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  • Something tells me that KingLemming doesn't like GregTech.

    O.o Huh... I sure hope that's just a joke, and not being serious. Considering the "Collaboration" he has done with greg.

    For the uninitiated, the Something Awful Forums do not by default allow you the choice of an Avatar and Tag. You must purchase them.

    Or, someone can do so for you.

    That is what has happened here, as you can probably guess by the artwork. You can believe me or not, that is fine, but it is the case. Funnily enough it was mentioned by the people who purchased the title/avatar for me that perhaps it wasn't quite appropriate given that I actually do not have that opinion. In true goon fashion, it will probably remain unchanged just for the "lulz."

    So if anyone is offended, sorry. If anyone wants to throw me cash to change it, I will. And it might even get changed again by whoever else. I just don't know.

  • Oops. Sorry.

  • Hi! I've install NEI with plugin. But if i am added GrechTech addon to my klient, NEI will become crazy! In most of recipes is lot's of variants to craft. That's good,that's doing Gregtech. But NEI changing recipes automaticly too quick! I can't craft anything when there's 15 different recipes and they changed every 1 sec! Can you know how fix it?

    Far, FAR easier way to "fix" it would be to simply shift+click on the recipe question mark instead and have NEI fill the crafting grid with whatever appropriate items you have in the inventory. It doesn't work on all crafting grids (IIRC RP2 project table had issues) but it's awesome or everything where it does work. Only issue you might have is that if you are missing some item then none of the items gets moved to the grid and you'll have to figure out what else do you need.

    It always bothered me, that we cannot get nitrogen out of air, while we are breathing like 78% of it constantly... ;)

    The way most gases are made in Real World is to pump a ton of them in huge towers, cool them down, and pump them out one at a time. It's trivial to separate gases that are in atmosphere like that. Of course you can separata other gases as well just like this but you'll first have to get the gas from somewhere.

    So, greg, an idea for a new machine: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_separation :)

  • haha, that's so awful..

    EDIT: Gas separation: is that based on the boiling point of gases? Then you can add a use to the the vacuum freezer.. or a new cryogenic tower that in principle works like the distillation tower..

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  • Yeah, from what I've understood during my two years of coding for Linde gas* it should be based on boiling point.

    I'd love to see a new machine and make it possible to have varying sizes for it. E.g 1x2 would be the most basic one that only gives you oxygen and nitrogen with relatively bad efficiency. Going to 3x3x4 would make it more efficient but still just O2+N2. Something huge like 5x5x8 would allow pumping in enough gases that separating rare stuff becomes possible (H2, Kr, Ne, He, Ar). Using higher levels of machine casings might allow for higher pressure in the tank and thus either improve efficiency or allow extracting more rare stuff in smaller towers.

    Only problem would be what could we do with the rare gases :)
    I guess argon could be used for some high-tech metalwroking. Neon and crypton for, well, neon lights.

  • Bumping another idea :

    Who here is against a warp engine or a spacial transposer?

    Essentially, what happens is you build a spacial transposer assembly around the space to be transposed. You have to supply the Warp Core of the Spacial transposer with an incredible amount of energy - fusion reactor is only practical way.

    The Warp Core has various redstone and bundled redone attachment points that allow you to specify the destination offset. (aka "50 blocks north 10 blocks up 50 blocks east, etc)

    Upon a successful jump, the chunk is loaded at the destination, and the two places are swapped. Tile entities would get properly swapped just like frames, however, the coding burden is less because no animation is needed.

    Why this idea is good : it allows for a much higher tier version of transportation. Unlike frames, blocks to be teleported don't require adjacent frame blocks. Transit is instant, and if you can afford the power, can cover very long distances. Interdimensional jumps should also be possible. Finally, it gives you a use for fusion power besides duping raw materials.

    All sorts of interesting things would be possible. Theoretically you could teleport your entire base somewhere else with this technology.

  • Odd bug here. GregTech 2.77g. Using latest IC2 Beta 1.115.211-lf. And when I load a world, GregTech outputs this to the console:


    Overloading Items. This is not a friggin Error, I just fix a terrible and multiple times mentioned Bug of the Uranium Cells, which the Devs are refusing to fix it themselfes, so I have to do that myself.

    And then proceeds to add several thousand items. Judging by the number it stops on, it's close to the 14k mark. After this, I usually get a Java error that it's exceeded the memory allocated to it. Can you shed any lights on what's actually taking place here, Greg?

    EDIT: Just to clarify, this is only happening on my fresh MC installs (Using latest Forge 518, although using 509 as per my regular install results in same issue). On my install with 509, but with just an upgrade done of my current IC2 and GT versions with the latest ones, this behaviour does not occur.

