[BUG 1.64] Overclocked Recycler not gaining scrap

  • It seems that when you overclock a recycler sufficiently, it stops producing any scrap. I just fed mine 2.5 stacks of items and it didn't get a single piece of scrap. That's definitely not a 1/8 return.

    I've put 6 overclockers into my recycler to get this effect, but it seems to produce diminished returns when loaded with 4 or 5 overclockers.

    My bad. Nevermind~.

  • I putted 8 stacks of cobblestone in my recycler with 9 overclockers and got 1 stack of scrap
    Edit: what items did you give it?
    Here's my theory:
    When you putted in items on the "blacklist" like sticks, you didn't get any scrap
    You only putted "blacklist" items when you had 6 overclockers
    And with the diminishing results, you putted in a non "blacklist" item but the randomness involved produced less then 8 scrap/stack

  • I think the whole 1/8 chance of getting scrap is a case of experimental probability. If that is the case, then the RNG does not like you very much.

  • It increased the speed of processing machines, not increase their yield.

    Put 64 overclockers in a macerator and macerate 1 iron ore, you'll still only get 2 iron dusts, just a lot quicker.

  • The result of the recycler (at least in past versions) follows the trend I would expect a pseudo-random number with 1/8th chance of success to produce. Sometimes RNGs, and more often PRNGs hit stretches of bad luck.

    As the odds are extremely high of zero scrap over a whole stack, I'd say it's more likely you were processing blacklisted items OR that there is actually a bug. (However the blacklisted items are the most likely)

    The default list includes:
    recyclerBlacklist=102, 280, 332, 220
    102 Glass Pane
    280 Stick
    332 Snowball
    220 Scaffold

  • Ohh... That could be the reason. I was using glass panes. So, glass panes will still get destroyed, but give 0% chance of item gain?

  • yes, this used to prevent abuse, but... much more better to change scraprate to follow original material craprate.