Suggestion: Fuses

  • Something rather simple, a fuse made with a low melting metal and a set of circuits could be implemented to prevent overpowering and, in turn, explosions of expensive machinery.

  • Hmm, Interesting idea, although If you would ever manage to blow up your machine, I doubt you would remember to install a fuse before hand. (I probably would forget too)

  • It's an interesting idea that would potentially avoid immense losses. I imagine there could be an extra box added to the UI for each machine that you can optionally put a fuse of some type into. Another option is to make fuses as cable section. My guess is that it would be easier to add one empty box to each machine's UI than to draw one or more fuse "cables". The fuse icons would be needed in either case.

    Another possibility is a circuit breaker, with just one circuit breaker for any and all EU/t situations. This would be the easiest to implement but it would remove the chance of losing anything. With the fuses you would still lose the fuse.

  • I really like this idea, moving from IC to IC^2 my biggest fear is blowing up my machinery, I don't fully understand the new systems yet and I'd love to have some sort of failsafe that could keep me from detonating everything.

    Still remember the convo ending with "No, stop bugging me, cables transmitting energy are totally not possible! Use the batterys."

  • Bump for great idea!

    This is what we need, some sort of low cost thing make with glass and tin(?). maybe, like 2 glass and 1 tin (vertically, glass - tin - glass) makes 16 of them.

    Edit: Spelling fixes.

    The best part about IC is being able to force the server admin to buy power from your capitalist nuclear enterprise

  • I've blown up 3 MFEs and an MFSU, and that's usually heartbreaking, because by the time you have infinite diamonds from 16 miners and mass fabs everywhere, it's time to go play Uncharted and wait for the next release to make a new world because it's boring anyway. I don't do it much anymore, but the danger is still there and stresses me.

    Something to prevent super expensive machinery death would be lovely. Anything really.

  • THIS!!! You do not know how much stuff I have blown up because of my carelessness.
    Fuses would be extremely useful.

  • Honestly, I wish there was a way to paint machines as well as wires, and also somehow place wires and paint them simultaneously, since everyone knows that black wires connect to everything.

  • Lol, I find it funny how I am seeing peoples suggestions as replies to my suggestion. I think that is why we start new threads ;)

    Heh. I think that the issue is that sometimes suggestions are related to each other, or related to the same underlining problem.

    My statement was about how, if you made two wiring setups, with different voltage tiers, and the lower tier connected to machines that would splode with the higher tier level of power, you could in theory set up colored cables to prevent the connection. However, in practice, that is not possible to do because when placed, wires are always black, and hence connect to all other wires, regardless of the other wire's colors. This tends to be the location where my machines explode, as I tend to try to save as much space as possible, which is actually quite hard to do. The underlining problem(or one of them) I see is that people accidentally create a connection that sends HV to a LV machine, which both some method of placing colored cables, as well as fuses, would fix.