a better use for scaffolding thank you IC2 i love this stuff

  • The scaffolding is awesome to use for bridge building it has that engineered look and is so easy to use once you get the hang of it. No more jump stack, jump stack fall to your death. everyone on our server keeps a stack on them for climbing out of deep holes. Heres some screens of what ive done. Mind you this wasnt done in creative mode as with most of our builds on our server.

  • If it wasnt for IC2's bronze i would have had to mine for a year to get the iron needed to run the mine cart rails from beginning to the end. If you were to walk it. It would take you a full minecraft day to go from the glass building in the right side of the first picture to the end of the road which is at the end of another bridge some distance from the last picture. Another of our members is currently building that bridge in a different style ;( . Hes a good builder so ill have to see what he comes up with. As for the CF foam i tried it on the first bridge and hated it so i went with just the bare scaffolding.

  • Very creative, I like it :)
    I had always thought of scaffolding at face-value,using it to assist my building, but using it as a building material never entered my mind. I'll have to try that someday.

    Ditto. This will help with my bridge projects, my idle world has two ravines separated with a 1-block thick wall.

  • my server as of right now is only open to a few RL friends 7 people to be exact. So grieffers are not an issue at the moment. Besides the bridges are made of wood and can be just as easily lit on fire. So far i havent had any problems with creepers since i lit the bridges enough to keep them from spawning on them as far as the bases go no one really goes under the bridges but if it ever becomes a problem we use red power also and i can wrap the base pillar with sliced obsidian or elevate the base 2 or 3 blocks with reinforced stone. I mentioned their being a fourth bridge. The guy who was working on it lost internet for awhile so i went ahead and built it myself. I didnt use the scaffold in the construction but used it to help with the construction. ill post pics soon were doing server maintenance right now and i havent taken screens of it yet.

  • update heres the last bridge and the end of the line. Although scaffolding wasnt used as a building material it was used to to help build it. I have to thank RP2 for the microblocks without them it wouldnt have came out with as much detail.

  • Some great stuff there, I love scaffolding because it allows me to hide light sources under my floorboards to light up my base (light passes through scaffolds). I am not a fan of the look of the current light sources and this makes a bright way of lighting everything without having to look at the light sources.

  • Ive never tried using it for hiding lights cause we use red power also and it brings a whole new way of lighting things up. heres some examples.

    this makes it look like drop ceiling

    or you can use the micro blocks to wrap the lights

    Hiding them in the floor using the colored lights works well also

    or you can make chandeliers and street lights

  • wooooooooah

    Dude, please check the dates before posting, the last post in this thread is over a year old.

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • The fact is, that since a real discussion showed up, this thread can be seen as resurrected. By the way, this idea is awesome, and I've already started using scaffolds in actual construction.

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  • I think scaffolds are really awesome, ebcause you can build small buildings in like 10-30 minutes and big buildings in like 30 minutes-1 hour. I just built some baracks and houses in my base in less than 3 hours.