that being an actual RL technology

    This makes no sense! IRL we have those kinds of machines in different capabilities. Cheaper, more common machines like official IC² and more expensive, high tech, high output machines like the induction furnace or these from the addon! MinecraftZombie
    Besides in IC² we have the mass fabricator that itself and the use in the mod is completely unrealistic, but it's there and people love it, even more considering it's a good excuse to develop nuclear reactors that are more crazy then Chernobyl's.
    It makes perfect sense to have an advanced counter part to the standard machines!

  • Are there any previous editions? More specifically, I'm looking for something for 1.7.3 and IC 1.00; could anyone post it here, or am I out of luck? If someone can post it, thanks in advance!

  • Would it be possible for you to return true for canprovidepower() in the block creation? This will allow for it to receive redstone power from RedPower wires.

    • Official Post

    At the time the OP was last updated, Buildcraft 2.2.1 was the ONLY version to use special inventory through Forge instead of internally. Once I have made sure that my mod is up to date with IC 1.22, I'll update the post to state "2.2.1 or later". There will also be some bugfixes included. I've been busy this week, so the update will be delayed somewhat. Once I find the time though, I will update this.

  • Guys I need your help :)

  • Well it's caused by some updates in 1.22, addon developer hasn't updated yet, so you have to use 1.15 or wait til it gets updated

  • Would you be willing to provide the source maybe someone here can compile it on the new version. I assume not much would have broke.

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  • We are all very eager and waiting on bated breath for your update. Keep the good work going :)

    Damn you I got excited :( We use it on a large server and well since it's SMP 99% of the bug fixes in 1.23 were for smp lol so its not the best day ohh that and we installed Advance Machines 12 hours before the update hehe. We had an event and stuff lots of people made machines so removing it was not an option :(

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  • Yeah, I really dig this mod, but went ahead and got rid of it to update to the SMP newness, and to check out the construction foam. Users were bummed, but the SMP updates sure are making my server run better.

    Oh well, it was a speedy craftin couple of days :)