[Suggestion] - Ability to cut Reinforced Stone (RP2 crossover idea)

  • Heya, gang!

    Now, if this has been brought up before, I apologize, but as far as I know, it hasn't yet.

    Just as the name suggests, I got the idea in my head that it should be possible to use RP2's Diamond Saw (or its equivalents) to create reinforced stone slabs, panels, covers, and so on. With Eloraam's addition of frames, and the ability thus to create massive doors/elevators/whatever suits your fancy, R-stone slabs would allow for blast doors, ordnance elevators, and probably a whole lot more than I can come up with.

    There is one point I'd like to make, though - if the stone does gain the ability to be cut, it might be a smart idea to also decrease the blast resistance for each smaller piece, if possible. The reason behind this is because if the blast resist stayed the same at all thicknesses, people could just place 8 covers back-to-back and create a nearly-impenetrable wall of R-stone just one layer thick. For SSP, this wouldn't be a huge issue (the worst you'd have to worry about is multiple creepers), but in SMP, it would make PvP horribly unbalanced, as even nukes would be rendered virtually useless.

    So, with that said, what do you guys think?

  • I like it but you know you can just attach whole blocks to frames to make blast doors right?

    true balance is impossible in video games the best one can hope for is to make it really hard to guess which of 2 choices are better.

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    I like it but you know you can just attach whole blocks to frames to make blast doors right?

    He's right.

    Covers for Blastresistence? I would just use Coverstripcorners.

    Blastresistence would be like every other Microblock, because its just impossible to code Blastresistence this way RP-Compatible.

    Redpower has no released API, so its nearby impossible to compile it with Java in a Way, that IC² is running, even without RP installed. That means it must be an Addon.

  • Yes, that's the point.
    Everybody would in this case use only Corner.
    And it would take even more space in TMI ^^

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • Adding microblocks would require deep integration with RedPower itself. I dunno if Eloraam is willing to release an API for that once the full release comes.

    She said it took alot of rendering code for it to work with new blocks, like wires , however, swapping textures should work (in theory), blast resistance however, would be a pain to code.