  • Hi Greg, although I like your configs, can you please at least remove the chrome, titanium and probably tungsten part in this

    basicmetalblastfurnacerequirement {
    B : Steel=true

    It's just annoying to see someone share an easy config of gregTech in FTB forum and disabling all of them there, destroying most purposes of making an industrial blast furnace.. since OFC the expensive solar panel is also turned off..

  • You can use buildcraft. Although the cracked sand from EBXL still gives fuel cans when it would probably make more sense for it to give oil as well.

  • I really like your Addon Greg. It gives us so many possible ways of doing things differently :)

    But at the moment I am running GregTechMod 2.77g with TE 2.2.0 and the ore unification is making my head hurt alot. I haven't changed the default values so it should output RP ingots. Now this works fine with the Powered furnace but not with the Induction Smelter. I always get the TE ingots out of it, which makes automatic sorting a PITA. Also the unification does not work with the dirty and clean chunks from Factorization (Lead and Silver in my case).

    If there is anything i have done wrong on my end i'd appreciate any help!

    PS:I thought the new GregTech would have solved the TE unification issue.

  • Run all your outputs through electric autocraftingtable, it has an option to unify all of your output into a single kind (the DNA looking mode).

  • ... Derp. The point of a config is, allow a player to do what he want. To me it's annoying that people prefer using GreenGen than Non renewable fuels, did I ask GregoriusT to remove Solar Pannels ? I actually continously spammed him with thingd that tends to nerf Solar Pannels and Windmills ... but without config ? lol. Moreover, RichardG already criticized GregTech for removing some recipie, even with configs, guess what he would say without --'

    GregoriusT, if you consider this stupid suggestion, also think about halving all green gen outputs ok ? Of course without config to disable it ^^./Clearly ironical, I'm laughing at this guy, don't consider it lol.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • It's not about green generator, I don't care about it. Even in easy gameplay people should also go through the industrial blast furnace tech tree to reach the highly advanced machine block, now with all of them turned off, you basically don't need to consider making industrial blast furnace. I put an example about solar panel there to tell you that silicon plate is also not needed for solar panel (that also one of the other reason why someone make an industrial blast furnace), unless the easy mode player want to make it for their electronic circuit.

    It's more of an advertising suggestion of the industrial blast furnace since that's one of GT tech tree.

    Even if you put a default nerf of green gen, it's still pretty easy to get energy, those people will just get the semi-infinite energy from nether lava unless you disable all GTG and thermal generator so there's no real point of nerfing it.

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  • you need to enable overwriting of recepies in the TE config now

    Your "now" is a little bit too early. V2.77h (just released), uses the TE-Overwrite properly, while V2.77g introduced a default false Config for the old Recipe Hack.

    GregoriusT, if you consider this stupid suggestion, also think about halving all green gen outputs ok ? Of course without config to disable it ^^./Clearly ironical, I'm laughing at this guy, don't consider it lol.

    Yes, the point of a Config is being configurable. That Guy was irrelevant.

    V2.77h (a new World Record for minor GT-Releases, HAYO!)
    Added config to disable the craft of Enchantment Tables (Books from Dungeons, Villagers and Anvils are then the only way to enchant Stuff).
    Added a few reverse Recipes for a lot of things. (even redstone Torches, with the TE-Sawmill)
    Added chemical Recipe for Sulfric Acid
    Fixed Liquid Transposer not recognizing some of my Cells, as I register other Mods Liquid Containers in postload (and since I load after TE, the Liquid Transposer has no way to see my registration). I add the Recipes manually now, to make sure everything works.
    My Recipe Adders now use the Overwrite-Parameter of Thermal Expansions API, what means that you now have to update TE for my Recipes.
    My Adv-Config has been improved in general, and is now pretty much Exception proof.
    Changed the Quantum Chest Texture, to look more like the old Personal Safe (before the awesome Safe Model)
    Scrapboxinator now just lets non-Scrapboxes go through
    It is Scrap, with a >60% Chance! (I needed to seriously nerf that mechanic a bit)
    Fixed quite a few Bugs.

    The Reason for this to be again a minor Update is, that I didnt add any of the planned Machines for the next real Update. Currently I will implement one of these 3:
    Safe, which accepts automation Input.
    Electric Liquid Transposer (but only to fill and empty Cells/Capsules/Bottles/Buckets, nothing else)
    Sided Inventory Manager (And an Autocrafting Table Mode for the same Process), to make Self-Resolving Chests for example (means you put for example small Dusts into the Chest and they automatically get piled up via Autocrafting Table).