Bug: 1.43 nano sabers hard to turn off in multiplayer

  • I have not tested this in single player. In multiplayer, it is sometimes very hard to turn off the nano saber: one must sometimes right-click more than a dozen times before it turns off. Turning the saber on is not problematic, only turning it off. I am running Forge 1.2.3, IC2 1.43, BC2 2.2.10, and RP2PR4b, but have seen this problem before in prior versions of all of the above.

  • Have you considered that there might be a delay before it is turned off and if you click again before it is turned off you actually activate it again?
    I haven't tried them but that sound like a very likely scenario.

  • I have the same problem, but it seems to be a display bug. If you hit a mob with a sabre that's "on," it takes several hits to kill it. Click again, now it's on for real, again, now it's off.

    If you actually count the number of clicks it takes to turn it off, it should always be an odd number.

  • You folks are correct; this does appear to be a synchronization bug and the proper state is restored upon moving the item in the inventory. Doesn't make it any more pleasant though; in fact, it makes it worse because the sword might be unexpectedly off when you need it for a creeper.

  • not a solution really. a Nano-Saber finishes a creeper off in one hit. A chainsaw requires at least two which sometimes is one too many.

    I thought it dealth 8 damage, meaing 12.5 with a crit. How did you get 15 damage?

    Oh, nvm, I see. Creepers did NOT get a recienlt health buff.

  • I have the same problem in SMP, in the last version up today (1.71). Sometimes I cant turn it on, and sometimes I cant turn it off. Sometimes the weapon show the "draw sabre" animation a LOT of time....