HV cable tooltip: big or currently intended?

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    It's a bug, the tooltip forgets to take into account insulation for all the cable types.

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  • Oh... I thought I asked more or less this same thing a few weeks ago and was told that the only reason to add more insulation is to reduce chance of shocks, not loss, so I didn't bother going above 1x for most of my run up to my windmill farm. For that matter, I don't seem to be able to detect any losses at all, anywhere.

    I have a LV transformer producing 32v power to run my illuminators and with 8 of them going, it is outputting 2 eu/t, which is what they should consume without any losses. I have quite a bit of copper cable around my base to get the power to the illuminators which should be suffering significant losses running only 32v. I also have a 3x hv cable running from my advanced generators turbine to my MFSU, and while it is only maybe 8 blocks long, it shows the exact same energy in at the input side as out at the MFSU ( though oddly it is not quite as much at the turbine output as it should be ).

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    Due to some technical limitation, the energy, that is shown in the eu reader always corresponds to the energy received on the receiving end, so if you have a batbox on the sending end, a couple of blocks of copper cables and a batbox on the receiving end, the eu reader will show 31EU/t (32 EU - 1 EU loss), no matter if you click on the sending or the receiving batbox, or on any cable.