Help Trying to update old Reactor design

  • I have been trying to rework an old reactor design with no success. It is from a FTB Lets play in MC 1.4.7 I have a working reactor, but it uses duel fuel rods. But this design uses quad

    This is my stable reactor

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    Hmmm... yeah, I'm going to be blunt and say that all 6 60k coolant cells and 10 or more advanced heat vents don't work at all with that set up.

    I'd just literally copy the setup you had in your 1.4.7 playthrough, but without the items you have in the corners.

    EDIT: NONE of the advanced heat vents are being used. If you got rid of all the coolant cells, advanced heat vents and core heat exchangers, you won't see the difference.

  • Thanks for all your help, i retested the old design with some tweaking and it worked.

    Here it is


  • albijoe based on your screenshot, you're using an older build of the IC2 experimental reactor planner. I seem to have neglected to announce it in the planner's forum thread, but in v2.3.1 I added output of Base64-encoded reactor codes (with "erp=" prefix) which are considerably shorter than before, and moved the code field below the reactor grid. Latest build is now v2.3.4.2

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    MauveCloud , could you have the planner "translate" old codes? For example, either have a button to swap to old code / new code, or perhaps move to new code every time someone presses "simulate"? Changing any item in the grid updates the code to modern. Good enough for me, I stopped using the mobile app anyways :)

    If we are moving to a new way of coding, it would be nice to have a way to translate the old codes without building from scratch.

    If we still have something using the old code, it would be nice to translate the new to the old.

    I know there are better quad reactors out there. This is just one example.