Crops enhancement

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    I'm currently in the process of improving the agriculture module of IC2. This process includes changes, fixes and new content. I'll try to keep this thread updated with the progress. Please report any bugs and don't be afraid of asking questions.

    Starting with build 2-2.8.201 biome humidity bonuses have been implemented.

    Below is a list of the average bonus per biome (this list includes both vaniilla and traverse biomes):

  • Okay, question:

    Are the new bonuses limited to vanilla and traverse biomes, or would BoP or even Biome Bundle biomes potentially benefit?

    Old bug:

    Negative modifiers to the nutrient bonus based on biome dictionary entries aren't applied, because the code only looks for the maximum modifier. There are also some biomeDictionary-based modifiers for humidity now that don't seem to actually be used.

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    The new code works for every biome that can be added to the game. Those are just example values for both vanilla and traverse.

    Instead of hard-coded values based on the biomeDictionary-based modifiers, these are now using actual per case calculations.

    The first part calculates the biome rainfall bonus. The second part calculates a temperature/rainfall coefficient bonus using the biome.getTemperature(BlockPos) method so crops in the same biome can have slight changes to the total bonus. The values I posted are an average from a random 400(x)x40(y)x400(z) area.

    Also the values can range from a minimum of -20 to a maximum of 20.

  • Possible bug: in IC2 build 206, I am not able to place crop sticks on farmland I'm standing on. In build 180, this was possible.

    Side note: the 3-dimensional crop sticks done with blockstate/model json files seem to have been removed, which I don't mind, since I use high-resolution texture packs, and it looks better without them.

  • Does disabling crops increase the chances of mutations while crossbreeding, or will they simply not spawn?

    It just removes them from the choices for crossbreeding, and if I understand the random weighting correctly, that will also slightly reduce the chance of getting a mutation. I can see how one might think "oh, I'll plant some instances of the parent crop, then disable it so I only get mutations from the crossbreeding spots", but I tried that in a test world, and the parent crops weren't just invisible, the crop sticks went empty (I could tell because they were still empty after I re-enabled the parent crop).

    Edit: on the other hand, until is fixed, I'm not sure how much it would help to be able to tweak the chances of mutations anyway.

    Something else I noticed: rose and reed do not have seeds listed in JEI, even though I have not disabled them via config.

  • Okay, here's another oddity (which might be deliberate, not sure): often (though not always) when I use a weeding trowel to remove a weed from a crossbreeding spot, it goes back to being crossed crop sticks, instead of requiring me to place the extra crop sticks again (as it did back in 1.7.10). In the builds that still had the 3d-effect crop sticks, I could see ahead of time that the weed hadn't displaced the crossbreeding sticks.

  • Okay, I've come up with a somewhat different strategy for crop breeding that makes the seed scanning machine less urgent, but now I'm realizing the configurable custom crops from your "Useful Crops" addon would be attractive (so I can add some crops for resources used by other mods). Any chance of an update for that, or do you plan to add a similar feature to core IC2?