• Name:\ James

    MC Forum nick:\ jcj94

    Timezone:\ -4 GMT (eastern)

    Position:\ Sound or Sprites, possibly Modeling.

    Previous experience:\ I'm decent with Ableton Live 8 and NI Massive for creating mechanical noises for sound and I am semi-decent at java programming (I've done a little bit with First Robotics), and I'm not exactly a 'wizard' with GIMP or image manipulation software, but I'm decent at MC Sprites and skins (to an extent..) I am the originator of the MetroidMod (for 1.2.3, Haven't updated it yet due to school bogging me down, but believe me I'm right on top of it), so I have at least a small amount of MC experience.
    Skype: lelouch_reborn

    Most likely and easily contacted on skype, if there isn't any need, welp, Oh well. :P

  • - Name/Nick

    - MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Acountname
    104547 / Rick / 104547

    - Timezone you're living in, given in GMT:

    - The position you want to take, aka:
    Anything but i guess it will be limited to testing :). Not much experience in coding :(

    - Previous experience on the position mentioned above? A good spot to throw links at previous projects/activitys of yours
    Other than that i beta tested for darkspore none. My coding skills are a bit weak its a bit of html, visualbasic, oh and gamemaker language XD (not sure if that counts but i just put it here lol) do redstone skills count?. I did played games for a very long time, mostly rts until minecraft came. In reallife i study mechanical engineering at the university. Iam quite good with autodesk inventor because of my study but i doubt that to be of any use for IC2 (still if it is helpfull iam glad to help).

  • - Name/Nick: Dragonsnest99
    -MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Acountname: all are Dragonsnest99
    - Timezone you're living in: GMT-5
    - The position you want to take, aka: what do you want to do?: beta-tester
    - Previous experience on the position mentioned above?: I have been playing IC since it came out, it has been my favorite technical mod since. I was a beta tester for mine for dead and then i lost my minecraft account due to hackers so i restared all of my accounts for minecraft and the forums. I have been playing MC since Alpha and have loved the game for the year and a half I have played it. I wish to be a beta tester because I play 2-4 hours of minecraft every day or two, so I can easily find bugs with the amount of time I play.
    Other Experience: I used to have a small mod called the Dark Star mod, I gave up on it because it went into a dead end so I threw the mod down the drain. I have been wanting to do this for a good while now and I hope to be able to make the team!


  • Name/Nick : Rafael
    IC-Forum Nick : Rafael09ED
    Timezone : (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time

    Position : SFX- Somebody capable of creating/searching/modifying sound files

    Previous experience:
    Worked with Project Brazil Team
    -Made SFX for specialized requests
    -SFX implemented into Project Brazil for the Fallout New Vegas computer game
    -Used FL Studio and Massive to Create, Mix, and Edit Sound Effects

    I just Checked my hard drive, it has 14 GB of SFX, Plus anything that I don't have can be found and butchered Modified

    Additional Experience
    I can do some Computer Graphics, and have experience doing VFX with After Effects

  • Name/Nick: mistaqur

    MC-Forum nick/ IC-forum Nick: mistaqur / mistaqur

    Timezone: GMT +4

    Position: Beta-testing/Coding.

    Previous experience: Creator of some NEI plugins (link), including ported IC2 integration module for NEI.

  • Name/Nick: jordan30001

    MC-Forum nick/ IC-forum Nick: jordan30001

    Timezone: GMT +00

    Position: Beta-testing

    Previous experience: I wouldn't really say I have "experience" in beta testing mods but I can build some pretty rigorous testing areas to test all aspects of the mod for new updates and testing that old functions still work.

  • holy crap is this thread still active?!?
    well dang. may as well throw my own application in here.

    - Name/Nick:
    Luingar McWolf

    - MC/IC2 Nicks:
    Luingar, Luingar, and Luingar

    - Timezone you're living in, given in GMT:
    GMT -6

    - The position you want to take, aka: Beta Tester

    - Previous experience on the position mentioned above:
    Current Active beta tester in League of Legends, Planetside 2, Smite.
    Previous beta experiance: Star wars, the old republic, Minecraft, Project Zomboid, Planetside, Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy, Sins of a solar empire: Rebellion.

