A New Idea For liquid transport to Geo-Gens

  • Say you want to get a lot of energy using Geo-Gens but you don't want to drain that giant lava lake in the nether, you dont want to carry around lapatron crystals from your nether Geo-Gens to your base or even try to use teleportpipes to transport liquid from that lava lake deep at the belly of the earth or waster any golden waterproof piping well here is my idea for a new way to transport lava to Geo-Gens.

    first you find a lava lake around 20 blocks from your base but around bedrock level there put a piece of cobble in the center of that big lake. Next you go back up to the surface withthe x and z coordinated of the cobble you put in the middle of the lake now dig down (yes dig down) until you reach the lava lake and land on the cobble you placed. the hole you dug direectly downards should be above the cobble you placed. then you travel back up to the surface ( dont forget to destroy that piece of cobble you placed) and then place the bc pump above the hole you dug then then let the pipe travel down connect the pump to a bc engine and then pump that lava from the lava lake directly to the geo gens in your above groun base 20 blocks away.

    so thats my idea on a new way to transport lava to geo gens without waisting alot of bc pipes, needing ot go to the nether or using teleport pipes either. please give me feedback it would be appreciated to read your reactions and how you rate my idea thankyou! :)

  • Don't forget to make a bed and sleep in it to set your respawn point when you find that random lava lake you didn't know about at level 30. :)

  • I like to use my miner. If it stops before bedrock, I retract without filling and look down. If it glows, there's lava, and I put a glass block over it (to mark it for later use).

    Safe as houses.

  • I do a variation of this, with one key change: I dig up, not down.

    Bring stack of sand with you, find lake, place torch at feet, dig straight up 4 blocks, knock out torch, jump-place 4 blocks of sand, place torch at feet, repeat. Perfectly safe, if you have good reflexes...the worst thing you're going to do is dig into the bottom of a lava lake, and you have a second or two to place a cobblestone block to stop the lava before it roasts you. Otherwise, if you find water, just dam it off. If you find gravel above your head, the torch you placed at your feet will break it before it has a chance to suffocate you. Once you get to the surface, then you know it's perfectly safe to dig back down through the sand to reach your lava lake again.