[Addon v1.112]DeFencev3.3.2

  • I am thinking that turrets will be a block that will shoot mobs that come within range of it, and the high resistance of the wire is to keep griefers from breaking and living it if they get stuck in it

    If you add torrents, can you make a way to disable them? - i don't want them, Although some sort of huge watchtower would be nice - you just place the block, rightclick, and it turns into a huge thing with a ladder and stuff already

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  • I could make it just shoot mobs easily, but what about SMP? Should it let griefers through? I am accepting ideas on how to do the targeting

    hmm... switchable via UI? mobs or everyone but the "owner"?
    not sure how feasible that would be, just tossing out ideas.

  • It would be nice if the turrets fire at player too, but how TheEnlightened just say its better you can disable them. Maybe with some kind of a remote.

  • Before you add any of that other stuff, do you mind adding a simple edit to the barbed wire fence so it only damages entity.living and not entity.item or whatever the item entity is? Because it's annoying when you surround some guy in barbed wire fence and then you don't get his stuff because it gets eaten by the fence.

    Also, I would suggest working on turrets as a second-priority sorta thing because they're a lot harder to code. And I would suggest using an uninsulated HV cable crafted with a fence to make electric fence.


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  • ok I will add in the barbedwire fence edit for the next update

    another edit for the next update is I am taking out the ability to walk on barbedwire fences without damage

    also yes right now electric fences and a "secret project" ^^ are higher on the list than turrets so don't worry

  • :Empty Cell: Maybe you could use some of the code from personal chest, so it will only fire at other players.

    Anyway, cool mod/ic2 addon :) :!: . :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Mining Laser: :Nano Saber: :Mining Laser: :Nano Saber: :Empty Cell: :Empty Cell: :Electrolyzed Water Cell: :Electrolyzed Water Cell:

  • thanks do you think you could make a addon that has a garage door and you open it with a remote like a trumpet or something

    :Matter: with love from magentis :Matter:

  • i want that mod cuz it adds garages and gates and roads and vehicles but then i ya tthats were your epic addon comes in

    :Matter: with love from magentis :Matter:

  • i want that mod cuz it adds garages and gates and roads and vehicles but then i ya tthats were your epic addon comes in

    The mods you are looking for are TheThirdMike's mods. TheThirdMike's mods

    However, theyre outdated to 1.8.1 for now D:

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