    Notes: I waited to apply until i was very familiar with IC2. I've lots of beta-testing experiance and i know how to test, replicate, and report bugs, and also sometimes give accurate pointers as to what might be causing the bug if i can't replicate it reliably.

    PS: i predict NOTHING comes of this :D

  • Name: Aidan
    Nick: aidancbrady in most places, but bradyaidanc on MC.
    Timezone: GMT -500 (EST)
    Position request: Beta tester
    Experience: {

    I've always loved pitching in to improve things I love. One of those things, of course, is Industrial Craft. I've been modding for about 1 year now, and have always been a fan of this mod. That's more praise than experience, though.

    *I've helped Flan update his mods to 1.3.2 using Forge v4.0.
    *I've single-handedly updated SDK's mods and TheThirdMike's mods to 1.2.5.
    *I'm currently maintaining an industrial-craft like (not really) mod called Obsidian Ingots.
    *I'm nice :)

    Thanks for considering, and I hope maybe I'll be the 301st beta tester!


  • - Nick name: Newhope
    - MC-Forum Nick: Newhope001 IC-Forum Nick: Newhope001 Minecraft Acountname: dbaseball
    - Timezone you're living in, given in GMT - 5:00
    - The position you want to take: Beta Tester or YouTube spotlighter if you need another.
    - Previous experience on the position mentioned above? I was invited to the closed alpha and closed beta of End Of Nations and I helped find a few bugs in Forestry. I have been on YouTube for 1 year now.

  • - Name: Robin
    - Minecraft Acc. Name: Aroma1997
    - Timezone: GMT+1(Winter)/+2(Summer)
    - Position: Beta-Testing
    - Experience: I beta-tested other Games, but I haven't on Minecraft yet. I found a lot of Bugs in other MC-Mods, and reported them to the authors, but I never was an official BETA-Tester.
    I know, you have enough BETA-Tester, but I love IC and IC2 and I'd like to help you keeping it bug-free.
    Would be nice To hear of you.

  • - Name/Nick: Nathan
    - MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Acountname: matjam
    - Timezone you're living in, given in GMT+10 (Sydney, Australia)
    - The position you want to take: Code monkey.
    - Previous experience on the position mentioned above? A good spot to throw links at previous projects/activitys of yours.

    Some (unexciting) projects here:

    I've been coding for over 20 years. Assembly, Pascal, Perl, C, C++, Java, a bit of Python. Most of it not publicly released. Most of my coding has been done on company time.

    Worked on two bugs for ic2:

  • Looks like you could use another person to stay on top of the bug tracker for you. I can volunteer my time for that.

    - Name: Narc
    - MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Acountname (preferable all of them): none / that one on the left / narc0tiq
    - Timezone you're living in: GMT +0200
    - The position you want to take: Like I said, I could be a bug wrangler. You seem to need one.
    - Previous experience on the position mentioned above? Three and a half years of working in an environment primarily driven by an issue tracker. I know what makes a good bug report, what additional information is commonly needed. Hell, I develop and co-develop Forge mods nowadays, so I even know what kind of information I'd need to debug one of those.

  • - Name/Nick: Manny

    - MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick: Manny42601/ Minecraft Acountname: many23

    - Timezone: GMT -7

    - The position: Skinner/Spriter

    - Previous experience: I am working on a 16x16 texturepack and a 32x32 I will send a link of what I got so far.
    I have done some small coding like a plugin it was very buggy and didnt work so well but I can make commands and minecraft say
    "Welcome to IC2" or "IC2 made by Alblaka" or say "Update available"
    Here is my WIP texturepack .
    I made 2 skins: 1 <==Finn The Human
    And pic of the other.
    Pic 1 8)
    Pic 2 :thumbsup: <==Slim Shady
    Pic 3 :thumbup:

  • Note that the last post here was last year (Please dont necropost). Currently we are not (I think?) Recruiting, sorry :P