Nuclear Power Station

  • Inspired by Yogscast's attempts at a nuclear power station I decided to build a proper one with IC2 and BC.

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    I decided to do a constantly applied external cooling system as in my mind that's more realistic compared to proper nuclear reactors. It consumes approximately 14 ice/second but the cooling towers have enough stockpiled for more than two hours of continuous use.

    Originally I had planned to use a bug in the equivalent exchange mod where you can transmute 2x Glass -> 3x Sand then cycle that around, extracting the spare sand to turn into glass and then transmute 8x Glass into ice. However the amount of ice this reactor used, would have meant i'd have had to have a rather stupidly high number of sand generators.

    I did make some prototypes towards this, some screenshots can be found here:

    Additionally in there is a prototype cooling tower design where I tried to cram as much cooling storage in as possible, but it got a bit messy. The pipework is all fully working in that mess, however I couldn't work out how to have a switch-able redstone power supply to all of the engines.

    The saves are available here if anyone is interested:

  • Damn, dude! That's awesome!
    Cool system, I've just made some prototypes of mine nuclear station... Thinking to make few layers with 3-4 reactors which are connected in one high-voltage system which will give you lotsa energy. HAYO! But didn't think about making it with ice.
    Anyway, great job! =)

  • Can you show all of the steps to making that ice assembly line? thx! :thumbup:

    i don't think he has it working like that, looks to me like he just uses TMI to make his ice.

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  • I got the pipes to work, but now I don't have what appears to be the cable connectors that you have in the photos, the red and green lines on some of the photos. What mod is this included in?

  • true in minecraft 1.8 it is impossible to get ice without using TMI or he is on 1.9 pre4 which can use pick having "silky touch" enhancement... i wonder if they will create a device that will convert water to ice which can make ice-cells in nuclear reactor or like an upgrade for cells such as tier1 till tier 3 and uranium cells too so a nuclear reactor will give a decent output instead of the uber low 50 eu/t. hahahaaha ~~~~

  • U can put Water Cells in the extractor or the compresser, i forgot it. then u get snow, which u compress and get ice! :)

    Compressor. Water Cell -> Snowball -> Ice

    you can automate the whole thing with BuildCraft and the Bucket Filler addon.
    Just have a pump above a infinite spring pumping water to the Bucket Filler and feed the bucket of water to a small factory.
    You may need Zeldo's additional pipes and the advaned wooden pipe to make it work smoothly though (aka: recycling the buckets)

    so yeah... constant supply if ice, just add tin for the empty cells.