[Addon v1.95]Rocket Science v0.89 - flying autominers, missiles, and nuclear fusion!

  • After deleting almost all of my config files and using ID resolver to reset them, I finally got it to work. A note for NEI users, if you get an auto-miner spawner, don't let one land on you. I did that and got a saving chunks error. :thumbup:

  • Ok I'm stumped, I still can't get the dang fusion reactor to ignite.
    If I can't get it soon I'm going to have to redo 25 minutes of a let's play episode.

  • Okay, so now 0.82 is out, so can you focus on the missiles crashing on placement bug? Not to rush or anything, because you are shelling out these updates so fast and spending so much time working on it, but could you focus on the missile crashing at after you are at least done with all the other bugs? Please? That is really the only reason I got this mod - or even IC². Again, focus on the more important stuff first, but I am really looking forward to non-crashy missiles.

  • Hey uh, quick question. Do I have to have Ic2, Ic, or something else to run Rocket Science mod? Cause I placed the jar in my mods folder by itself and it crashes teh minecraftz.

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    Boomz: Even with 0.82, huh? Try the attached file - I've modified reactor behavior so it doesn't check for coils and heaters before accepting fuel. Hopefully it'll realize that it has them once it fuels itself.

    Race: Am I wrong to expect some basic level of literacy from my users? I've told you several times now, I couldn't reproduce the bug on any of my test worlds and so I cannot help you without your error logs.

    Human: ...seriously? You see a file in the addon section of the IC2 forum and ask if you need IC2 to run it?

  • I'm using TooManyItems. Rocketsciene v0.82. Is there a difference between the "Nuclear Missile" aka ( 201:8 ) and the "Thermonuclear Missile" aka ( 201: 13 )? Seems to me like it's the same.
    And thank you for this mod Kentington, can't wait for the radar dish and the missile control block.

  • Thats because people are rushing him including you. and stop using caps. it makes you look like a fool and its considered yelling

    I was aware of that fact, hence why I did it. The new height increase being added into minecraft would make this perfect for going into minecraftian "space". also putting the way ya did sounded a bit snobby. any ways, cheers to you all and see ya in space. MinecraftNotch

  • Hello! I haven't installed the mod *yet*, been researching while WinRar makes a back up copy into an archive before installing this mod (always back up before changing mods. X( ) ... Not sure how to get Tritium or Lithium. The recipe list says nothing on tritium, only that water needs to be extracted for deuterium, and to look in the wiki for lithium. Skimmed though the wiki and the only thing I can see that even remotely might be relevant is ...

    " Lithium occurs in a number of pegmatitic minerals, but due to its solubility as an ion is present in ocean water and is commonly obtained from brines and clays. On a commercial scale, lithium is isolated electrolytically from a mixture of lithium chloride and potassium chloride."

    Clay? I wouldn't even know what to do with clay to make it give me lithium. But it's the only thing I saw, while skimming though the overly complex artical, that is in MC. O.o Ocean water == river water == lake water in MC, no difference in it so can't be that...

  • Thank you for the good bugfix Kentington.
    One thing that I don't know is how the recycler in the auto miner works. I place a recycler a diamond drill and a OV-Scanner in the left slots and some energy cristals and mining pipes in the other slots. But it still mines cobblestone and dirt.

  • the fusion reactor is not igniting its not even heating up
    will post anything you need

    Just as roorman stated, it still does not ignite. However I thought it was important to add that the reactor now at least knows there is fuel in it. (at least for me as of .82b)

  • Race: Am I wrong to expect some basic level of literacy from my users? I've told you several times now, I couldn't reproduce the bug on any of my test worlds and so I cannot help you without your error logs.

    Minecraft crashes when I PLACE a missile, so I can't get an error log. I tried using MinecraftError, but it didn't work.

  • I too share your problem. I can find no trace of this mod. I'm using ID resolver and I can't even see it taking any Ids.

    ID conflict. This mods ID's can't be changed by ID resolver.

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  • Again: go into your RocketScience.cfg file and pull up the block ID's for the items there. Then, look at the ID's assigned for the 'mod_Missile' in ID Resolver. Manually change the ID's in the RocketScience.cfg to those given by ID Resolver for each. Then restart Minecraft and click the 'Override Old Setting' button for all the changes concerning 'mod_Missile"...

    Kentington is still working on a fix for that particular bug. So for the mean time, you'll have to use the manual method of fixing this issue until RocketScience is able to allow ID Resolver's readjustments..

    Edit: Downloading the latest build to see how stable it is. Always love your work Kentington!

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