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  • Will IC2 suits such as Nano-suits and Quantumsuits power electric tools?
    And before you hit the point where you can built those, is there a way to charge the tools on the go?
    I'd imagine you could swap the batteries in the tools or something along those lines.

    Yes, and Batpacks.

    Now you see me, now you don't...

  • You know what would be cool? If you could actually swap batteries having a GUI for the electric tools, for both IC2 and GregTech, as Thaumcraft's Thaumostatic Harness does with Potentia jars. Obviously, in this way the battery should not be in the crafting recipe.

  • I was told to report this to GregTech Intergalactical.

    Have a nice day :D

  • Yeah, that'd be great. It would be a very nice implementation in future releases. But wait, do overclocked tools already exist?

    Greg already said in a kind form "fuck you and your dreams and concepts" to removable bits on the drill, so I assume you get the same answer for the other tools :D

  • Greg already said in a kind form "fuck you and your dreams and concepts" to removable bits on the drill, so I assume you get the same answer for the other tools

    Why? Is it somehow hard to code or something?

  • Hi. I have encountered a problem and I know I am supposed to go to the developer whos item it is... but... well... I get GT-ERR thingie on vanilla emerald in Thaumcraft Focus of Excavation recipe = this makes the Focus uncraftable.

    Or do I missunderstood the message, and I should go to Azanor with this that his recipe is "somehow" broken with GT? :)

    Using GT 5.05.07 and Thaumcraft

    Oh.. i think i might have found it... This confused me since I have never saw the GT-ERR-01 on vanilla item and in the recipe input. But still this doesnt fix that the focus is not craftable.

  • Well, as I often say, he does that shit for himself only. So, I assume that tool stuff does not fit his vision. Dunno, ask him yourself. It's just the "fuck you and your ideas" attitude.

    Nah, I don't wanna get banned for such a little thing...

  • Maybe it's just not what he wants to do with his mod, I can understand him a little bit, I mean he is doing the work so he can deside what he likes and put it in to his liking , i wouldn't be any diffrent in that matter. I also only use things in my modpack that I like myself and I change the recipes to my liking, not the other ones which play with me. They only give me ideas what may be changed and if i like it I change it/add it and if I don't like it I don't put it in :) (because i am the only one making/adjusting the pack(everyone working on it has more power on what to put in and we would have to debate/discuss it))

    Edit: did he already say that he doesn't add it? Don't remember reading that

  • Managed to track down the source: ExtraBees

    Really? That GT-ERR-01 was a bug over a year ago; did it seriously not get fixed?

    Tools with batteries are not good idea....Just overcomplicated and....you have to craft higher tier for bigger battery, not just take more batteries.... 8)

    I like the idea of tools with batteries as an alternative to the idea of bringing 2 or 3 pickaxes for a mining run (which is what I have to do with how big GT ore veins are 8| ), but I'm not sure exactly how to implement it.
    Edit: Also, crafting higher tier tools for larger battery capacity is less of a thing because higher tier tools also consume energy faster while digging faster. So higher tier tools = faster digging, but not necessarily that much more digging.

  • Or you could do some blast mining with IC2 dynamites. It is really efficient when you have harderstones.
    This is the result of 500 dynamites and a 100% depleted pitchblende vein.

    I've been very much considering that option but need to not forget to do it