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  • I have never found a GT6 stronghold. Any tips? How does the surface entrance look?

    I also found several vanilla ender chests on desert surface. Anybody knows which mod generates that? (there are no other players).

    Found one at around 1500m from my base. Entrance looks like white marble tower of around 10 blocs high with a purple layer and it's a big staircase that leads wayyy underground

  • Did Hazmats change recently (changelog doesn't say so) ?

    I made some obsidian tools from lava and got burned while picking them, and surely got burned when I tried to retrieve bronze plates from molds.
    Not that I mind: I thought it was weird that Hazmats do more than protect agains radioactivity, and felt like pincers didn't matter past having a suit.

    But damage did use durability on Hazmat so maybe it should be mentionned somehow.

  • Buggy combination smelting after last update.

    Before: I put 0.5 units of graphite and 12.5 units of iron (int that order) into crucible, heat it up, take out steel.
    After: I put the same, but take out... iron. I notice this early, so don't take out much, so I put it back and heat it again. Repeat this several times and get steel.

    That's single player, crucible was placed before last update, I use thermometer to monitor temperature. Before reheating temperature drops to ~1800K, after reheating it rises up to ~2150K, while 2046K is enough for steel, and 2011K - for wrought iron.

  • I don't know. It at least causes no crashes, unlike newest version (I once updated, checked recipes, got a NEI crash). I can farm harvestcraft's plants, there are many "normal" food recipes and some GT recipes. Best recipe: grapes to raisins and distilled water in dryer. Good enough for me.

  • My test was throw an iron block into it that I had in my extended creative inventory and then wait until it was wrought, after that I dropped a pile of Graphite Dust and it made Steel.

    And I asked for Harvestcraft Stuff becuase according to the Logs, most of the Recipes for its compat are outputting no Items. Could you check the Chocolate Milkshake Recipe that should be inside the Mixer?

  • My harvestcraft version is 1.7.10f. Probably too old to have milkshake.

    I will test after more than an hour. How crucible's contents is stored internally? Random order (map, set or similar) or predictable order (array, vector, etc)?
    My attempt was graphite(0.5 units) first, then iron(12.5 units), then heat up with burning lignite above 2046K. I was surprised that crucible then poured iron into mold. My guess was that it is an ordering issue.
    Something like: pick first material (graphite), apply recipe to it (to carbon), put it back; pick first material (carbon), find no recipe for it (doesn't combine with iron), make no changes.

  • The ordering is only important if one of the components would vaporize, what isn't the case for Steel. It will turn Iron to Wrought Iron even if there is Graphite inside the Crucible, then it will do Wrought Iron and carbon to Steel at the correct Temperature.

  • This is not a fun bug... I tried the same graphite + iron smelting at different computer and same mods, and I got steel without problems. Can this be related to a bug which causes some vanilla wood types to become uncraftable into sticks by using hand tools?

  • I was reading about shutter modules to control the flow in fluid pipes, but I don't see any in my NEI (using latest version). Have they been removed/replaced in GT6? Did a search in the thread but haven't seen any mention of shutter modules since late 2014...