Forums + Firefox = 400 bad request!

  • Something's a screwed up - when I use firefox to attempt to browse these forums, I get a 400 bad request. I tried multiple computers, and two different internet connections, and then I realised the probelm was firefox. (I noticed that googe was updating hte site even thouhg I thouhgt it was down which was I why I tried other ways of accessing it :p...)

    Maybe it just hates me, but it appears to be an issue with the httpd set-up.

    I'll post packet logs if required. :)

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    We're currently having some server troubles.
    The blog is completely bugged out (ACP-wise) and Fean claims the wiki to have some DB-Errors, too.

    Most of the errors we encounter are 400'ers probably this one is related too.
    Though i'Ve yet not had any problems with the forum, and i'm solely using FF.

  • Actually firefox is *same thing that goes from Your bottom* because its *procreationally* slow piece of lagging, ram-eating junk.

    Yes, I use firefox. Yes, I want different browser. No, I am to lazy to do that + downloading list on ff and my passwords and things are cool.

    Thats all, thank You.

  • Being using FF for ages but lately it's just become one huge lag spike when using FF so switch to google chrome for now just as bad actually lol but at least i have no more pc freezing on me for seconds, i always thought it was minecraft causing my pc to freeze when I minimize the game well it wasn't mc it was ff.

    The whole forum was actually down 2 days ago and yesterday for couple of hours giving you the Apache welcome message as if someone wiped the entire root directory lol

    But glad it's back on again