Requesting permission to continue developement of the Modular Force field for Minecraft 1.7.10

  • I'd like to try my hand at modding to add to the IC2 community, the modular force field system is a mod i wanted to use but since developement has stopped it is incompatible with my current Minecraft 1.7.10 if this is okay let me know amd i will get right on it

    Regards V497

  • I used this version and it kept on crashing my Minecraft, unless I was downloading the wrong one... Could happen, if that is the case then I rescind my request but I would like some advice on modding as I want to make my own mods for minecraft that are compatible with the techmods (technical mods) I have installed

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    It was an alpha release a year and a half ago, it's no wonder it doesn't work. Guess it would be a start if it was decompiled, providing it worked to start with.

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