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  • MultiMC is doing a thing for mod installation: http://multimc.org/posts/introducing-quickmods.html

    It looks like mod authors create a url for a .json file that contains information about the mod and a download (or adfly) link.

    Ooh shiny. Great for people who like constantly reconstructing mod packs or for iterating a pack.

    Might even allow people to automatically update mods and mod packs, just by launching the client.

    (This reminds me of a system Mekanism came up with a few months ago that allowed you to download the newest version of the mod from within Minecraft. You'd have to relaunch to get the new version, but there was no download link chasing, googling, adf.ly-ing, or browsing to find the new file.)

  • Well who does really care about eula anyway? It's will be like with pirated content if they add something that ppl won't like minecraft will be rewritten to remove that ppl don't like that's all. Who need official minecraft forums anyway? And mojang can't do a thing elsewhere. You will just need to play cracked version to use servers and mods, nothing more. Also ppl will migrate from off forum somewhere. Legally mojang will be unable to do anything more than block servers from their login/session server.

  • *Clap* *Clap*

    MC community, Always having petitions against the slightest changes.

    I mean ROSES? THE FUCK?

  • I don't actually see a difference between EULA's. Same one as last time, when we had the "All mods must be open source" thing from marc.

    MC community, Always having petitions against the slightest changes.

    My analysis concludes that you can't sell items in your server, ie, "Donate $50 for 100 diamonds!!!", however base donations aren't commercial use.

  • I don't actually see a difference between EULA's. Same one as last time, when we had the "All mods must be open source" thing from marc.

    They clarified it to be something like that: You can't sell benefits on your server and you can't sell mods (that includes adfly). They don't want ppl to make money off minecraft.

  • however base donations aren't commercial use.

    Sadly as we know from mobile market donations is something that is not popular, but IAP is. Mojang is trying to promote REALMS by closing some big named servers probably.

    No adfly? Thats BS.

    Well Adfly is borderline legal theoretically, because you don't really sell your mod, but you make profit out of it so it's still probably against EULA.

  • Well i guess fame is bad for some ppls brains.

    [3/06/2014 10:05:47 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: minecraft relies on it's servers, and on youtubers.
    [3/06/2014 10:05:50 PM] Erik Broes: it doesn't
    [3/06/2014 10:06:00 PM] Erik Broes: Minecraft still sells 10k+ copies a day

    More details on servers:
    [3/06/2014 3:23:32 PM] Erik Broes: doesn't matter at all, based on plugins or not, you cannot make money with Minecraft without our permission :)
    [3/06/2014 3:24:56 PM] Erik Broes: donations are no problem, but only in that purest sense, you get NOTHING back for a donation
    [12:04:00 AM] Erik Broes: We'll ask nicely and then send really mean lawyers :)

  • Chickenbones gets about 250 a month afaik. Its also the most downloaded mod there is afaik with 3 adfly links to get through.

    I am going from memory based on some info seen a month or 2 ago. Numbers may be off a bit.

  • I'm almost certain people would get more money if they hosted the mods on their own page and put ads there.

    As for the whole EULA "change", the content of it didn't really change. From the very beginning it has stated people can't sell Mojang content to make money. Making monetized youtube videos is fine. Asking donations is fine. Putting mods behind adfly is NOT fine. Giving ingame stuff for "donations" in servers is NOT fine.

  • The real change is that now they will enforce EULA, but knowing that big movie studios can't do a thing about piracy i think Mojang will get 0 results too w their "really mean lawyers".
    btw their EULA makes advertizing on youtube videos also illegal.

  • Enforce? They just have it shown like for pretty much any other software you install. I'd be really surprised if they'd send lawyers to anyone. At worst they might just tweet some big-name server owners and say they shouldn't sell privileges.

  • If people are stupid enough to not stop their actions after being directly asked to do so by Mojang they deserve everything they'd be getting. I still have some hope for humanity so I don't think so silly people actually exist.

  • The problem is: a lot of servers are running on IAP model. And mojang want you to licence your sales, not to stop them.