[Addon v1.95]Rocket Science v0.89 - flying autominers, missiles, and nuclear fusion!

  • Crash on placing ralcraft energy unloader :|:|:|

  • When I look for the items in NEI, they don't show up, but when I go into creative mode, they're there, what should I do?

  • after discovering some cool addons to ic2 i had a look and fell into this topic ..... it is EXACTLY what my evil lair needs, now i just need to demolish my evil lairs cinema and turn it into a misile command room :)

    i would also suggest to fellow evil villians to add IC2NuclearControl_client_v1.1.3 to thier minecraft, the developer just added howler alarms trigerable by redstone current PERFECT for launch alarms or incoming missile alerts (in an ssp mod do we get incoming misiles? or is that incase we accidently shoot our own bases? (i can see it happening)

    a quick question though, do the misiles go straight up and then to thier destination (im wondering if i can get away with a misile at the base of my mountain, open the top with frames and fire it out, or if i need to use a frames elevator to raise the misile to the surface before firing?)

  • I get a crash and a permanent world-break every time I try to place a defense system or targeting module. Any ideas?

    Otherwise the rest of the stuff seems to work great.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I missed the part about adding class files to the IC jar. Seems to work great, except the gui for the targeting system is messed up. Still functional.

  • This is the log that I get from startup

    Rocket Science: Failed to initialize
    at rocketScience.TileEntityIsotope.initRecipes(TileEntityIsotope.java:24)
    at mod_ZZZMissile.init(mod_ZZZMissile.java:176)
    at rocketScience.RocketScience.load(RocketScience.java:76)
    at ModLoader.init(ModLoader.java:891)
    at ModLoader.addAllRenderers(ModLoader.java:189)
    at ahu.<init>(ahu.java:77)
    at ahu.<clinit>(ahu.java:8)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.a(Minecraft.java:394)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:732)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:680)

  • No help on the unloader . ;(:(:(

    you will find the old EnergyNet.class files in the "API" and "COMMON" folders in the directory .minecraft/mods/"your ic2 jar name here"/ic2

    And in the download folder - Rocket Science v.89/ic2/ common, you will find the new files - replace the old energynet.class files with the new files.

    Sorry about the mistakes in my grammar - typed this really quick. :thumbup:

  • That isn't a problem with rocketscience, it's a problem with Railcraft being shipped with an old version of the IC2 API. Please post in the correct place for the future. (In this case the railcraft forum subforum on the buildcraft forum)

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  • This mod has a ID Conflict with forestry, but when I change the rocketmod IDs the blocks are not loaded. Does it normally works if you change the IDs in the config file?

  • Ok i need some help, i have a bug the misile targetting computers cant see the missiles right unless its 1 block away and a new cable is placed...theres more too it then that i suspect its the way im using frames
    easiest way to explain is in a video
    it also shows the way i deploy missiles which i think is pretty good :) but need help to get the targetting system to work

    all advice greatly recieved

    and GREAT MOD! (a small millionare japenese village may disagree with that :) but theres not much of that left :) )

    after a lot of searching i cant figure it out, but i think its related to this http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=6096 specialy since im using the emergy net that comes with this mod instead of the default one lol.

  • i followed the instructions and nothing changed even after i changed the class files. Any suggestions? i have a mac by the way.

    I actually figured it out myself. It doesn't seem to like some of the IDs with Forestry installed (From what I read). Go into your config for Rocket Science and change all the IDs. Mine defaulted to 20000+ so change them to 20100+ and this fixed everything!!!

  • scratch that i dont have a program to edit the ID's, or at least one to let me open the files

    I actually figured it out myself. It doesn't seem to like some of the IDs with Forestry installed (From what I read). Go into your config for Rocket Science and change all the IDs. Mine defaulted to 20000+ so change them to 20100+ and this fixed everything!!!

  • so change everything even if its not 20000+?

    I have a 4096 fix installed, here is my config to show you what I did.

    Edit *The 4096 fix only effects Block IDs not the Item IDs.

  • ok,. i think fusion reactors must be buffed up, or you could include the fusion reactor in the config file wherein we can adjust the amount of EU produced by the reactor. and I'm a bit confused about the coordinates of the targeting missile.

    IC² Bottom-feeder


  • No it didn't work. I figured out how to change the configs and set them to what you had but it keeps crashing, any other tips, if there is anyway to send this stuff to you i can.

    That work or no?

    And yeah, been messing around in my test world for about an hour with all the toys