Suggestion: Nether tech

  • So I was sitting in Nether and noticed that there are no effective nature using generators (only windmill, but placing it is extremelly dangerous). So, why not make Nether challenge more usefull?
    First, add ability to craft the Nether industry block(combine netherrack and refined iron bar).
    Then, add the special nether generator that must be placed in lava (deeper is better. More lava blocks surrounding it is better). Also, the second nether generator that burns netherrack and makes power.
    And if possible, the transmitter that moves energy from the earth world to nether through some secret stuff. (Note: All those blocks will have nether undustry block in the recepie)


    This suggestion is copied from the wiki and not mine!

  • OMG nether can burn forever! 8o you can heat water -> steam -> steam turbine -> cool water -> heat water ->.. we actually can make everlasting engine!
    but there on the nether is hard to do anything other than siting by mater em ... em fabricators and theese infinite powergens


    ...its not like i have an idea on how Alblaka mind works...

    It has tiny stupid what below?... A RATING SYSTEM! here goes my face :Advanced Furnace: cmon it is even transparent you can't be serious.

  • u dont need a new generators for that.
    u just have to change the geothermal generator to work different in the nether.
    and maybe the normal generator so burning stuff in the nether would be more efficient.

    but i completely agree, right now there isnt much to do in the nether with industrialcraft...

  • hmm how abour the normalm generator can burn netherrack?

    for little eu of course 100-400?

    Change the scheme, alter the mood. Electrify the boys and girls if you'd be so kind.

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  • Some sort of Nether-Generator is already on my TODO-List.
    It will produce "free" energy similar to a solar, at about 1 EUs, all-day, only in nether. Since nether itself will usually limit your choice of energy, it will be, next to geothermal, be it's #1 energy source.

  • perhaps we could also include some kind of a forcefield block to protect you from those painfull fireballs while near your base

    Take a stack of cobblestone with you. Fireballs don't destroy it

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