Suggestion: [prepay meater]

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    prepay meater


    well for smp servers as one player can make power but in citys its hard to put solay panles on your flat or house so they have to buy in power im thinking is that the power maker can make power than make a rate up for it then once in a wile someone comes to collect the coins
    so say person pays 15 coins @1 eu/t per hour they get 15 hours of power at 1 eu/t then it cuts the power off

  • I doubt anyone would pay anything relevant for 10k EU. That's not even 3 pieces of coal.

    I'd trade a battery for 5 stacks of cobble.
    ...Not like I'd macerate, smelt, and panel them or anything for recycling.

    ...What? Invite a friend to a new server, offer them this deal, then profit!

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  • This reminds me of parking meters. All they did was slap a price tag on something that used to be free. This idea just seems like too much for too little. 1eu/t? Srsly??????

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  • I'd rather prefer the buying/selling of fuel cells tbh...

    Would anyone like to try a Slowpoke Tail?! Only 1 Million Yen!


    this isn't about arrogance or ego, I have a block that I put a lot of freaking work into

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  • I build so small scale I can live from 9-25 solars :D which is always smaller than my house, but that's not much bigger either ^^ (usually 10x7 maybe 15x10 or such if I build big)

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  • I'm sorry, but...I'd rather build a solar panel or a windmill than pay someone for 1 EU/t. That's about enough to keep an induction furnace hot.

    If you're going to charge for energy it should be for total EU, not an allotment over a period of time. Which, as I understand it, is exactly what the Energy-O-Mat did, and will do when it comes back. For now, yeah, sell batteries or energy crystals with the Trade-O-Mat and let them charge their power grids with that if they want. Hell, you can even charge extra and put a Trade-O-Mat there to give people a refundable deposit if they return the empty battery!

  • Energy-O-Mat is meant to come back at some point. For the time being, use lapotron + trade-o-mat.

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  • Sorry if I'm a grammer Nazi, but an energy meater would be but more akin to the Tesla Coil rather than a Energy-O-Mat. This does't seem useful, Making a solar panel would be better rather than paying to buy electricity. This might have SOME appilcations though.

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